How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Washington? (Best solution)

The five steps to becoming a Washington real estate agent are as follows:

  1. Step 1: Be at Least 18 Years of Age.
  2. Step 2: Complete Your Required Education.
  3. Step 3: Take the Washington Broker’s Exam.
  4. Step 4: Have Your Fingerprints Taken.
  5. Step 5: Apply For Your State License.

How long does it take to become a real estate agent?

  • California: 135 hours
  • New York: 75 hours
  • Florida: 63 hours
  • Pennsylvania: 60 hours


How much does a realtor make in Washington state?

The average salary for a real estate agent in Washington is around $54,630 per year.

Is the Washington real estate exam hard?

It’s easy to miss details when you are overwhelmed taking a 130-question licensing exam. Passing the Washington real estate exam is not as hard as you think if you are prepared, calm, and thorough. Commit to the steps above, and you should pass the test.

Is it hard to get hired as a real estate agent?

It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance to become a successful real estate agent. To become an agent, you must take classes, pass a test, and find a broker to work for. Once you get your license, the work is not over. You must learn to sell houses, which they do not teach in real estate school.

Is it hard to make a lot of money as a real estate agent?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for Real Estate agents in the state of California is $73,450. California is one of the top earning states for Real Estate agents. Like any career, real estate agents who build a solid foundation of hard work will find the most success.

How long does it take to become a real estate agent?

You can become a real estate agent in about four to six months, depending on where you live. Online prelicensing classes can speed up the process. Requirements vary by state, but the general steps are to take a real estate prelicensing course, take the licensing exam, activate your license, and join a brokerage.

Is there a lot of math in real estate test?

No matter what state you are wanting to get a real estate license in, you can expect to see math questions on the exam. While the number of math questions on the exam varies from state-to-state, the total number of math-related questions is somewhere between 10-15%.

How long does it take to become a realtor in Washington state?

You must successfully complete 90 hours of approved real estate education within a two-year time frame before you can take the broker’s exam. The 90 hours of education must consist of a 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals and a 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices.

How much does a real estate agent make?

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make? The median annual pay for real estate agents was $48,930 in 2019, according to the most recent data available from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why I quit being a real estate agent?

Most new real estate agents quit their first year because of the emotional toll of “fear of failure” and rejection. Nobody likes to feel rejected. Rejection is part of the job but remember that people are not rejecting you. They are rejecting the notion of buying or selling at that time.

Why do most realtors fail?

Failing To Set Goals & Action Plans Is A Common Reason Why Most Real Estate Agents Fail! Goal setting and action plans are a critical part of any successful business. Most real estate agents fail because they don’t understand how to properly set goals or create action plans.

Is real estate a good career in 2020?

The real estate market is ever-shifting. The fluctuations within the real estate market have been worse in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has caused many sellers to pull off their listings and interest rates to hit a record low. Still, we believe it’s a good time to become a realtor.

What type of Realtors make the most money?

Real Estate Broker A real estate broker is permitted under law to negotiate and organize real estate dealings. A career as a real estate broker is one of the highest paying and lucrative professions in the real estate industry. On average, experienced brokers take home a six-figure pay.

Is Real Estate a Good Career 2021?

Being a real estate agent in 2021 will open up a lot of opportunities. Despite the deep changes that have taken place, the market will continue to grow. Agents will be able to cope with the new landscape and thrive with the right training and exposure.

How to get your real estate broker’s license

For the management of professional and commercial licenses, we have launched a new online tool. Learn how to provide access to your account. If you want assistance with the new service, please contact the professional licensing program in which you are registered. We anticipate a processing delay for applications and renewals that are mailed in. If you renew or apply for your license online, you will receive a speedier response. Thank you for your patience, and please accept our apologies for any trouble this has caused.

Who needs a license?

Individuals who engage on behalf of a real estate company to provide real estate brokerage services under the direction of a managing broker are referred to as “agents.”


To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. Complete 90 hours of real estate coursework that has been authorized. The following elements must be included in this education:
  • 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals
  • 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices
  • And a 30-hour course in Real Estate Law. You must complete your studies within two years after submitting your application for the examination. For a list of authorized real estate education courses, go to theCourse Search page. Applicants for reciprocity do not have to complete the 90-hour requirement.
  • To pass the broker’s examination(s)
  • Prepare to answer inquiries about your legal background and to submit papers if necessary. Send in your fingerprints for a background check (which must be done every six years)

Steps to licensure

  • If you are licensed in another state, learn how to obtain a Washington license through reciprocity. Take the requisite education through a recognized institution. Register as a student with PSI after you have begun but before you have completed your studies
  • PSI is responsible for scheduling and passing the tests. Send in your fingerprints for a background check (which must be done every six years)
  • Before submitting an application for a license, you must first get confirmation that we have received your exam results. Make sure you don’t apply for a license until you’ve received the notification. To apply for a license, wait until both your background and exam results are on file, and before one year has elapsed.

What you’ll need to apply for a license

  • We have a copy of your passing exam result on file. The results of the completed fingerprint background check are on file.
  • It takes 10-14 days for the results to appear in our system. Visit IdentoGo to make an appointment with MorphoTrust if you are a Washington resident. Learn how to submit your fingerprints if you live outside of the state of Washington
  • And
  • Documents that are ready to submit in order to answer any legal background queries that may arise

How to apply for license after exam passed

  • Receive news from us that your passing exam results have been entered into our system
  • Prepare papers to submit in response to any legal background queries that may arise
  • Start your application by logging in or creating an account. You must use Google Chrome as your main browser and allow pop-ups to function properly.
  • Learn how to set up account access and navigate through the system’s interface.
  • If you do not see the “Your To- Do’s” section on the Home Page, please check the following:
  • It is not necessary to apply for a license if the “Apply for License” button is not visible in the “Your To- do’s” area. We have not yet received the results of your exam
  • If you receive a reminder to submit fingerprints and you have previously done so, it means that we have not yet received the findings. It might take up to 14 business days for a package to arrive from WSP. You will not be able to proceed unless they are on file. Contact us at [email protected] if it has been more than 14 business days since you submitted your fingerprints and more than 4 business days since you passed your exam(s) and the Your To-has Do’s not been added to your account.
  • Please send only one email
  • There is no need to send more. Include the TCN number supplied by IdentoGo as well as the date the submission was made.
  • As soon as you see the “Your To-Dos” area with a “Apply for License” button, click on the button to begin the licensing process.
  • Please do not utilize any additional buttons outside of the area under “Your To-Dos.” They are intended for use in test applications.
  • Both the licensing cost and the $10 research charge are required to be paid. If you do not select either charge, we will not offer you a license until you have paid the entire amount due.
  • Following the receipt of your license, a company may extend an invitation to you to join them in order to activate your license. To accept their offer, you must first log in to your account. See the instructions on how to print your driver’s license.

License expiration

  • It will be two years before your broker’s license expires once it has been issued. The findings of the fingerprint background check will be valid for six years from the day they are received by us.
  • Don’t forget to re-submit prints before they become invalid. Allow sufficient time for us to get your results. If your findings are no longer valid, you will be unable to:
  • Join a company
  • Reactivate after a period of inactivity
  • Renew your driver’s license.

For veterans, military personnel, and partners

Your military training or experience may be able to assist you in meeting licensure criteria. If you have a valid license from another state and are relocating to this state, you may also be eligible to obtain a temporary license. More information may be found at military help. If you are a veteran of the United States, you may be entitled for a portion of your costs to be reimbursed. For additional information, please see Get reimbursed for testing expenses.

Questions? Need help?

How to Get a Real Estate License in Washington State

Obtaining a Washington real estate license is required if you want to pursue a real estate profession in any of the state’s major cities, such as Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, or any other city in the state. If you want to get your Washington real estate license, you must complete 90 hours of authorized study, pass the Washington Broker licensing test, submit to fingerprinting, and submit an application to the state. As a real estate agent, you must follow a procedure that is similar in most states, but each state has its own set of processes that must be followed.

Step 1: Be at Least 18 Years of Age

In addition to being at least 18 years old, you must be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident alien who can provide proof of high school graduation or an equivalent qualification. On the website of the Washington State Department of Licensing, you can find out more about the requirements.

Step 2: Complete Your Required Education

Before you may sit for the broker’s examination, you must successfully complete 90 hours of authorized real estate education within a two-year period. There must be a 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals and a 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices as part of the 90-hour requirement for education. With Brightwood’s Washington license education that has been authorized, completing the prerequisite is simple.

View Licensing Packages

Applied Measurement Professionals, Inc. is the exam provider, and you must register and pass the broker’s test with them (AMP). For additional information about scheduling your test, please see the website of the Washington State Department of Licensing and Regulation. To make an appointment for your exam, please visit the AMP website at.

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Step 4: Have Your Fingerprints Taken

When you arrive at the testing site to take your broker’s exam, you’ll be given a fingerprint card to complete.

To get your fingerprints taken, go to a fingerprinting business that has been approved by the Washington State Patrol website and submit your information.

Step 5: Apply For Your State License

Fill out the Washington State Department of LicensingReal Estate License Application and send it with your fingerprint card to get your real estate license in Washington state.

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How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Washington

  1. In this section, you’ll find information on how to become a real estate agent in Washington.

Real estate is a satisfying job in which you will not be confined to a desk for the most of the day. In your spare time, you’re out meeting new individuals, showing them houses, conducting market research, and staging homes. As a real estate agent, you assist customers in making one of the most significant financial investments of their lifetime. You may even be able to assist in the fulfillment of dreams. Brokers, managing brokers, designated brokers, and branch managers are all types of financial professionals in Washington State.

The quick solution is: enroll in a course, pass a test, and obtain a permit.

General Licensing Requirements

In order to safeguard the public from untrained and unethical real estate agents, each state’s regulatory agency establishes licensing systems and regulations. The Washington Department of Licensing requires that anybody who want to buy or sell property hold a current real estate license from the state. To be eligible for a broker’s license in Washington, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate. Have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. You must successfully complete 90 hours of authorized real estate education within two years after submitting your application for certification. Successfully complete the broker’s examination.

Course Requirements

A broker’s license may only be obtained after successfully completing 90 hours of authorized real estate education, which must include the following courses.

  • The course consists of a 60-hour Real Estate Fundamentals class and a 30-hour Real Estate Practices class.

Package for the TOP SELLER

Washington 90-Hour Premium Broker Pre-License Package

Contains necessary pre-licensing training as well as license exam preparation, among other things. Package

Washington 90 Hour Real Estate Broker Basic Prelicense Package

Pre-license classes certified by the Department of Labor, as well as a free real estate math practice test. Individual Training Programs

Washington Broker Exam Prep

For the Washington licensure test, you may get study aids as well as an infinite number of practice questions. What brought on your desire to become a real estate agent in Washington? To accomplish this, you must follow the instructions outlined below.

  1. In order to complete your course, you must register as a student with the testing provider Applied Measurements Professionals, Inc. (AMP) prior to finishing your course. Completing prelicense education successfully includes the following steps: Fill out an application for the exam and complete 90 hours of authorized prelicensing coursework online or in person within two years after receiving your diploma. Make an appointment for your exam: After you have submitted your education information to AMP, you may arrange your exam online, via phone, or by mail. Successfully complete the license test
  2. Identify a designated broker by doing the following steps: Real estate brokers must be sponsored by a certified designated broker in order to work in the industry. This broker’s office is where you’ll be doing your work and gaining experience. There is a part on the license application that asks for information about the company that is being licensed.

Next, you must submit an application for a real estate broker’s license. To submit an application for a license, you must do the following:

  1. The application for a real estate license must be completed in its whole
  2. It must be submitted with a check for the $146.25 broker fee made payable to the Department of Licensing
  3. Fingerprints should be submitted for state and national background checks.

You don’t even have to leave your house to begin and complete the study required to become a broker in Washington state., a renowned online real estate license school that has been in business since 1999, provides DOL-approved online prelicensing courses that fulfill the standards of each individual state.

The Washington 90 Hour Broker Premium Prelicense Package from covers the following components:

  • There are three courses: WA Real Estate Fundamentals, WA Real Estate Practices, and WA Broker Exam Prep, as well as limitless practice examinations and study materials.

Upon successful completion of the pre-license course, you may return to your student profile page, where you will find your Certificate of Completion, which can be printed.

License Renewal

Your real estate license will expire every two years if you do not renew it. Complete the needed continuing education, pay the money, and renew your license either online or by mail to keep your license active. The following are the continuing education requirements for brokers in Washington:

  • 30–hour Advanced Practices Course
  • 30–hour Real Estate Law Course
  • 30 hours of acceptable continuing education, including a 3–hour Core Course
  • 30 hours of approved continuing education, including a 3–hour Core Course
  • The following requirements must be met for subsequent renewals: 30 hours of authorized continuing education, including a 3–hour Core Course

The Current Real Estate Market

In Washington state, according to Glassdoor, the typical income range for a real estate agent is $60,00 to $66,000, however this can vary significantly depending on region as well as an agent’s drive and hustle. It is the commissions earned on successful transactions that provide the majority of a broker’s compensation.

Washington Real Estate Commission

Among the Commission’s responsibilities is the protection and promotion of the public interest, including the interests of regulated licensees and the interests of consumers, through the formulation and implementation of licensing legislation and regulations.

National Association of REALTORS®

Since its founding in 1908, the National Association of REALTORS® has grown to become the biggest professional association in the real estate business. If you want to become a member, you must first obtain a real estate sales license in your home state and then join the local NAR chapter. Real estate professionals who adhere to a stringent code of ethics, known as the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, are referred to as REALTORS®. So there you have it. A brief overview of the steps required to obtain a real estate broker license in the state of Washington.

States alter their rules on a regular basis, so it’s a good idea to check the DOL website once in a while to make sure you’re up to date.

Real Estate License Washington

Let us assist you in obtaining answers to any questions you may have about getting started in the real estate business. Obtaining your real estate license in Washington is a significant step, so we’ve compiled and answered some commonly asked questions below to assist you in your endeavor. Purchase your Washington Pre-Licensing Certificate »

How long does it take to get a Washington real estate license?

Obtaining your Washington state real estate broker’s license will take a number of variables into consideration, including the time it takes to complete the required Pre-Licensing education courses and to schedule and take the broker’s licensing exam. Among the other considerations are the amount of time it takes to complete your fingerprinting requirements and submit your application for a broker’s license.

How much does it cost to get a Washington real estate license?

The following are the fixed fees connected with acquiring a real estate broker’s license in the state of Washington:

  • Broker licensing examination fees of $138.25
  • Fingerprint and background check fees of $42.80
  • Broker license and application fees of $146.25
  • And broker license and application fees of $146.25

Please keep in mind that the state reserves the right to amend these fees at anytime. In addition to tuition and expenses for completing the Pre-Licensing course requirement, there are other charges connected with getting your license approved.

Where can I get my fingerprints taken for my Washington real estate license?

In order to get your fingerprints taken in Washington, you must make an appointment with MorphoTrust at in advance of the appointment.

IdentoGo is the vendor for the state’s fingerprinting program. Residents residing outside of Washington who wish to submit an application can contact Real Estate Regulatory at 360.664.6484 for a fingerprint card and submission instructions. Please see the following link for further information.

What are the differences in requirements between first-time renewals and subsequent renewals?

Continuing Education hours are required for Washington real estate brokers during their first active renewal term, which must total at least 90 hours. A minimum of 30 hours of Continuing Education must be completed for each renewal period after the first. Please see the following link for further information on the individual course requirements for each term.

Can I get a Washington real estate license online?

Residents of Washington are permitted to complete their real estate pre-licensing course online, provided that the program has been recognized by the state.

Can a felon get a Washington real estate license?

A conviction for a felony or a misdemeanor will not disqualify an applicant for real estate license in Washington.

Do you need to have a high school diploma or GED to get your Washington real estate license?

Candidates for the position of licensed real estate agent in Washington must have a high school diploma or a GED at the very least.

What is the average salary for a Washington real estate agent?

Given the wide range of earnings among real estate agents in Washington, determining the “average pay” of a real estate agent is challenging. On the other hand, according, full-time Washington agents earn an average of $98k a year on average.

Where do I take the Washington real estate license exam?

For the Washington real estate examination, students must register on the PSI website, where they may discover more about the cost and timing of the examination.

What are the Washington requirements for Continuing Education?

Real estate agents in Washington are obliged to complete 30 hours of Continuing Education every two years in order to maintain their license.

Does Washington have real estate license reciprocity with any other states?

Washington does not have any official reciprocity agreements with any other countries or states. Out-of-state agents with similar qualifications, on the other hand, are often exempt from the education requirement of the Washington licensing procedure. Agents will be required to submit an application for this waiver as well as execute other administrative chores such as submitting to a background check and paying the associated application costs. Those looking for specialized and state-specific information are recommended to contact the Virginia Real Estate Board, which is part of the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DOPR).

How old do you have to be to get your Washington real estate license?

Applicants must be at least 18 years old in order to be eligible to become a real estate agent in Washington.

How To Get A Real Estate License In Washington State In 5 Steps

Even though the prospect of obtaining your Washington real estate license may seem intimidating, our team is here to help you through the process. To discover about the five steps you’ll need to take before beginning your real estate profession in Washington, continue reading this article. To find out how much it will cost you to obtain your real estate license in Washington, please see ourWashington Pre-Licensing Pricing page. Purchase your Washington Pre-Licensing Certificate »


To begin, you must do the following:

  • You must be at least 18 years old. Possess a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification. You must be able to answer questions about your criminal past and provide fingerprints for a background check when you apply for your first license, and every six years after that.

Complete 90 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education.

  • Complete successfully 90 clock hours of pre-licensing courses that have been approved by the state. Find out more about the many package options available to you here.

Pass the course final exam.

  • After you have completed all of the course materials, met the minimum time requirement, and passed the practice exam, you will be required to take the final course exam. The minimum passing score is 75%
  • The maximum passing score is 100%.

Pass the Washington real estate examination.

  • The Washington real estate license examination is administered by PSI/AMP. This test is divided into two sections, each of which covers both state and national criteria. For additional details, please view the registration information for the examination here. When it comes to helping you pass your Washington real estate test, The CE Shop also offers thorough Exam Prep that is specialized to the state of Washington

Complete the background check/fingerprint requirement.

  • You must provide your fingerprints in order for a state (WSP) and national (FBI) fingerprint-based criminal history background check to be conducted on your background history. For further information, please see the following link:

Complete the application.

  1. In order to obtain a Washington real estate license, you must first apply via the Washington State Department of Licensing website.


Get Your License Online

The online platform, self-paced courses, and high levels of student satisfaction are just a few of the factors that distinguish The CE Shop as the finest in real estate education.

Take the first step toward a successful real estate career right now! GET YOUR LICENSE »

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Washington

In the state of Washington, real estate agents are referred to as real estate brokers. To become a real estate agent in Washington, you must first complete 90 hours of prelicensing study certified by the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL), then pass the real estate test, submit an application, choose a sponsoring firm, and undergo a background investigation. Get dressed up in your Seattle tuxedo and fill your Starbucks cup with leaded coffee while you go through our guide to becoming a real estate agent in Washington.

1. Meet Washington’s Legal Requirements

For the most part, the legal requirements for becoming a real estate agent in Washington are comparable to those in other states. You must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED in order to apply. Washington real estate brokers, in contrast to most other states, are required to submit fingerprints and undergo a background check every six years. What if I told you something you already knew? Because Washington recognizes reciprocity with other jurisdictions, if you have completed an equivalent real estate school and have held a broker’s license in another state for the previous six months, you can apply to become a broker in Washington State.

Washington also has a reputation for being a cooperative state when it comes to portability.

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However, in order for out-of-state agents to participate in a real estate transaction, they must first enter into a co-brokerage agreement with a licensee from the state in which the transaction is taking place.

2. Complete Required Prelicensing Courses

Once you’ve verified that you satisfy the requirements for the state of Washington, you’ll be ready to begin your prelicensing classes. Accredited real estate schools in Washington provide high-quality education in person or online, with tuition ranging from $164 to $309 per credit hour. For real estate agents in Washington, the compulsory prelicensing education consists of 90 hours, which is divided into two parts: 60 hours of Real Estate Fundamentals and 30 hours of Real Estate Practices. The topics covered in the required prelicensing education include the following:

  • Property ownership
  • Land use laws and regulations
  • And other related topics. Financial planning, financing, general principles of agency, disclosures of real estate, contracts, leasing, and property management are all topics covered. Transfer of ownership
  • Real estate business practice
  • Calculations pertaining to real estate

What if I told you something you already knew? If you are an active attorney in good standing with the Washington State Bar, you may be excused from the state’s licensing requirements to practice as a broker in the state of Washington. Among the numerous recognized online real estate colleges to select from, Kaplan is a good option if you’re looking to complete your prelicensing study to become a real estate broker in Washington State.

A range of tiered course packages are offered, as well as add-on options such as live group study and on-demand video test preparation, all of which are delivered in a self-paced environment. More information may be found on their website. Pay a visit to Kaplan

3. Complete FingerprintingBackground Check

In order for the state of Washington to conduct a background check on all applicants, fingerprints must be submitted by all of them. Because fingerprinting results can take 10 to 14 days to show in the Department of Labor’s system, it’s crucial to arrange fingerprinting at the same time as completing the real estate test and filing for license with the DOL. Residents of Washington could book an appointment online throughMorphoTrust/IdentoGO, a third-party portal that performs background checks on potential clients and employees.

If MorphoTrust/IdentoGO has sites in your region, out-of-state people can take advantage of their services.

The cost of fingerprinting varies based on the business you pick.

4. Take the Washington Real Estate Exam

Candidates generally achieve success on the Washington real estate test, with pass rates for the national section of the exam standing at 71 percent and for the state portion at 75 percent, according to statistics. The computer-based administration of the exam ensures that you will know whether you have passed or failed the exam almost instantly. In the case that you do not pass the exam, you will be given a diagnostic breakdown that will show you the categories you need to improve in. You will also be provided advice on how to reapply if you wish to retake one or both components of the examination.

Exam Details

For your Washington real estate license exam, PSI, a nationwide platform for state licensing tests, will serve as the testing center. You’ll need to register an account on the PSI website before you can start scheduling. Before you will be able to register for the test, your education provider must submit your Certificate of Completion to the Department of Education. Following the submission of your education information by your school, you will be granted access to the scheduling site. Once you have registered, you will be sent a copy of theCandidate Material Handbook, which contains further testing information and instructions.

Keep in mind that you must take your test within two years after completing your study, and that your exam results are only valid for one year after you pass the examination.

That’s OK; consider taking use of the real estate test preparation materials provided by Real Estate Exam Scholar to ensure that you pass the Washington real estate exam on your first try.

In addition, they provide a money-back guarantee on their passes. Real Estate Exam Scholar is a website worth visiting.

5. Pick a Company to Work For

For your Washington State real estate license to remain valid, you must first locate a sponsoring brokerage with which to affiliate your license in order to keep it active. Check out our in-depth guide on picking the best real estate business to work for if you want to make your decision a little bit simpler. Despite the fact that there are other successful brokerages in the Evergreen State, the following are the top five brokerages predicted to be successful in 2021. (Image courtesy of Real Trends2021)

Washington Cities With Highest Median Sales Price 2021

You must sell more costly houses in order to earn a higher commission. Check out the sales data fromTowncharts.combelow to get a feel of which cities are bringing in the most money for real estate brokers in Washington:

6. Apply for Your License

Wait four business days after passing your real estate exam before applying for your Washingtonreal estate license. This will ensure that your passing score is recorded in the Real Estate Licensing Division’s computerized database system. In contrast, your passing score report is regarded as an interim license that is valid for 45 days from the date on which your application was received by the Postal Service by certified mail. You can submit an application to the Real Estate Licensing Division either online or by mail, using theReal Estate Application Form.

Keep in mind that it takes 14 days for the DOL to get fingerprints and four days for exam results to be received, so you won’t be able to submit an application until after that time.

If you have a criminal past, you may still be able to acquire a real estate license in the state of Washington despite this.

When determining whether or not to approve your application to become a real estate broker in Washington, they will take into consideration the type of crime committed, the severity of the conviction, how the crime relates to the practices of the profession, and the length of time since the conviction was obtained.

7. Start Your Real Estate Career

With your newfound knowledge of the process of learning how to become a real estate agent in Washington, you’re ready to embark on your real estate career. Check out ourTop 25 New Real Estate Agent Tips From the Prosor14 Real Estate Agent Tips for 2021for additional information on how to get your career off to a good start in real estate.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Washington

Real estate brokers have a rewarding job that provides them with independence, a flexible work schedule, and the possibility to earn a limitless amount of money. Download ArticleDownload Article In order to have a successful real estate profession, you must be well prepared, dedicated and hardworking.

However, the process of obtaining a real estate license involves time, money, and devotion. Learn about the exact criteria for earning a real estate license in the state of Washington by reading this article.

  1. 1 Become familiar with the criteria. When it comes to becoming a real estate agent or broker, each state has its own set of regulations. To begin, make certain that you satisfy the minimum prerequisites before beginning the training program. In order to work as a real estate agent in Washington, you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must be at least 18 years old. Have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification, such as a GED, at the very least
  • 2 Gain valuable experience that will be beneficial in the future. In order to obtain your real estate license in Washington, you will be required to complete roughly two years of schooling. Take advantage of the opportunity to obtain practical experience in the field. Despite the fact that they are not directly relevant to acquiring your license, certain experiences are extremely beneficial to your career as an agent.
  • Attempt to obtain an internship or an office position with a real estate agency. Even a position in administration that appears to be only loosely tied to the business of buying and selling properties may teach you the value of hard effort and provide you with a taste of what the industry is like. To mention the fact that if you create a good impression on someone in the sector, you could be able to land a job when you have your license. Inquire with an experienced real estate agent about the possibility of shadowing them for a day or a week to get a feel for the field and determine whether this is the right career route for you.
  • 3 Enroll in a real estate education program that has been authorized. You must satisfy particular educational prerequisites before taking the real estate test in Washington before you may sit for the exam.
  • Make certain that the courses you enroll in have been authorized by the Washington State Department of Licensing before enrolling in them. If you are unclear if a class has been authorized, you should contact the Department of Licensing during business hours to double-check. Not wanting to waste your time and money on a course that will not be accepted when you apply to take the exam is a top priority. On the website of the Washington Department of Licensing, you may find a list of authorized curricula, as well as a list of licensed schools. University and community college courses are accessible both online through institutions such as Kaplan and in person at various locations around the country. Find a route that is convenient for you and sign up. Tuition varies from program to school, but it might cost as much as $300 each semester. During the course of earning your license, you can expect to spend some money.
  • 4 Enroll in your classes. It is necessary for you to finish 90 hours of coursework overall within a two-year time span. These courses are broad and hard, so be prepared to put in the time and effort required.
  • A 60-hour course in real estate basics is included in your 90-hour total. This course provides an introduction to the real estate industry. You will learn about several real estate companies and the work they accomplish in their respective areas. You will get knowledge of regulations such as contract laws, fair housing legislation, property ownership rights, and listing agreements, among other things. A thorough introduction of the purchasing and selling processes is also provided, as is a substantial amount of basic real estate language that must be memorized. Coursework for the additional 30 hours is made up of a course on real estate procedures. You will learn about the fundamental business skills and processes that are required in the real estate industry. Real estate valuation, pricing, and marketing tactics will be taught to you along with different types of negotiation and sales techniques. You will also learn about the closing procedure as well as how to do real estate math calculations.
  • 5 Make a significant investment in exam preparation. The state test is really difficult. Being aware of the content and having done the required study does not imply that you will pass the exam. Even the most well-prepared test taker might be thrown off by the arrangement of the questions and the exact wording used. You may improve your chances of passing the real estate exam by preparing for it beforehand, whether through software or a test prep session.
  • Free practice examinations are accessible on the internet, but they are not subjected to the same level of scrutiny as expensive courses and preparation work. Online institutions provide test preparation courses for a number of state real estate examinations, including the Washington State Real Estate Examination. It is possible to acquire online self-guided exam preparation guides that include information about the format of the examination, facts you’ll need to know, and a range of sample tests. It is possible to acquire real estate exam preparation books, either on Amazon or through a local bookshop, to aid in the preparation for the real estate examination. However, be certain that you get the most recent version because real estate tests are susceptible to change. If you’re taking the book route, visiting a used bookshop is not the ideal option because you’re more likely to come across an out-of-date exam guide.
  1. 1 Create an account with the testing vendor as a student. The state of Washington requires you to complete your education before you may register as a student with a testing provider. This is necessary so that your school may electronically submit your course completion information and notify the testing vendor that you have satisfied all of the fundamental prerequisites to sit for the real estate examination.
  • Follow the registration requirements on the website
  • Select the “Portals” button at the top of the page and then “Washington Student User.”
  • 2 Make an appointment for your exam. You can register for an exam when your school has submitted the information about your course completion. This can be done online, by mail, or by phone
  • However, it is preferable to do it online.
  • In order to register online, head to and click on “Schedule/Reschedule Examination,” then follow the on-screen instructions
  • Or There is a $138.25 charge to take the exam, which must be paid at the time of enrollment. Reservations are made in accordance with the availability of seating at a certain location. It is possible to have delays of up to two weeks in getting a position, so be prepared to be patient. AMP requires that you contact them at least one working day before your exam date if you need to modify your appointment time.
  • 3 Be familiar with the norms of the test room. Prepare yourself before entering the examination room. Recognize what to expect and what materials will be required
  • Two pieces of valid identification, at least one of which must have a recent photograph, must be brought with you. Bringing your ID to the test will ensure that you are allowed to sit for it, so be sure to be prepared. The use of dictionaries, books, and other reference materials is strictly prohibited on the testing grounds. Electronic devices such as cell phones and other electronic media are not authorized
  • In the testing room, personal goods such as briefcases and wallets are not permitted. Consumption of food, beverages, and smoking are not permitted in the exam room. During the test, you are not permitted to ask questions or communicate with other candidates. You will have three and a half hours to complete the exam. Calculators are authorized as long as they are not programmed and are fueled by a battery or solar energy.
  • 4 Take the examination. When the scheduled date for taking the real estate exam arrives, you will report to the testing center.
  • There are 140 questions in the test. On the national component of the test, 100 questions are devoted to real estate in general, with the remaining questions devoted only to Washington real estate. Each question is a multiple-choice question with four possible answers. Because test scores are calculated primarily on the number of questions answered correctly, it is advisable to make an educated guess if you are unsure about the answer. You will be tested on all of the knowledge you gained throughout your training, including terminology, legislation, regulations, processes, property value, money, and a variety of other topics, among others. Because the exam is difficult, make sure you are properly prepared by memorizing this knowledge in advance. The results of the exam are available immediately upon completion. You will know if you passed or failed the test when you leave the testing site.
  1. 5) Do not be alarmed if you do not pass the examination. Many people do not pass the test on their first attempt, and while this is a setback, it does not rule out the possibility of receiving your license in the future. Your result will give diagnoses of your strengths and shortcomings, providing you with the chance to determine what to study next to improve your performance. In addition to your score report, you will receive instructions for retaking the exam. If you do not pass the test the first time, you have six months to repeat it. Many people merely fail a section of the exam, rather than the entire thing. Then you will just have to retake the section of the exam that you failed
  2. If this is the case.
  1. 1 Obtain a copy of your fingerprints. You will be given a fingerprint card when you arrive at the testing location. Make a copy of this card and present it to any fingerprinting agency certified by the Washington State Patrol to have your fingerprints taken
  • Fees and hours of operation differ from one organization to the next. It’s important to know how much fingerprinting will cost ahead of time because you will be asked to pay at the station. You must submit your fingerprint card in its completed form together with the application you will be filling out. It is important not to bend or fold the card, since this will hide the findings and force you to retake your fingerprints. It is necessary to employ fingerprints in order to do the criminal background check that is required of all real estate brokers in Washington.
  • 2 Submit an application for a real estate license. The Washington State Department of Licensing has an online application for real estate agents that may be completed at any time. Completing the application is as simple as following the directions on the form.
  • The paperwork can be mailed to the Department of Real Estate Licensing in Seattle, Washington, or it can be dropped off at the Olympia office. The Washington State Department of Licensing maintains a list of addresses on its website. It is important to note that your exam results are only valid for 12 months, so submit your application as soon as possible to prevent having to repeat the exam and incurring additional expenses. Your license will cost you $146.25 in total. A cheque or money order should be made out to the appropriate party and mailed or delivered with the application
  • Providing you have finished the required training, passed the exam, and paid the costs, you should be eligible to acquire your license, which will be subject to a normal background check.
  • 3Make use of your license. Following the acquisition of an official Washington real estate license, you can begin pursuing a real estate profession. If you become an agent, you will have unique access to a range of databases that are only available to agents, will be able to network with other agents and apply for positions at companies, and will be able to receive commissions on any sales you make or assist with. 4 Understand how long your license will be valid. Your license will expire within two years of the date on which you obtained it. Make sure you are aware of the expiration date of your license and that you renew it in a timely manner. This may be done either online or in the mail. In addition, you must fulfill extra education requirements in order to renew your license.
  • It is required that you complete a 30-hour Advanced Practice Course, 30-hours of Advanced Law Courses, and 30 hours of acceptable continuing education, including a 3-hour core course, in order to be eligible for re-certification. In order to renew your license in following years, you must complete 30 hours of continuing education, which includes a 3-hour core course, with a minimum of 15 hours completed within 24 months of your renewal date.
  • 5 Begin your career as an agent. Getting your feet wet in the field is the first step in your new profession. You’ll need to select if you want to work for a corporation or work on your own behalf. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the elements to consider
  • If you decide to join an office, be certain that the office’s aims and philosophy align with your own as a real estate agent. Inform yourself on the company’s goals and values during or before an interview. Considering joining a firm, think about how much money you’ll make on commission, how many listings the company has, and whether or not there are any formal possibilities for training and mentorship
  • Going into the market on your own implies greater flexibility, fewer costs, more influence on your side, and the ability to establish local trust in the industry over time. In the event that you are successful, you may be able to earn more money as an independent agency. If you work without the assistance of an agency, you will be part of a smaller network with less support and direction, and there will be fewer formal training possibilities.
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Create a new question

  • Question How can I become a member of a real estate brokerage? Ms. Ryan Baril works as the Vice President of CAPITALPlus Mortgage, a boutique mortgage origination and underwriting firm that was established in 2001. Over the course of nearly two decades, Ryan has been teaching people about the mortgage process and basic finance. With a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Central Florida in 2012, he began his career in the marketing field. Executive Vice President, CAPITALPlus MortgageExpert Answer The agency should be able to take care of it for you
  • They will just ask for the information they want in order to submit your affiliation request. Question In all, how much does it cost to become a real estate broker? In the state of Washington, you must complete a 90-hour pre-licensing course before you may be licensed. This course can range in price from $260 to $500. Upon successful completion of the course and passing the state exam, which costs $138, you will be eligible to sit for the national exam. After passing the state test, you will be required to pay for your license, which will cost $146, as well as for a background check, which will cost $43. Following your licensing, you will be required to pay for a membership in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the cost of which varies based on your region ($480 in the Seattle area). There are also fees for keyboxes and an access key/app for unlocking doors, which are also optional. A membership in the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is also needed by most brokerages and costs around $640. Expect to spend around $2,000 to get your business up and going. Question I’ve been convicted of a drug-related crime in another state. Is it still possible for me to obtain a real estate license? Yes, as long as you’ve met all of the conditions established by the laws of the state in question. Question What is the procedure for renewing a license that has expired? Kelly Baker is an American actress and singer who is best known for her role in the film The Help. Answer from the Community In this case, you should contact the Department of Licensing: Real Estate section, who should be able to assist you. Is it possible to obtain a real estate license if I have a felony on my record? Possibly. The application appears to just ask for information on your criminal past within the last ten years. If your crime is more than ten years old, I believe you are safe. If it’s been less than ten years, you always have the option of presenting your case to the members of the real estate commission. Question Is it necessary for me to pass a credit check in order to become a realtor? A credit check will not be performed on you in order to become a real estate broker
  • However, when you have completed the appropriate course to sit for the state test and passed the state exam, the state will conduct a background investigation on you
  • Question I used to be a licensed real estate agent in Pennsylvania. In addition, I am a Pennsylvania attorney and an I.R.W.A. Senior Right of Way Professional (SR/WA) certified by the International Right of Way Association. Is there a way for me to only sit for the exam and skip the rest of the course work? The State Director and Commissioners have the authority to approve someone with relevant expertise at their discretion. I propose that you call the DOL’s Real Estate Division and enquire about the possibility of obtaining permission. Is it possible to complete the program in less than two years? Kelly BakerAnswer from the Community It is true that in order to obtain your real estate license, you must finish the mandatory 90-hour pre-licensing course. This course can be completed online at your own leisure or in a classroom environment in less than two months. It is possible to begin selling houses immediately after becoming licensed with the state and becoming linked with a brokerage business
  • However, there is a lot to learn after you have your license, and it may take many months before you feel comfortable working with customers. Once you have obtained your license, training is essential. Make certain that the brokerage firm you select provides the training essential to become a successful broker. Question Is it legal for me to sell property to a third party without having a real estate license? Yes, if you are the owner. In the case of family assistance without compensation, the answer is “yes.” You must have a current and active real estate license in order to sell for profit. Question Is it possible to acquire a driver’s license if I have a DUI? Kelly BakerAnswer from the Community Contact the Department of Licensing’s Real Estate Division and inquire as to whether or not you would be qualified to obtain your license.

Inquire about something There are 200 characters remaining. Include your email address so that you may be notified when this question has been resolved. Submit

  • Don’t skip the course on test preparation and review. Understanding what to expect on the test is half the fight in getting a passing score
  • Yet, the test is difficult. Being a real estate agent is a lucrative career path, but it is not without its costs. Consider the cost of a course, any necessary exam preparation, testing and licensing fees, and fingerprinting expenses when planning your budget. Take a licensing course that will assist you in retaining the most information possible. Some courses may need you to merely read a textbook and take examinations, but others will require you to interact with your classmates in a classroom setting. Consider the learning style that best suits you and look for a course that matches your preferences in this area. Consult with real estate agents and brokers for assistance and pointers on the market. In addition to assisting you in determining whether a real estate profession is right for you, they can also point you in the direction of a reputable real estate school and provide you with guidance on the licensing exam
  • They have already gone through the process. Once you have obtained your license, you should interview with a number of brokerage firms before selecting the one that you believe will provide you with the greatest training and mentoring program. A lot of things that you will need to learn as a newly licensed broker were not included in the 90-hour course that you attended, such as listing presentations, buyer consultations, comparative market analyses, marketing strategies and tactics, MLS forms, negotiations, and so on.


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The real estate industry has grown and now provides one of the most diverse ranges of employment opportunities available in the business world today. A job in real estate allows you to work at your own speed and with the freedom to choose your own schedule. Your earnings are a direct reflection of your efforts, and there are no restrictions on how much clever, hardworking men and women may make. People who are successful in real estate are goal-oriented, persistent, self-motivated, ambitious, and people-oriented.

The benefits of a real estate job include the opportunity for great profits, a high level of standing in the community, autonomy, time flexibility, the ability to assist others, the intellectual challenge, and the joy that comes from achieving those goals.


To be eligible for a broker’s license, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a high school diploma or an equivalent
  • And successfully complete 90 hours of authorized real estate education within two years of applying for the exam before taking the test. This education must include the following components:
  • 60-hour course in Real Estate Fundamentals
  • 30-hour course in Real Estate Practices
  • And a 30-hour course in Real Estate Law.

Study for broker’s exam

Before you may sit for your broker’s test, you must finish 90 hours of real estate education. One of the 60-hour courses included in this 90-hour program is Real Estate Fundamentals, which gives an introduction of the theoretical and practical components of the real estate industry. In addition, a 30-hour course titled Real Estate Practices is provided, which gives students a general understanding and overview of the practical, day to day issues associated with the real estate company. Washington real estate agents must be proficient in a variety of skills, including: working with clients, pricing property, complying with fair housing laws, filling out necessary agreements, handling offers and counteroffers, determining buyer prequalifications, and guiding transactions through the closing process.

Our top choices for the state of Washington are shown below.

Schedule your broker’s exam

Before you finish your course, you must register as a student with the Department of Labor’s testing provider, Applied Measurements Professionals, Inc. (AMP), so that your institution may electronically submit the information about your course completion. AMP students can register by clicking here and following the on-screen instructions.

  • In order to finish the examination registration procedure, your school must submit your course completions to AMP via electronic submission. Make an appointment to take the test online, over the phone, or by mail after your institution has submitted your education information to the American Medical Association. To make a reservation online, go to: Visit for more information.

For further information, please see

Apply for your Washington Real Estate Broker License

  1. Submit your completed application, along with a check or money order for thefee (currently $138.25), payable to the Department of Licensing, to the following address:Real Estate LicensingDepartment of Licenseseattle, WA 98124-3917
  2. Submit fingerprints for both state and national background checks to the Department of Licensing.
  • To arrange an appointment with MorphoTrust, the Department of Labor’s electronic fingerprinting provider, go to For collecting your fingerprints and running the background checks necessary for your license type, you will be required to pay IdentoGO.
  • Please contact Real Estate Regulatory at 360.664.6484 for information on how to submit a fingerprint card.

More information may be found at Fingerprinting and background checks. We wish you the best of luck during the procedure. In the event that you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.,,,

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