How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make In Ca? (Correct answer)

  • As of Dec 2, 2021, the average annual pay for a Real Estate Agent in California is $82,611 an year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $39.72 an hour. This is the equivalent of $1,589/week or $6,884/month.


Do real estate agents make good money in California?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for Real Estate agents in the state of California is $73,450. California is one of the top earning states for Real Estate agents. The first few years are essential for real estate agents – it is important to lay groundwork with marketing and networking.

How much does a real estate agent make a month in California?

How much does a real estate agent make a month? Real estate agents make an average of $5,980 per month according to reported pay by Indeed users.

How much do real estate agents make in their first year in California?

That said, we conducted a survey in 2020 finding the average first-year real estate agent in California earns approximately $41,000, and that number rises to over $104,000 between years four and ten of their career.

How much do new home sales agents make in California?

The average salary for a new home sales consultant is $74,816 per year in California and $24,000 commission per year. 35 salaries reported, updated at December 9, 2021.

Why do most realtors fail?

Failing To Set Goals & Action Plans Is A Common Reason Why Most Real Estate Agents Fail! Goal setting and action plans are a critical part of any successful business. Most real estate agents fail because they don’t understand how to properly set goals or create action plans.

Are real estate agents rich?

According to a survey of 1,758 real estate professionals conducted by ActiveRain, 22% of real estate agents earned less than $35,000 per year, and just 21% earned $100,000 or more. This is far from a “rich” profession.

Is real estate hard?

Earning a living selling real estate is hard work. You have to be organized in order to keep track of legal documents, meetings, and all the tasks that go into multiple listings. You may go without a paycheck for periods of time because the work is often commission-based. If you don’t sell, you don’t earn anything.

What are the highest paying jobs in California?

Hence, the highest paying careers in California include;

  • Judges. Salary: $184,340.
  • Dentists. Salary: $184,560.
  • Computer And Information Systems Managers. Salary: $185,640.
  • Paediatricians. Salary: $200,270.
  • Family Medicine Physicians. Salary: $203,320.
  • Airline Pilots. Salary: $208,070.
  • Physicians.
  • General Internal Medicine Physicians.

What type of Realtors make the most money?

Real Estate Broker A real estate broker is permitted under law to negotiate and organize real estate dealings. A career as a real estate broker is one of the highest paying and lucrative professions in the real estate industry. On average, experienced brokers take home a six-figure pay.

How much do the top Realtors make?

Each real estate office sets its own standards for top producers, but it’s safe to say that a top producer would have to sell at least one home per month to qualify. Top producers earn around $112,610 a year to start, according to the BLS. 1 Mega-stars could earn $500,000 per year and up.

How much do Bay Area Realtors make?

The average salary for a real estate agent is $108,599 per year in San Francisco Bay Area, CA. 8 salaries reported, updated at April 17, 2020.

How many hours do real estate agents work?

Daily and Weekly Routines Nearly half (49 percent) work 40 hours or more. What’s more, over half (53 percent) say they work the same hours or longer today than they did their first year.

How long does it take to become a real estate agent in California?

On average, it takes between five (5) and six (6) months to get a California real estate license depending on the pace in which you complete the 135 hours of pre-licensing courses and pass your licensing examination, the time it takes you to complete the application process and find a sponsoring broker, and application

What are top paying jobs?

Here is a look at the top 100 highest-paying jobs:

  1. Cardiologist. National average salary: $351,827 per year.
  2. Anesthesiologist. National average salary: $326,296 per year.
  3. Orthodontist. National average salary: $264,850 per year.
  4. Psychiatrist. National average salary: $224,577 per year.
  5. Surgeon.
  6. Periodontist.
  7. Physician.
  8. Dentist.

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in California?

Learn more about real estate license and take advantage of exclusive discounts. In case you’ve ever tuned in to HGTV, you’re probably already aware that there are several shows highlighting California real estate pros. Because of California’s sky-high housing prices, it’s easy to believe that real estate salespeople can make a nice career in the state. When it comes to real estate, the Flip or Flop pair may often earn tens of thousands of dollars on the properties they restore, but how does the ordinary California realtor fare?

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make in California?

When you ask California real estate brokers how much they make, you’ll get a variety of responses. For those seeking for an average, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has done the work for you by calculating the average. According to their data, the average yearly compensation for California real estate brokers in 2017 was $68,860 dollars. Brokers in California made somewhat more than their counterparts, with an average compensation of $80,820. As a result, California is ranked first among the highest-paid states.

However, it is not the entire story.

California’s highest earnings are ranked fourth in the nation.

The amount of time you put in will determine how much money you make.

The average wage in the Santa Maria-Santa Barbara area is more than $82,000 per year.

How Do Agent Commission Splits Work in California?

How much do real estate brokers in California take home when each transaction is completed? There are a number different commission splits to take into consideration. The first is the entire commission that the seller has paid. In California, it might be anything from 1-6 percent of the sales price, depending on the situation. The normal commission rate is 5-6 percent, although for high-priced houses (i.e., those worth more over $1 million), the rate may be closer to 4-5 percent. Before a contract is signed, the seller and listing agent will discuss the amount to be paid to the buyer.

  • Most of the time, the commission is shared 50/50.
  • It is equally possible to be correct in the opposite direction.
  • Another alternative is the use of dual agency.
  • Last but not least, the commission shared between the agent and the broker.
  • Even within the same brokerage, the commission split that has been agreed upon might fluctuate from agent to agent.
  • There are two other possibilities that might result in a commission being formed.
  • In addition, the broker may provide a commission split on a sliding basis.

In this example, the commission starts off low, about 40/50 or 50/50, and gradually becomes more beneficial as the volume of sales increases over time. Keep in mind that there may be extra broker costs for each sale, each month, or each year.

Do California Real Estate Agents Pay Their Own Taxes?

Last but not least, there is the issue of taxation. California is known for having high taxes, and the broker does not deduct anything from the amount paid to an agent when they give them their half of the fee. This implies that each time an agent receives a commission check, they must deduct taxes from the amount received. Real estate agents are considered independent contractors and are required to pay estimated taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on a quarterly basis. In addition to income tax, the self-employment tax, which includes Medicare and Social Security taxes, is included in the calculation of taxes.

  • California also has a state income tax, which is imposed on individuals.
  • The state is also notorious for having the highest state income tax band, which is 13.3 percent, which is a source of contention.
  • Agents and brokers in California will be compensated at a rate ranging from 0-9.3 percent.
  • Set your ambitions high, and you may find yourself as one of the highest-paid real estate agents in the nation.
  • was founded in the year 2021.

Real Estate Agent salary in California

In the state of California, the average annual compensation for a real estate agent is $99,567. Salary information for 7.6k employees was last updated on December 21, 2021.

Salaries by years of experience in California

Years of experience Per year
Less than 1 year
1 to 2 years
3 to 5 years
6 to 9 years
More than 10 years

Indeed allows you to search for job vacancies based on the years of experience that are relevant to you.

Top companies for Real Estate Agents in California

  1. Temecula, CA43 wages have been recorded
  2. Huntington Beach, CA53 salaries have been reported
  3. Los Angeles, CA384 salaries have been reported.
  1. It has been stated that Sacramento, CA has 220 salaries
  2. Long Beach, CA has 147 salaries
  3. Bakersfield, CA has 93 salaries
  4. And
  1. Salaries reported for Corona, CA49
  2. Salaries reported for San Diego, CA250
  3. Salaries reported for San Jose, CA90
  4. Salaries recorded for

Where can a Real Estate Agent earn more?

Salary ranges for Real Estate Agents in various locales are shown below.

Best-paid skills and qualifications for Real Estate Agents

Since 2018, the number of occupations that require this expertise has increased by 1400.00 percent. Real estate agents with this competence make +61.67 percent more than the average base pay of $99,567 per year, which is earned by the general population.

Job Trend

Year Number of job openings on Indeed requiring this skill Change from previous year
2017 2 increase by 2
2018 1 decrease by 50.00%
2019 15 increase by 1400.00%

Top companies hiring Real Estate Agents with the recommended skill

  • Work from home
  • Flexible schedule
  • Aid with professional growth
  • Parental leave
  • And more.
  • Health insurance, stock options, commuting aid, and food are all available.
  • Employee discounts, vision and dental insurance, and mileage reimbursement are all available.

Salary satisfaction

based on 3,536 user reviews

70% of Real Estate Agents in the United States think their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their area.

In the United States, real estate brokers earn an average of $84,459 a year, according to data collected from Indeed users.

How much does a real estate agent make a month?

According to Indeed users who reported their compensation, real estate brokers make an average of $5,980 per month on the job.

Who is the highest-paid real estate agent?

Those who work as real estate agents in high-cost-of-living locations such as New York and San Francisco tend to be the highest-paid in the industry.

Do real estate agents get paid weekly?

Both REALTORSTM and non-member real estate agents charge between 5 and 6 percent of the total transaction price per transaction. This can vary based on their level of expertise, the market in which they operate, and whether they are representing a buyer or a seller. Despite the fact that a buyer’s agent may also charge roughly 5-6 percent every transaction, buyer’s agents may give a commission rebate to their customers, resulting in a somewhat lower proportion of the transaction’s total commission.

For starters, part-time employment allows people to get a taste of the real estate industry without having to give up their other sources of income. It may also make it simpler for agents to figure out which niches and areas they love working in before committing to full-time work.

Work More, Earn More

Recent research discovered that real estate agents throughout the country who work longer hours make much more money – particularly, real estate agents who work between 40 and 60 hours earn the most money. Furthermore, the best earners are also the happy real estate agents, which is likely due to the fact that real estate is a vocation in which hard work may instantly result in financial reward. At the same hand, agents who work fewer than 30 hours per week may still make an average annual salary of $24,566, which isn’t terrible for someone who is just working part-time.

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Part-Time Income In California May Be Higher

A part-time California real estate agent working in high-demand cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, or San Diego may make far more than the typical part-time real estate agent working in other parts of the country simply because house values in these areas are greater. For the most part, the average real estate agent salary in California varies, although it is greater than the average income in other states. In spite of the fact that real estate success is mostly a result of individual work, California’s large population and high property values in most places exceed a number of other factors that impact the average real estate income.

Real Estate Agent Commission: How Does it Work?

Before you apply for your real estate license, it is important to understand how a real estate agent commission is calculated. Most jobs pay their employees hourly or on a salary basis, while real estate brokers are compensated on a commission basis. For some, this is a difficult aspect of their profession, but for those who are entrepreneurially minded, this is an exciting opportunity that has the potential to provide significant financial rewards. To put it another way, those that put in the effort will reap the financial benefits in the end.

It makes no difference whether the property is commercial or residential because all real estate brokers are compensated on a commission basis in each industry.

What is a Real Estate Agent Commission?

When a real estate agent is paid, he or she receives a share of the money gained in the transaction. The majority of sales roles are compensated on a commission basis in order to encourage the salesperson to close more sales transactions. When a greater number of deals are concluded, the salesperson makes more money since they receive a portion of the money gained from each transaction. A real estate agent’s commission is not limited in any way in the real estate industry. Real estate agents do not have a ceiling on their earnings throughout their careers, therefore their pay is determined only by the amount of commission they get.

In other words, the number of property transactions that a real estate agent completes, as well as the value of those sales, determines his or her pay. Let’s take a look at how a real estate agent commission works now that we’ve established what it is.

How Much is the Real Estate Agent Commission?

A real estate agent’s commission is calculated as a percentage of the total value of the real estate transaction. In the state of California, the usual commission rate on a transaction is 6 percent. Although this proportion appears to be insignificant, the total sum is far more than it appears. To illustrate, according to, the average home value in California is $571,875. Consequently, the average California real estate transaction might result in a commission check of up to $34,312 in value.

The real estate agent commission, on the other hand, is not the entire 6 percent of the acquisition price of the property.

How Does a Real Estate Agent Commission Work?

In the event that a house buyer or seller files a lawsuit against a real estate agent, the commission split with the real estate agent’s brokerage provides legal protection for the real estate professional and the brokerage company. They may be able to negotiate their split portion with the real estate firm based on their level of expertise in the industry. The commission rate for a new real estate agent is normally 60 percent, with the brokerage taking the remaining 40 percent of the commission.

Real estate agents must also share their 6 percent commission with the real estate agent representing the opposing party.

However, in other cases, the buyer’s agent receives a 2.5 percent commission split from the seller’s agency.

Real Estate Agent Commission Split with Broker

Let’s return to the previous scenario in order to determine how much money a real estate salesperson may make on the job. The buyer agent receives $17,156 and the selling agent receives half of the 6 percent commission ($34,312), for a total of $34,312. After that, each real estate agent receives a 60/40 share from their brokerage company. As a result, real estate brokers get around $10,293 in commission. That money can be used to offset company expenses or to put towards a down payment on a rental property for long-term investment.

In this example, the provision states that if a real estate agent generates a specified amount of money for the brokerage in a calendar year, all further commission generated after that goes entirely to the real estate agent.

Final Thoughts on a Real Estate Agent Commission

The majority of people who become real estate agents do so because they seek a job that allows them to have financial independence.

One of the reasons that real estate agents have a reputation for being affluent is that there is no upper limit to how much they may make in their respective fields of expertise. Additionally, this money can be used to assist in financing the costs associated with becoming a real estate agent.

What is the Average Real Estate Agent Commission?

Real estate agents, especially inexperienced ones, must quickly realize that their pay is decided by their ability and desire to close more transactions. The more sales they make, the more money they make. Real estate brokers that operate in areas where expensive property transactions are involved, such as the luxury residential and commercial sectors, are particularly vulnerable to this type of discrimination. Anyone may achieve success in real estate as long as they have a laser-like concentration and are devoted to the objectives they set for themselves.

  1. However, this is only possible for individuals who are truly committed to their goals.
  2. Their commission should be explained in detail, including how much the brokerage gets from their commission and whether there is a limit to how much the brokerage may collect in a given year.
  3. Every week, we provide in-depth videos on our CA Realty Training YouTube Channel to assist viewers in becoming great real estate agents.
  4. Also, if you found this post interesting, we would appreciate it if you could forward it to a friend who you believe may benefit from it.

Real Estate Sales Agent Salary in California

Real estate agents, especially inexperienced ones, must quickly realize that their earnings are decided by their ability and desire to close additional transactions. As they close more sales opportunities, their earnings grow. For real estate brokers that operate in sectors that deal with high-value property transactions, such as the luxury residential and commercial sectors, this is especially true; Anyone may achieve success in real estate as long as they maintain their attention and commitment to the objectives they set for themselves.

The only way for this to happen is if someone is truly committed to it.

Their commission should be explained in detail, and they should be aware of any limitations on how much the brokerage may collect from them in a given year.

Using our CA Realty Training YouTube Channel, we provide in-depth videos every week to assist viewers in becoming successful real estate agents. Please also consider forwarding this post to a friend who you believe may benefit from reading it, if this information has been of interest to you.

Job Description for Real Estate Sales Agent

Located in the Pacific Northwest, California is the most populous state in the United States. California is the most populated state in the United States and the third-largest in terms of land area, with 39.6 million citizens. Sacramento serves as the state capital. With 18.7 million and 9.7 million citizens, respectively, the Greater Los Angeles Area and the San Francisco Bay Area are the nation’s second and fifth most populated urban areas in terms of population, respectively. Los Angeles is the most populous city in California and the second most populous city in the United States, behind New York City.

Adapted from Wikipedia (as of April 11, 2019).

How much does a new real estate agent make in california

Real Estate Agents Earn Different Amounts in Different States 1 Year Change in the State’s Mean Annual Wage in 2017 Arkansas$41,66021.80 percent of the total California$68,8604.70 percent of the total Colorado$63,320 (a 12.60 percent increase) Connecticut$45,230 (a 1.90 percent increase)

What is the average income for a Realtor in California?

Annual salary is around $59,420.

How much do real estate agents make 2020?

State-by-state breakdown of the average real estate agent salary Wage on an hourly basis Salary on an annual basis Wyoming – Real Estate Agent Wage$39.25$81,630 Wyoming – Real Estate Agent Wage Compensation for a Real Estate Agent in California$39.18$81,498 Earnings as a Real Estate Agent in Virginia range from $39.01 to $81,135. Earnings as a Real Estate Agent in Kentucky range from $38.22 to $79.502.

Do new real estate agents make money?

Newer real estate agents will most likely sell fewer homes and earn less money than their more experienced counterparts. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical real estate agent earns $45,990 per year, however there is a significant disparity between the top and bottom earners. Agents made less than $23,000 on average, with 10% earning more than $110,000 in a given year.

Is it worth becoming a realtor?

Being a realtor is a fantastic profession if you like houses and love interacting with people, but it is not necessarily the dream job that some people expect it to be. Selling real estate takes more effort than you may expect, and while there are some really successful real estate agents, there are many more who are struggling to make ends meet simply to survive.

Do real estate agents make good money in California?

California has the 6th highest yearly average wage in the United States, according to PayScale. However, it is not the entire tale. Salaries vary from $24,970 for those in the poorest 10% of the income distribution to $123,700 for those in the top 10% of the income distribution. California’s highest earnings are ranked fourth in the nation.

How much money do lawyers make in California?

State-by-state breakdown of lawyer compensation Name of the State Arizona’s average salary is $94,000 per year. California$153,010 Colorado$127,070 Connecticut$129,160

What job makes the most money?

According to U.S. News and World Report, the following are the top 25 highest-paying jobs in 2020.

  • Legal counsel, sales manager, business operations manager, pharmacist, financial adviser, optometrist, and other professions. The average compensation is $119,980 per year for an actuary. The average annual pay is $116,250. Professor of political science. The average pay is $115,300 per year.

How much does a realtor make in Beverly Hills?

Beverly Hills, California salaries are based on years of experience.

Years of practical experience Per year1 to 2 years$80,2563 to 5 years-6 to 9 years$80,2563 to 10 years$80,2563 to 15 years $102,055 More than ten years$99,987 in total

How much will I make my first year in real estate?

Therefore, your real estate pay prospects may vary greatly based on your reputation, expertise, and level of devotion. The following is an example of a typical salary projection: $44,000 for an entry-level position with fewer than 5 years of experience. Intermediate (between 5 and 10 years): $65,000

What is the highest paid job in America?

According to US NewsWorld Report, these are the top 25 highest-paying jobs in the United States in 2019.

  • Anesthesiologist. Surgeons earn an average income of $265,990. .
  • 3.Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, with a mean income of $251,890. .
  • Obstetrician and Gynecologist with a mean income of $242,740. .
  • Orthodontist.
  • Psychiatrist.
  • Physician.
  • Prosthodontist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychi

Is Real Estate a Good Career 2020?

Acquiring a home is one of the most important decisions a person will ever make in his or her life, and as a real estate agent, it is your responsibility to assist your customers through the process with care and confidence. Here’s what the employment market will be like for you in the next years, according to the experts. … 9th of March, 2019.

Is now a good time to become a real estate agent?

When it comes to being a successful real estate agent, individuals that have a great enthusiasm for the house-buying process and the delight that clients experience when they locate their dream home are frequently the most sought after. If you’ve always dreamed of pursuing a career in real estate and believe you have what it takes to succeed, now may be the ideal moment to begin your search for opportunities.

What Is the Average Salary of Real Estate Agents in California?

Consider the following scenario: you’re considering a real estate job or you’re curious in the remuneration structure for California real estate brokers. In that case, you’re definitely interested in learning how much the typical real estate agent makes. A hard topic because the answer varies greatly from one area to the next and depends on the sorts of properties that are sold in those markets as well as agent activity. The concept of a salary is a misunderstanding. In contrast to a “salary,” which implies a consistent payment with a predetermined amount of money received each month or year, real estate brokers generally operate on a commission basis.

Agents, on the other hand, are often regarded as independent contractors who are compensated as a percentage of their sales.

What is the California real estate agent salary average?

According to the job search website Indeed, the average yearly salary for California real estate brokers is $100,135, as of January 2018. Of course, high-performing luxury agents, who might make millions of dollars each year, contribute to the overall increase in this statistic. Other agents, on the other hand, may only perform one or two transactions each year for friends or former customers in order to keep their licenses current and valid. Apart from that, real estate agent salary might differ significantly based on factors such as geography, educational background, and years of relevant professional experience.

The highest average salary is $216,000.

Number of transactions per year

As a result of the fact that real estate agents are often compensated on a commission basis, both in California and abroad, the number of transactions completed each year can have a substantial influence on the agent’s predicted profits.

The majority of the time, purchasers and listing agents are each given a 2.5 percent to 3 percent commission on the overall sale price of the property.

Average market price per year

The average sales price varies from one market to another in different markets. According to the California Association of Realtors, the average home price in California is $818,260, which is more than the national average. In contrast to the average home price in the United States, which is $298,933. An agent in California might expect much more income than an agent in a less costly region in the United States. Although there are substantial differences between marketplaces, even within a single state.

Market segment or niche

The remuneration that a real estate agent receives might vary based on the market segment that they service. For example, a real estate agent who specializes in luxury houses might expect to earn far more than an agent who specializes in starter homes or condominiums that are more modest in price. Similarly, someone who specializes in working with huge ranches or agricultural properties may receive higher commissions than someone who specializes in working with single-family houses. Furthermore, real estate brokers with highly specialized expertise in legal and financial problems may earn far more than those with only basic licensing and ordinary credentials.

Additional compensation

Real estate agents may be eligible for additional remuneration depending on their work inside the brokerage or in another part of the real estate market under certain circumstances. Agents that deal with large-scale real estate investors, property management professionals, and strong referral networks, for example, may be eligible to receive additional commissions, incentives, or salary in addition to their sales commissions from their clients.

What is the New York real estate agent salary average?

Approximately $86,353 is the average pay for a real estate agent in New York, according to Indeed, which is significantly lower than the number for California. Take note that this might vary greatly based on the market you’re serving, with luxury agents in New York City earning significantly more than agents in less wealthy locations upstate.

How can a real estate agent increase their income?

If you are a listing or buyer agent, there are several opportunities to boost your earning potential, regardless of where you are situated.

  1. Figure out how to produce more leads so that you can serve more customers and earn more commissions every year. Lead generation options may be found through more advertising, generating recommendations from previous clients, or participating on a real estate team. Obtaining your broker’s license or obtaining certificates from professional organizations might help you advance your knowledge and skills. In many cases, extra professional certifications are required to service unique customer demands and handle more complicated transactions. Examine your local market and look for opportunities to become a specialist in the most profitable properties available. Luxury homes in resort-style communities, as well as apartments and condominiums in elite high-rise buildings, are examples of what is available in this category. Farms or ranches in more remote places, as well as expansive estate residences, are available as alternatives. Acquire more knowledge about these properties and, if at all feasible, collaborate with an agent or brokerage that is well-established in the field you intend to specialize in. Participating in real estate investor meetups and networking events will help you make contact with other investors in your region. Discover and implement an effective technique for discovering pre-market and off-market properties in your region, and you will establish yourself as an useful and consistent source of possible transactions for the investors with whom you collaborate. The larger number of these transactions, as well as your ability to perform them swiftly, may result in substantial more pay over time
  2. This is something you should consider. Create ancillary services such as staging, property management, and concierge relocation support. The result is a great add-on that you can advertise to clients and colleagues in the region who do not already provide these services
  3. This is a win-win situation for everyone involved.
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As a real estate agent, you have a variety of options for increasing your earnings year after year. Not sure what type of pay you might expect from your real estate agent work this year? Read on to find out. Use the commission calculator on Rentspree to figure out how much you could be able to earn based on your predicted sales.

What is the Real Estate Agent Commission in California? (2022)

Your sights have most likely been set on selling properties in California, whether you are an experienced real estate agent planning to relocate, or you are in the process of obtaining your license. After all, purchasing a home in California is one of the most costly places in which to live. Average house sales prices are in the neighborhood of $400,000 or more. In addition, if you’ve ever sat on the sofa and watched HGTV, you’re already aware that California real estate brokers make a lot of money in the Golden State!

But what exactly is the commission rate for real estate in California? In this post, I’ll go over how much money you may make as a California real estate agent, how much your commission would be, and how the commission would be determined in the state of California.

How Much do California Real Estate Agents Make?

First, let’s take a look at how much money a California real estate agent makes on a yearly basis. In the state of California, the average yearly compensation for a real estate agent is around $68,860. That’s before any further commissions are added on! This indicates that California real estate agents earn around the 6th highest income in the US, while agents in the top percentile earn about the 4th most. Top earners can earn up to (but not limited to)$123,700 per year in salary and benefits!

For example, an agent in San Diego may earn around $89,475 per year, but an agent in Beverly Hills can earn approximately $108,279 per year!

California Realtor Salary by City

  1. Beverly Hills earns $108,279 per year
  2. Temecula earns $104,817 per year
  3. Corona earns $100,240 per year
  4. Palm Springs earns $92,207 per year
  5. San Diego earns $89,475 per year
  6. Sacramento earns $85,526 per year
  7. Los Angeles earns $83,967 per year
  8. Irvine earns $82,284 per year
  9. And San Diego earns $89,475 per year in Palm Springs.

The following are the top eight highest-paid real estate agent salaries in the state of California. According to livability and location, these cities are unquestionably the most popular in the world. You could expect to receive a substantial paystub after getting your paycheck if you are a Beverly Hills realtor who lives and works in the area. Clients include A-list actresses and artists who are represented by an agent who understands what they’re doing and has a proven track record of successful closed transactions in Beverly Hills.

In terms of compensation, the lowest-ranking Realtor earns a meager $24,970.

How Much is the Real Estate Commission in California?

Okay, so how much does the real estate commission in California cost each transaction? The solution is not as simple as it appears. First and foremost, there are the commission fees that are split between the agent and the seller. As a real estate agent, you’ll be negotiating the final number with the seller until you reach a mutually agreeable conclusion on the price. According to the state of California, the proportion of commission might range between 1-6 percent of the total sales price. A typical real estate agent in the United States earns 5-6 percent of the total sale price.

This is far lower than the national average, which is shocking!

What is the Average Broker fees for a Realtor in California?

Then there’s the matter of the commission split between the agent in question and the broker in question. The broker earns a proportion of the sale price, and the agent receives their portion of the proceeds. It is possible that the amount of commission will differ based on the agent. This includes agents who are affiliated with the broker who was utilized in the transaction. The commission share between a newer agent and a broker is usually split 50/50 between the two. Agents with higher experience may get a commission split of 70/30 or 80/20, depending on their level of expertise.

It costs $24,000 to earn a 6 percent commission on the property.

The actual decrease is 16 2/3 percent, which is due to the fact that they and the brokerage divide the commission.

The difference between 24,000 and 16.66 percent is $20,000. This implies that the real estate agent will earn a $20,000 commission in this instance, while the brokerage would receive $4,000 in commission.

The Bottom Line

Let’s go through everything we’ve learnt so far; what is the main takeaway?

  • The average compensation for a California real estate agent is around $68,860 per year, with the best earners earning $112,279 per year. The commission charged by California realtors is normally between 4-6 percent. The commission split between a newer agent and a broker is typically 50/50
  • However, this might vary. In some instances, you may be able to divide the commission 70/30 or 80/20

The amount of money you may make as a California realtor in commission is governed by a variety of factors, including the location of the property, the cost of the property, the buyer/seller discussions, and the split between them and the brokerage. Realtors in California benefit from the fact that the higher the cost of living in the city where they work, the more money they end up with in their wallets at the end of the day.

Get Matched with a California Real Estate Agent

Something to consider if you’re considering becoming a real estate agent in California or if you’d want to learn more about how California real estate commissions operate! If you’re a buyer or seller in California searching for an agent, go no further than our list of the finest California Agents for buyers and sellers!

Real Estate Agent Salary in Los Angeles, CA

The average Real Estate Agent income in Los Angeles, CA is $60,145, which is 14 percent more than the national average Real Estate Agent salary of $52,618. The average Real Estate Agent salary in the United States is $52,618. This salary is 11 percent greater than the total average incomes of the other major metropolitan areas of San Francisco, Denver, and Portland.

Salary Ranges for Real Estate Agents inLos Angeles,CAUS

Real estate agents in Los Angeles, CA get incomes ranging from $21,780 to $140,000, with a typical compensation of $43,370. Real estate agents in Los Angeles, CA earn salaries ranging from $21,780 to $140,000. The middle 60 percent of Real Estate Agents earns between $43,370 and $70,520 per year, with the top 80 percent earning over $140,000 per year.

How much tax will you have to pay as a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles, CA

Individuals in this tax band are expected to pay an average federal tax of 22 percent in 2018, with an additional 9.3 percent state tax in California on top of that. Taking into account the total taxes, Real Estate Agents might anticipate to earn $48,375 per year in take-home pay, with each paycheck equaling around $2,016 *.* in the case of bi-monthly pay periods. Using 2018 federal and state tax tables, taxes for a single filer are projected based on marginal tax rates. Taxes levied by municipalities are not taken into account in the computations.

Recent Salary Records for Real Estate Agent

See the most recent Salary Records that have been anonymously submitted to Comparably.

  • A Real Estate Agent in Austin reported earning $42,000 per year, according to the study. $28,000 2 years ago Austin, Texas
  • A Caucasian 2 years ago An unnamed male real estate agent in Los Angeles claimed earning $131,000 per year in a company with 501-1,000 employees. AnAsian or Pacific Islander
  • 3 years ago $131,000
  • 501-1,000 employees
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 3 years ago In Los Angeles, a male real estate agent reported earning $140,000 a year for a company with 201-500 employees in the real estate industry. In 2013, a male real estate agent reported earning $120,000 a year in Berkeley at a firm with 51-200 employees in the real estate industry. 3 years ago, a company with 201-500 employees in Los Angeles, CA, reported making $145,000. 3 years ago: $120,000
  • 51-200 employees
  • Berkeley, California

Quality of Life for Real Estate Agent

Using a monthly take-home pay of around $4,031 and a median 2BR apartment rental price of $1,756 in Los Angeles, CA as examples of comparison, a Real Estate Agent would spend 43.56 percent of their monthly take-home earnings on rent. For an individual in Los Angeles, the average monthly money spent on cost of living (excluding rent) excluding rent is $971 and for a family of four, the average monthly income spent is $3,566 ***. The result is that the total cost of living equals 67.64 percent of a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles’ salary, leaving $1,305 as discretionary income; however, the total cost of living equals 132.00 percent of a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles’ salary, leaving $-1,291 as discretionary income for a family of four.

This rental cost was calculated using data from an internet report available atApartment List***. The Cost of Living Index from Numbeo was used to calculate the average cost of living.

Real Estate

Do you have a desire to start your own Real Estate business? If so, read on. Do you enjoy interacting with others? Providing assistance to others? Do you consider yourself to be a marketing, sales, or communication expert in any way? Are you interested in becoming a property investor or flipping houses? Then perhaps a job in real estate is right for you. Both the Real Estate Salesperson certificate and the Real Estate Broker certificate are stackable certificates of completion offered by the LBCC Real Estate program: the Real Estate Salesperson certificate, which includes the college-level courses required for the California Real Estate Salesperson License, and a Real Estate Broker certificate, which includes the additional college-level courses required for the California Real Estate Broker License.

Upon the completion of these courses and successful completion of the California DRE Salesperson and/or Broker examinations, you will be well equipped to begin your career in real estate.


In Los Angeles and Orange counties, real estate vocations are frequently featured among the most in-demand employment, including jobs such as commercial and residential real estate sales agents, association/property managers, appraisers, brokers, and leasing consultants.


We strongly encourage you to visit the following website to see the hundreds of prospective employment available in this subject of study:

  • We strongly encourage you to visit the following website to examine the hundreds of prospective employment available in this subject of study:


Those who obtain a Real Estate Certificate of Completion will have completed the courses necessary by the California Department of Real Estate for the Real Estate Salesperson License and the Real Estate Broker License, as well as other courses. To find out more about the California Department of Real Estate, please visit their site. Guide to the Business (AA + Cert) Curriculum

Certificate of Accomplishment, Business: Real Estate Salesperson

View the courses that are offered in different semesters to aid in your educational planning.

Course Name Fall Winter Spring Summer
ACCTG 200AIntroduction to Accounting
LAW 20Property Law
REAL 78Real Estate Economics
REAL 80Real Estate Principles
REAL 81AReal Estate Practice
REAL 85Real Estate Appraisal
REAL 87Real Estate Finance
REAL 253Property Management


For academic planning purposes, you can view the courses offered in each semester.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Finishing a certificate program can take as little as one semester, and completing an associate degree program might take as long as two years, depending on the amount of units you take and whether you are a full-time or part-time student. You can schedule a 30-minute session with an academic counselor to obtain assistance with educational goals, transcript evaluations, and career preparation services.

How much does the program cost?

Finishing a certificate program can take as little as one semester, and finishing an associate degree program might take as long as two years, depending on the amount of units taken and whether you are studying full-time or part-time. To access services like as educational plans, transcript evaluations, and career planning, schedule a 30-minute meeting with an academic advisor.

Who are the CareerTechnical Education (CTE) counselors?

Schools/Program Counselor Location
CareerTechnical Education Alicia Andujo LAC
CareerTechnical Education Lorraine Blouin LAC
CareerTechnical Education Laura Garcia LAC
CareerTechnical Education Diana Ogimachi LAC
CareerTechnical Education Robert Olmos PCC
CareerTechnical Education Tom To PCC

To assist you in achieving your educational objectives, please visit the Counseling Office for academic counseling, career exploration, educational planning, college transfer, student resources, and a variety of other services.

What is the difference between a transfer degree (AA-T/AS-T) and a traditional AA/AS degree?

  • It has been intended for students seeking an Associate degree with a stronger and more immediate career goal in mind, such as gaining a job opportunity or advancing their position in their current position. Because the majority of the courses on this degree are transferable to a baccalaureate-granting school, you will still have the ability to complete your bachelor’s degree at a later date when the timing is more convenient for you. This degree program provides five unique career tracks in accounting, general business, international business, management, and marketing. The CSU transfer degree program has been designed to be a fast-track degree for students wishing to transfer into the California State University system. Following completion of the stated requirements, which can be found in the Curriculum Guide section, the course requirements for the transfer degree have been developed as a collaborative effort by Community College and CSU faculty. This degree will assist you in establishing a clear path from LBCC to a CSU campus once you have met the stated requirements. AAS-T Business Administration and an AA-T in Economics are both available at our institution.

What is the difference between a certificate of achievement and a certificate of accomplishment?

  • Completion of a Certificate of Achievement can serve as a goal in and of itself, or it can pave the way for the completion of one of our Associate degrees after meeting the requisite general education requirements. These certificates are lower unit certifications (usually 9-12 units in length) that are related to a specific ability. They are typically used as stepping stones on the road to obtaining an Associate degree and, ultimately, to becoming an Occupational Therapist. They can also be beneficial in the progression of one’s profession.

How do I receive my degree or certificate after I finish the coursework?

The LBCC Admissions and Records office will require you to complete and submit an application for your degree or certificate before you may begin your studies. For further information, please seeAdmissionsRecords.

How to transfer and lookup comparable course listings.

Please refer to the LBCC Transfer Evaluation System for assistance in determining whether courses taken at other institutions are comparable to Long Beach City College courses (TES). LBCC Transfer Center provides additional information on transfer.

Real Estate Salary: How Much Money Do Real Estate Agents Make?

What is the typical pay in the real estate industry? According to the National Association of REALTORS® 2017 Member Profile, the median gross income of REALTORS® in 2016 was $42,500. This is a 25 percent increase above the median yearly pay for all workers in the United States. It also indicates the average of the total number of persons who work part-time and those who work full-time, taken in its whole. According to the National Association of Realtors’ Member Profile, the median gross income of REALTOR® families increased from $98,300 in 2015 to $111,400 in 2016.

  • Those who have been in the industry for a longer period of time are more likely to be successful.
  • The majority of agents and brokers claimed that they earned more money in 2017 than they did in 2016.
  • The research also draws attention to the relationship between income and the amount of hours spent at work.
  • Some progressive brokerages are transitioning to a salary-based compensation system in order to attract new agents, particularly Millennials, who may be looking for a more stable source of income than commissions.
  • But keep in mind that one of the advantages of a job in real estate is the virtually limitless income possibilities that it offers.
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(Editor’s note: This blog post was amended in August 2018 to include the most recent pay statistics from our 2018 Real Estate Agent Income Guide.) (Editor’s note: This blog post was updated in August 2018 to include the most recent salary information from our 2018 Real Estate Agent Income Guide.) DOWNLOAD FOR FREE: Approximately how much money can you anticipate to spend in your first year as a real estate agent?

How commission works

When you sell a house, how much money will you make? On real estate reality television, we frequently see brokers sell a property for $400,000 at a commission rate of 6 percent, which is common. With only one transaction, that would amount to $24,000 in savings. Is that what you’re saying? Commissions are normally paid by the sellers of the property and are, by law, negotiated with the listing agent. The “standard” real estate commission for residential sales is normally between 3 and 7 percent, depending on the local market.

  • For the sake of this example, we’ll pick 6 percent.
  • Your cut increases to 3 percent, or $12,000.
  • Your brokerage split must be taken into consideration at this point.
  • If you have a 70/30 split with your broker, you will have $8,400 left over after expenses.
  • Just keep in mind that you’ll have to set aside a percentage of that money for taxes now that you’re working as an independent contractor.

Variables that impact your real estate salary

The cash amounts of real estate commissions vary based on the region and the typical sales price in your neighborhood, despite the fact that commission rates tend to stay in the 3 to 7 percent range.

The local economy

Another aspect that may have an influence on your real estate pay from year to year is the status of the economy. Real estate sales increase when employment growth is strong and more individuals are relocating to your region. If the local economy is in a state of decline, you will have to work more in order to complete deals.

Your real estate expenses

As an independent contractor, you’ll often be responsible for your own license education and fees, health insurance, transportation expenditures, marketing and advertising, internet service, MLS fees, brokerage fees, continuing education, and other charges as well as your own business expenses. These costs will have an impact on your net real estate compensation. According to the above-mentioned NAR survey, the average expenditure of a REALTOR was more than $6,000, not considering commissions and brokerage splitting.

Your ability to network

Real estate is a business that is built on relationships. Your ability to network and develop contacts in the real estate industry, as well as your ability to convert those relationships into deals, have a direct impact on your pay.

This may be particularly challenging during your first year of operation, when you’re just getting your feet wet. Make it a point to connect with at least five new individuals every day, and expand your sphere of influence, in order to optimize your real estate income earning opportunities.

Time and experience

As is true in most professions, the more experience you have and the more hours you put in, the more money you will earn in this one. This is especially essential for people in the real estate industry, since more and more agents experience a greater return on their investment in the second year of their real estate career. In accordance with the 2018 Real Estate Agent Income Guide, real estate agents must find a happy medium between work-life balance and the amount of money they desire to earn in their profession.

Are you thinking about a career in real estate?

Check out for even more excellent information.

How much do real estate agents make? And who pays?

When a home is successfully sold, real estate agents are compensated with a commission. It is customary for the fee to be between 5 and 6 percent of the sales price. However, one agent may not be able to collect the whole 5–6% commission. The commissions paid to real estate agents are frequently shared 50/50 between the seller’s agent (sometimes known as the “listing agent”) and the buyer’s agent. While real estate brokers represent both buyers and sellers in a property sale, both types of agents receive a commission when a transaction is successfully completed.

Look for the greatest pricing as well as the finest service, just like you would when selecting a mortgage lending institution.

  • Real estate agent salary
  • Who pays the agent
  • Who pays the broker
  • The method through which commissions are determined
  • Having two agencies
  • What does a real estate agent actually do? Agents of several types
  • Is hiring an agent a good investment? Alternatives

Real estate agent salaries

A real estate agent’s salary is not calculated on the basis of an annual or hourly income. Instead, most real estate brokers only get money when a house is sold. In the form of a commission, which is a percentage of the sale price of the home, this money is received by the real estate agent. As a result, the income of a real estate salesperson is determined by the sales price of the residences in which they work. National Association of Realtors and Redfin both estimate the average commission charged by agents to be 5–6 percent of the sales price.

According to Zillow, the median sale price of a home in the United States was little more than $287,000 in May of 2021.

Even with a 50/50 fee split, an agent may earn $8,610 on the sale of a house.

A homeowner who sold a mansion in Manhattan or Beverly Hills worth $50 million would write $2.5 million or $3 million commission checks (while crying) to the real estate agent who represented him or her.

Be aware, however, that not every real estate specialist is based in New York or California, and that not every real estate transaction is worth more than $700,000 (or even more).

Who pays the real estate agent commission?

Here’s some good news for anyone looking to purchase a home: The commissions paid to the real estate agent are normally paid by the seller. If you’re in the market to sell, the news isn’t so good. Smart purchasers will frequently hire their own “buyer’s agent” to represent their interests. Having a trained professional on your side who is 100 percent on your side and who comes with skills, competence, and knowledge may be really beneficial (assuming you chose your professional correctly). Typically, both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent are paid for by the seller.

  1. As a result, the answer to the question of “who pays the complete commission” is up for debate.
  2. Without representation from a buyer’s agent, the seller’s agent will pocket the whole commission without providing you with any services.
  3. This implies that they get compensated based on their level of success rather than by the hour or for services done.
  4. The result is that agents occasionally strike it rich by handling transactions that are both rapid and simple.

How the real estate agent commission is set

Realtor Kevin Deselms explains that the commission % is determined by a number of criteria. This might contain information about the local real estate market. Nevertheless, he explains, “the amount is frequently predicated on discussion between the seller and the listing agent or the agent’s agency.” Or, to put it another way, the commission is nonnegotiable. Furthermore, some agents are ready to offer discounts, either as part of the listing agreement or later on in the process. In reality, about three out of every five sellers receive a reduction in their agent’s compensation.

“This is primarily due to the internet and technological advancements,” he explains.

As a result, the job of a listing agent becomes easier.” Discounts are offered for a variety of reasons.

Real estate attorney and Realtor Bruce Ailion explains that in this situation, the agent is more inclined to offer a reduction in commission.

“Alternatively, we might claim that the home is in a hot market and is reasonably priced,” Ailion explains. “It’s possible that selling will be less labor. In some cases, this might result in a discount.”

Dual agencies (when the buyer and seller use the same real estate agent)

A buyer’s agent and a selling agent are sometimes the same individual in a real estate transaction. A theoretically neutral third party represents the interests of both sides on an equal basis. This is referred to as a ‘dual agency.’ When one of these situations develops, a seller may be able to negotiate a lower commission fee with the buyer. Dual agencies, on the other hand, might result in some evident conflicts of interest. Some agents find it difficult to represent both parties fairly, particularly over the course of the transaction’s talks and in the event of a disagreement.

And it is for this reason that multiple agencies are categorically prohibited in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Texas, and Vermont, among other states.

What do real estate agents and Realtors do?

Whether dealing on behalf of sellers or purchasers, a real estate professional’s responsibility is to ensure that his or her client receives the most possible profit from the house transaction. Agents do this by posing as follows:

  • An in-depth understanding of the local housing market, as well as skill in the assessment process
  • The ability to negotiate in order to obtain the finest or most favorable pricing for the customer Local connections in the real estate market who can assist with the acquisition or sale of a house as quickly as possible
  • A thorough understanding of the legal and mortgage procedures involved. When problems develop, you need to be able to troubleshoot them quickly and effectively. Skills in interpersonal communication that enable customers to feel comfortable and in control throughout the process

Your agent may be really beneficial if you choose the right one. In an ideal situation, your agent will have several years of expertise in the local real estate industry. However, fresh agents may bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table as well.

Types of real estate agents

Real estate agents, Realtors, and brokers are all phrases that are sometimes used interchangeably in the real estate industry. However, there are some significant distinctions between these two groups of experts.

Real estate agent vs. Realtor

Realtors are all licensed real estate agents or brokers. Realtors, on the other hand, are not all real estate agents or brokers. Realtors are members of the National Association of Realtors, which is a professional organization (NAR). Furthermore, the Realtor trademark is meant to prevent agents who are not Realtors from falsely claiming to be so. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) would argue, with some justification, that its members possess better competence (since they must pass extra examinations) and are held to higher professional standards than other real estate brokers in the United States.

Real estate agent vs. broker

A licensed real estate agent is someone who has completed the required tests in his or her state and has been granted permission to work as an agent. A real estate license is the very minimum degree of qualification required for anyone who wish to assist in the purchase and sale of real estate. Each state has its own exam criteria as well as requirements for continuous education. Some states make it simpler to obtain a driver’s license than others. Additional examinations have been taken by a real estate broker who has gone above and beyond the call of duty.

In addition, a broker is more likely to hold a senior position in a real estate agency, where he or she is responsible for overseeing the activity of other agents.

For the year 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the national median income for real estate agents will be $51,220. Sales agents earn around $10,000 more per year than real estate brokers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Why a real estate agent is worth the commission

As a buyer, having a real estate agent on your side may make the process of finding a house less stressful – and you may end up finding better properties or getting a better bargain than you would have found on your own. For sellers, it is a more effective method of marketing their property and attracting more prospective purchasers. Furthermore, having a professional on your side who can assist you in navigating the complexity of such a large real estate transaction is beneficial for both sellers and purchasers.

  1. “They frequently deal with a single buyer for several months at a time.
  2. Although many brokerages charge less than 6 percent, Buttner adds that they will nevertheless provide the buyer’s agent a full 3 percent of the total commission.
  3. This unpaid labour is not reflected in the national average pay figures compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources.
  4. Therefore, the costs associated with transactions that do not close must be incorporated into the expenses connected with transactions that do close.
  5. But, as he points out, you get exactly what you paid for.
  6. “You’re dealing with what is most certainly your most valuable asset in your life.

Alternatives to using a real estate agent or Realtor

Many sellers believe that real estate brokers’ commissions are excessive and want to avoid using them. There are three primary methods of selling a home without incurring such significant expenses:

  • Putting up a yard sign, printing and handing out brochures, and informing everyone you know that your property is for sale are the most fundamental elements of a for sale by owner strategy, and they are also the most effective. It’s inexpensive and, in some cases, effective, particularly in hot real estate markets. However, there is a significant danger of undervaluing or overvaluing your house. Flat-fee Listing on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) by the owner– The MLS is an abbreviation for Multiple Listing Service. Essentially, it is the web tool that realtors utilize to notify other agents and potential purchasers that a house is available for purchase. Owners can market their properties (which may show on other websites such as and Zillow) by paying a flat fee – or a lesser flat price plus a success fee if the property sells. Services that have been reduced — Some agents charge lesser charges in exchange for providing a more basic service. You may be presented with a menu – ranging from MLS alone to progressively extensive levels of service – from which you can select what you want and how much you’re ready to pay
  • Or you can be presented with a list of options.

Are they more effective ways to sell? That will be determined by a variety of factors, including:

  • What the strength of your local real estate market is
  • How accurate you are at estimating the worth of your own home
  • What level of work you are willing to put in in locating a buyer
  • How confident you are in your abilities to guide your sale all the way through to completion

If you are confident that you can manage all of these tasks as well as an agent, you may choose to sell without using one. Nonetheless, for many people, engaging with a real estate agent, broker, or Realtor ensures that they receive the greatest possible price for their house from the most qualified buyer possible.

Ready to sell your home or buy a new one?

If you decide to sell your home without the assistance of a real estate agent, now is an excellent time to begin serious about selling your home and purchasing a new one. Because interest rates are still low, purchasers will be encouraged to buy, and you will most likely be able to obtain inexpensive financing for your new home. Are you prepared to begin? Please provide me with today’s pricing (Dec 24th, 2021) The material featured on The Mortgage Reports website is provided only for informative reasons and is not intended to be an advertising for any of the products supplied by Full Beaker Financial Services.

The views and opinions stated in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the policy or stance of Full Beaker, its executives, parent company, or affiliates, or the opinions of any other party.

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