What Does Mol Mean In Real Estate? (Correct answer)

The single most-used abbreviation in real estate, ironically, is seldom if ever explained, maybe because it is so universal. The three little words behind it sidled themselves into that first paragraph up there, where I’ll bet most people hardly noticed them: “More or less” MOL.

  • Metropolitan open land (MOL) is a form of land designation within London. Land designated as MOL is intended to be protected as an area of landscape, recreation, nature conservation or scientific interest. MOL designation provides land with the same level of protection as the Green Belt.

What does MOL mean in property?

Metropolitan open land (MOL) is a form of land designation within London. Land designated as MOL is intended to be protected as an area of landscape, recreation, nature conservation or scientific interest. MOL designation provides land with the same level of protection as the Green Belt.

What does MOL mean in marketing?

Middle of life (MOL), in the context of manufacturing and product lifecycles, is the segment of a product’s existence in which it is established in the marketplace.

What is M in real estate?

Month-To-Month Tenancy.

What does MOL mean in shipping?

Lines (Japanese: 株式会社商船三井, romanized: Kabushiki-gaisha Shōsen Mitsui; abbreviated MOL) is a Japanese transport company headquartered in Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo, Japan. It is one of the largest shipping companies in the world.

How do you abbreviate mole?

The unit is abbreviated mol. The word “mole” is derived from “gram molecular weight”, the original term. Industrial chemists and chemical engineers also use a “kilogram molecular weight” as equal to 1 kmol (or kg-mol) and in the United States as a pound-mol (lb-mol) which is equal to 453.592 gram mols.

What does MOL stand for in education?

At Colorado Christian University, we want to help you discover which option is right for you – a master’s degree in organizational leadership (MOL) or a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is generally regarded as the hallmark of post-secondary education.

What does YN mean in real estate?

For Rent YN – Signifies whether the property in question is also available for lease. Foundation – Use this field to define the type of foundation used in the improved property.

What does COD mean in real estate?

Collection of Debt (COD) Income Planning.

What does SIP stand for in real estate?

State Implementation Plan (SIP) – Real Estate Prep Guide.

What does OTP stand for in real estate?

You will need to submit an Offer To Purchase to the seller. Commonly known as an OTP, this is a document that contains all the terms and conditions attached to the purchase, setting out the sale agreement between the seller and the buyer of a property.

What is Lo in real estate?

This means a home being sold by an owner without a real estate agent isn’t technically a listing. Lo dues – This means there are low homeowner association (HOA) dues for that particular neighborhood or community.

What does oth mean in real estate?

Definition. OTH. Over-The-Horizon (usually radar) OTH. On the House.

Don’t laugh~what is MOL acreage?

When it comes to real estate, the term “more or less” is employed since the fences on a partial lot may not be exactly on the line. The previous generations preferred to keep things simple and would fence their yards in the most convenient manner. They fenced one side or the other of your line, for example, since it is a wet weather stream bed. They also did not enjoy fixing fences. We advised customers to do a survey if they wanted to know the actual acreage. I’m sorry, but I have to respectfully disagree with you.

Keep in mind that the globe is a sphere, and that land measurements are made in squares and rectangular shapes.

It becomes wrinkled.

Despite the fact that most of the United States is divided into mile-square sections, very few of those sections are EXACTLY a mile square; some are larger, while others are smaller; as a result, it is quite common, and even likely, that if you have a quarter of a quarter section, a/k/a forty acres, that forty will most likely be slightly more, or slightly less, than forty acres.

It is important to note that the forties are of varying proportions, despite the fact that most people are taught that a forty is a quarter-mile (1320 feet) square.

Metropolitan open land (MOL)

We use cookies to guarantee that you have the best possible experience while visiting our website. Our Privacy Policy contains information about our cookies, as well as instructions on how to disable cookies. Please note that if you continue to use our website without disabling cookies, we will presume that you are in agreement with their usage. Close. Metropolitan openland (MOL) is a type of land classification used in the city of London. It is planned for land classified as MOL to be conserved as an area of scenic beauty, recreational opportunities, wildlife conservation, or scientific importance.

In order for land to be labeled as MOL, it must meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • In addition to being easily distinct from the built-up region, it adds to the physical structure of London. It contains open-airfacilities that serve the entire city of London or substantial portions of it for the purposes of recreation, sport, the arts, and cultural events, as well as tourism
  • It comprises characteristics of historic, recreational, nature conservation, or habitat importance in the landscape
  • It is a part of a’Green Chain’ and satisfies one of the criteria listed above
  • It is part of a’Green Chain’ and meets one of the criteria listed above

If there are any changes to a MOL border, the boroughs must go through the local development framework (LDF) procedure, which must be done in cooperation with both the Mayor of London and the neighboring municipalities. The Mayor of London’s London Plan, issued in March 2016, says that Metropolitan OpenLandis: ‘Strategic openlandwithin the urban region that contributes to the construction of London.’

  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty
  • Brownfield land
  • Contaminated land
  • Designated sites
  • Green belt
  • Land
  • Local Development Framework (LDF)
  • Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty Making the Green Belt useful for the City of London
  • Permit to build
  • Regeneration
  • Response to the Mayor’s consultation document
  • Planning permission
  • Selected industrial sites (SILs) are strategically located in a certain region. The future of the green belt
  • The Windfall site
  • And other topics.
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Acronym Definition
MOL More Or Less
MOL Mole
MOL Memorandum of Law
MOL Ministry of Labour
MOL Marine Online(US Marine Corps; website)
MOL Märkisch-Oderland(region in East Germany)
MOL Maximum Overall Length(lighting)
MOL Mac on Linux
MOL Max Overall Length
MOL Man of Leisure
MOL Mitsui OSK Lines(Japanese shipping and logistics company)
MOL Motor Over Load(electronics)
MOL Microsoft Office Live
MOL Mailing on Line
MOL Ministry of Labor
MOL Meaning of Life
MOL Margine Operativo Lordo
MOL Method of Lines
MOL Magyar Olaj és Gázipari Részvénytársaság(Hungarian: Hungarian Oil and Gas Plc)
MOL Maximum Output Level
MOL Mystery Of Life
MOL Manned Orbital Laboratory
MOL Miracle of Love
MOL Motorola Online
MOL Models of Life(Christian modeling agency)
MOL Metropolitan Open Land(UK)
MOL Memo of Lease
MOL Master of Organizational Leadership
MOL Main Oil Line
MOL Microsoft Open License
MOL Minimum Operating Level
MOL Muscle of Love(Alice Cooper album)
MOL Mongolia Online
MOL Machine Oriented Language
MOL Molde, Norway – Aro(Airport Code)
MOL Method of Layers
MOL Maximum Operating Level
MOL Minister of Lists
MOL Mobile Object Layer
MOL Maximum Order Limitations
MOL Meowing Out Loud
MOL Maintenance of the Line
MOL Maximum Ordering Limit

What Do These Abbreviations Mean in Real Estate? – Real Estate Intelligence Agency

Yes, some of them are quite bizarre! The following are the most often seen acronyms in the real estate industry. They are frequently seen in real estate commercials and on multiple listing service websites, where they are used to describe a property. They are used by agents for two very basic reasons. Traditionally, they are used in advertising to preserve space (for example, in classified ads in the newspaper) and to squeeze in more information on limited-size property advertisements.

Due to the restricted amount of characters available for description of a property in multiple listing services databases, these abbreviations are required tools for explaining the specifics of the property featured on the service’s website.

Abbreviation Definition
1C, 2C 1 or 2 Car Garage
2/1 2 Bedrooms / 1 Bathrooms
4/3 4 Bedrooms / 3 Bathrooms
3/4 BATH Toilet + Sink + Shower or Tub
4/3/2 4 Bedroom / 3 Bath / 2 Car Garage
A/G PL Above Ground Pool
AC Acre
A/C Air Conditioning
ACTV Active
ALM Aluminum Siding
APT Apartment
ASB Asbestos Siding
ASM Assumptions
ATFN Attic Fan
ATT Attached Garage
BA Bath
BALC Balcony
BB Baseboard Heat
BCH Beach
BD Bedroom
BKPORCH Back Porch
BKYD Backyard
BLDRS REDO Builder’s Renovation
BLT Built-In
BOT Boat Slip
BR Bedroom
BRK Brick
BRKF Breakfast Area
BSMT Basement
BULK Bulkhead
BUNG Bungalow
CAC Central Air Conditioning
CBL,CBLH Cable/Hookup
CCR Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions
CDRCL Cedar Closet
CEN Central Air
CER Ceramic Tile
CFAN Ceiling Fan
CHN Chain Link Fence
CLDSC Cul-De-Sac
CLAP Clapboard Siding
CLBHS Clubhouse
CLUS Cluster
CNL Canal
COL Colonial
CONT Contemporary
CPT Carpet or Carport
CRK Creek
CRWL Crawl Space
CTH Cathedral Ceiling
CVAC Central Vacuum
CVGA Converted Garage
CRPRT Carport
C-FAN Ceiling Fan
CENT H/A Central HeatAir
DECO Decorative Fence
DEDRS Deed Restrictions
DET Detached Garage
DHKPP Dryer Hookup
DK Deck
DLM Seller Disclaimer
DLO Seller Disclosure
DBL Double
D/W Dishwasher
DR Dining Room
DRY Clothes Dryer
DSP Garbage Disposal
DWF, DWAC Deep Water/Access
EA Exclusive Agency
EIK Eat in Kitchen
ELE Electric
ELV Elevator
END End Unit
E RNG Electric Range
ERS Exclusive Right to Sell
EXR Exercise Room
FARM Farmhouse
FRBO For Rent by Owner
FDR Formal Dining Room
FFBR First Floor Bedroom
FFE Furniture, Fixture, and Equipment
FHA Forced Hot Air
FHA Federal Housing Administration
FLR Floor Furnace
FIN LL Finished Lower Level
FM RM Family Room
FML Formal
FNCD YD Fenced Yard
F-BMT Finished Basement
FOYR Foyer
FP Fireplace
FPL, FPLC Fireplace
FPGAS Gas Fireplace
FR Family Room
FSBO For Sale by Owner
F/A HT, FAH Forced Air Heat
FXR Fixer Upper
GAR Garage
G/A Garage, Attached
GARB Garbage
GAROP Garage Door Opener
GLF Golf Course
GLFP Gas Log Fire Place
GMT KITCHEN Gourmet Kitchen
GRNO Ground Maintenance
G-RNG Gas Range
HB Half Bath (Toilet + Sink)
HBR Harbor
HIST Historical District
HOA Homeowner’s Association
HP Heat Pump
HPWA Water/Air Heat Pump
HDWD Hardwood
HRS Horses Allowed
HSF Heated Square Feet
HTUB Hot Tub
HUD Department of Housing and Urban Development
HW Hot Water
HWH Hot Water Heater
HVAC Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
IGSP In-Ground Sprinkler
INGRD PL Pool Inground Pool
INLW In-Law Suite
INT Intercom
JTUB Jetted Tub
LFT Loft
LRG Large
LR Living Room
LTV Loan to Value
MAR Marble
MBA Master Bedroom with Bathroom
MBRFP Master Bedroom with Fireplace
MCOA Min Cost on Assumption
MEIK Modern Eat-in Kitchen
MIC Mint Condition (Like New or New)
MK Modern Kitchen
MLS Multiple Listing Service
MO Month
MOPOA Monthly Power of Attorney Fee
MPR Minimum Property Requirements
MRSH Marsh
MSTR Master Bed Room
MSN Masonry
MTG Mortgage
MULTI 3+ Car Garage
MYOB Mind Your Own Business
MWV Microwave Oven
NAR National Association of Realtors
NAT GS HT Natural Gas Heat
NBHD Neighborhood
NGS Natural Gas
NONQ Non-Qualifying
OA Owner Agent
OBO Or Best Offer
OCN Ocean
O/F Owner Finance
OFC Office/Study
OFF Off Street Parking
OP Occupancy Permit
OVER Oversized Garage
OWN Owner Financing
P S Purchase and Sale
PAN Pantry
PAR Partially Fenced
PAT Patio
PERM Perm Attic Stairs
PGS Propane
PICK Picket Fence
PILE Pilings
PITI Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance
PL/A Above Ground Pool
PL Swimming Pool
PL/1 In-Ground Pool
PLAY Playground
PMI Private Mortgage Insurance
PMP Well Pump
POA Power of Attorney
POR, POR-S Porch/Screened
PROP HT Propane Heat
PRQ Parquet
PRTL Partial
PRV Privacy
PUSEW Pressure Unit Sewer (As Opposed to Gravity Flow)
PVCY FENCE Privacy Fence
PULL Pull-Down Attic Stair
R/OPT Rent with Option to Buy
RAD Radiant Heat
RDR Radiator
REC Recreation Room
REF Refrigerator
REL Related to Seller
RELO Relocation Office
RNCH Ranch
RTO Rent to Own
RV PRKG RV Parking
RVR River
SAT Satellite Dish
SCRND PORCH Screened Porch
SD Security Deposit
SEC Security System
SEC SYS Security System
SEW Sewer
SHNG Shingle
SHOP Workshop
SKY Skylights
SLT Slate
SN Senior
SMP Sump Pump
SPC Drive Parking Spaces
SPDED Special Warranty Deed
SPLT Split-Level
SMB Split Master Bedroom
SPKLR Sprinkler
SQ FT Square Feet
SD/W Storm DoorsWindows
SRO Single Room Occupancy
STA State
STOR Assigned Storage
STR On Street Parking
SUN Sun Room
SWR Sewer
TEN Tennis Court
TOWN Town House
TRAD Traditional
TRAN Transitional
TRC Trash Compactor
TRSH Trash Pickup
TXS Taxes
U/G SPRK Underground Sprinkler
UNO Unit Number
UTCL Utility Closet
UTLVL Utility Room Level
UTRM Utility Room
VYL Vinyl
WAR Warranty Plan
WBS Wood-Burning Stove
WBFP Wood Burning Fireplace
W/D Washer/Dryer
W/D HKUP Washer/Dryer Hookup
WD PNL Wood Paneling
WDSTV Wood-Burning Stove
WF Waterfront
WDSTV Wood Burn Stove
WHF Whole House Fan
WHKP Washer Hookup
WIN Window/Wall Unit
WINDT Window Treatment
WLKIN Walk-in Closet
WSH Washer
WTR Water
WTR PD Water Paid
W/W CRPT Wall to Wall Carpet
YD Yard

Mikko Jetsu (Japanese: ) February 18, 2013 broker, commonly asked questions,real estate,real estate agent,realtor, realtor’s association


Here are some of the most often used words while buying or selling real estate. By clicking on the initial letter of the word, you may do a search for it.

CAC (Complaints Assessment Committee)

The CACs are preliminary panels comprised of three persons, one of whom is a lawyer and two others who have experience in the real estate or consumer affairs industries. CACs are in charge of deciding on complaints against real estate brokers. The Real Estate Agents Act 2008 provides for the making of determinations and orders. CACs can also file disciplinary accusations against real estate professionals with the Real Estate Disciplinary Tribunal.

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A note on a title indicating that a third party may have a financial or legal interest in the property.

CCC (code compliance certificate)

It is a statutory declaration issued under Section 95 of the Construction Act 2004 stating that building work carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions of the building permit complies with the terms and conditions of the building consent.

Certificate of title (Title)

The Title is a legal document that identifies the property’s owners as well as certain important data about the property in question.


Chattels are personal property that may be moved or removed from a location. Among the chattels included in a real estate transaction are objects such as the stove, television aerial, carpets and blinds, curtains and drapes, as well as light fixtures and other decorative items. When selling a house, only the chattels that are stated in the sale and purchase agreement are included in the transaction.


When a property is sold, real estate agents are often compensated by the seller through a commission. The commission is the agent’s compensation for selling the property, and it is stated in the agency agreement that the seller agrees with the agent before the sale may take place. There are a variety of commission rates available, and they are negotiable.

Common property

Unit title property common areas are defined as areas of building, land, or amenities inside a unit title property that are shared by all of the owners, such as a shared driveway.

Company title

When properties are placed together, this sort of ownership becomes more prevalent. When a unit is registered in a building, the owner instantly becomes a shareholder in the corporation that administers, manages, and maintains the building in which the unit is located. The directors of that corporation are elected each year at the annual general meeting (AGM) by the shareholders who have an interest in the corporation.

Conditional offer

An offer to purchase a property subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.

Conjunctional agreement

It is possible to perform real estate agency services on behalf of a seller through a conjunctional agreement with an agent from an agency other than the listed agency. It is most prevalent when a buyer is introduced to the listing agent by an agent, and both agents earn a percentage of the commission.

Continuing professional development

All licensees are required to complete a certain amount of verifiable and non-verifiable education each year by the end of December.


Those rules, limitations, and restrictions affecting the use of the property that are specified on the title. A covenant may have an impact on future plans for the property or its selling value.

Cross lease
  • This sort of ownership is widespread in areas where there are many residences on a single parcel of property. The property is owned by all of the owners, and each individual rents their home from the owner group. Each cross-lessee will often have their own exclusive usage area, which will be specified in the lease. A cross lease is comparable to owning a freehold property, with the exception that there are some limitations.

Waterfront, Water View, Water Access & Water Privileged Homes

It astounds me how many customers and real estate brokers are unfamiliar with the several types of property classed as waterfront, water view, water access, and water privileged property types. A “top agent” recently attempted to convince me that a waterfront property I had offered for sale was not genuinely beachfront owing to access being through marshes and there being no views from the homesite. To describe in the best manner possible that the property not only has frontage along the river, but it also has riparian rights that run with the land, this property was categorized as waterfront and has the right to access water, which I did in the most pleasant way imaginable.

Waterfront. What defines waterfront property?

The term “waterfront” is sometimes confused with “riparian rights.” The statement that if you have waterfront property, you automatically have riparian rights is not correct; rather, the type of water body, your land, and the way in which your state defines those rights will decide the specific rights you may be entitled to. Although it is commonly assumed that waterfront property has a view of the water, this is not always the case. Waterfront property is defined as property that has frontage along a body of water; however, this should not be confused with riparian rights.

  • Although a property owner may have water frontage, he or she may not have riparian rights.
  • If you have water frontage, you may or may not be able to access your water supply.
  • You may not have reasonable access to the water in this case.
  • This may qualify you as having beachfront property, access to the water, and a water view, but with just a few rights.
  • To be really honest, the definition is straightforward.

Definition of waterfront

The definition of land, land with buildings, or a portion of a town that fronts or abuts on a body of water is according to Merriam Webster.

Water View. What is a water view?

In simplest terms, having a view of the water from your home is just what it sounds like. I’ve seen real estate agents go above and above with this sort of property. This is something I am also guilty of. Views, as well as how much of a sea view “counts,” are entirely subjective matters. You can see between houses, along a street, and even through trees if you look carefully. This is a difficult question to answer since views from properties can vary over time, both naturally and as a result of neighboring landowners and future construction activities.

  • Even if you own the water frontage, you may not be able to maintain your view of the water if your land does not allow you to clear the ground.
  • Landowners are also constrained to critical area requirements within 1000′ of a property’s boundaries, not to mention whether a property has limitations such as a conservation easement that runs alongside the property.
  • If you are truly worried about your point of view, you should be aware of who and what stands in your way, as well as how you might be able to safeguard your point of view.
  • The presence of riparian rights along the shoreline will undoubtedly be beneficial, although as previously stated, such rights are subject to certain limits in some regions.
  • When it comes to riparian rights, the state of Florida takes a different approach than the rest of the country.

Bowman, riparian rights protect views that are not obscured by other structures. Remember that most of Florida is subject to littoral rights, which provide you the right to access, the right to fair use, the right to accretion and reliction, as well as the right to an unobstructed view of the sea.

Water Access. What is water access?

Water access can be included as a privilege (community amenity), made available via the use of an easement or even through the ownership of a piece of land. In many cases, a property may not have direct access to the water or even a view of it, but it may have access to the water through an easement or a shared community amenity. You may possess waterfront property yet be unable to get to the water in a reasonable amount of time. Some people believe that access is limited to being able to launch a watercraft; however, this is not accurate; yet, this is a sort of access.

If you don’t have riparian rights, but have a pier and are permitted access to the water by a communal or public easement, you are considered to be in possession of access rights.

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Water Privileged. What is water privilege?

Typically, when you hear the term “water privileges,” you are talking to community facilities that provide access to water either through an easement or through the ownership of community-owned land. This might include communal boat ramps, beaches, and piers, among other things. The rights available within these facilities might be quite diverse. All of the water-related property kinds listed above can vary from one state to another and from one area to another depending on the circumstances.

If you have any questions about buying or selling a home, you should contact with an experienced real estate attorney.

This is only intended to provide a high-level summary of frequent misconceptions about various sorts of water-related property.

Patrick DeLeonibus and The Waterfront Group are experts in waterfront real estate across the entire Washington, DC metropolitan area, including Maryland and Virginia, and the surrounding areas.

Take a Memo! Why a Memorandum of Lease is Important

The month of September 2021 Christa-Gaye L. Kerr and Larry N. Woodard are co-authors of the book. Ever come across a reference to a “Memorandum of Lease,” which is often found at the end of an extensive business lease paperwork and thought to yourself, “What’s the point?” The majority of lease memoranda are not very technical and are not overly lengthy, especially when compared to the leases to which they refer. Despite the fact that it is not the most technical or thorough component of any lease, the memorandum of lease clause (“MOL”) is critical for the tenant to include and for the landlord to comprehend the repercussions of its inclusion.

  • When a memorandum of lease is recorded, it informs third parties, such as lenders, other tenants of the property, and possible buyers, that a leasehold interest in real property exists.
  • Tenant to be found Seen A memorandum of lease is fundamentally a document that is entered in the property’s chain of title in order to convey “constructive notice” of the tenant’s rights and interests in the leased property.
  • A third party’s ability to’see’ the tenant’s possession is especially crucial in cases when the tenant’s possession is difficult to determine.
  • This circumstance necessitates the recording of a MOL in order to preserve the tenant’s rights against third parties for a period of time that begins after the lease is signed but before the tenant may be seen in the premises.
  • Although the tenant is not physically present on the premises, the lease, as well as any rights, restrictions, and concessions granted to the tenant, remain in full force and effect during this period.
  • In Illinois, like in the majority of states, a MOL is not required to be recorded in order for the lease to be enforceable; nevertheless, there are additional reasons for the MOL to be recorded in addition to the tenant announcing its lease of the real estate property.
  • It is recommended that a recorded memorandum of the lease explaining the tenant’s rights, which is enforceable against other parties (and not only the landlord), be documented in order to effectively protect the tenant with respect to such rights.

Furthermore, for retail tenants who were granted exclusive rights under their leases to sell certain items exclusively, such as coffee or sporting goods, an additional means of enforcing the exclusive rights covenant is to argue that the covenant is not only a contract right under the lease, but is also a covenant that runs with the land.

  1. Include such rights in the Master Operating Lease (MOL), which is the most simple method for a retail tenant to guarantee that its exclusive use rights under its lease are a covenant that runs with the land.
  2. It is critical for the landlord to safeguard his or her own rights and interests in the real property when negotiating and writing a MOL since a documented MOL will obfuscate the landlord’s title.
  3. A unilateral termination power in the memorandum of lease gives the landlord the ability to cancel the MOL after the lease period has expired without the tenant’s signature.
  4. Concerning the title Lastly, when it comes to title firms, most title companies in Illinois demand that a MOL be recorded in order to provide a leasehold title insurance policy to a tenant who requests one.
  5. Finally, title firms will be unwilling to insure a tenant’s leasehold mortgage, which uses the leasehold interest as security, if a MOL has not been registered first in the leasehold title.
  6. It is unlikely that a MOL will be required for a five-year, 5,000 square foot office lease, and a landlord may look askance at a tenant who insists on having one.
  7. Because the document is public by its very nature, both the landlord and the tenant should agree on its contents over the course of the lease discussion, even if the document or MOL clause is pushed to the end of the lease.

Jesus L. Kerr is a real estate associate in the Chicago office of Honigman LLP, and Larry N. Woodard is a real estate partner in the Chicago office of Honigman LLP and Co-Leader of the Construction Planning Practice Group.

Oklahoma Land for Sale – 11,569 Listings

In the South Central United States, Oklahoma has boundaries with Colorado and Kansas to the north, Missouri and Arkansas to the east, Texas to the south, and New Mexico to the west. Its capital is Oklahoma City. It is the 20th biggest state in terms of land area and the 28th most populous state in terms of population. Its name is derived from phrases in the Choctaw language that mean “red people” or “red peoples.” It was given the moniker “The Sooner State” in honor of the non-native immigrants who arrived before the state’s official opening date and staked their claims on the nicest pieces of land.

Tulsa is the state capital, while Norman is the state’s largest city.

Located in the Texas Panhandle, Cimarron County borders four other states: New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Kansas.

Oil, natural gas, and agricultural goods are all abundant in Oklahoma, which is a significant producer of all three.

It is the country’s fifth-largest crude oil producer and has the second-highest number of oil rigs per capita in the country.

Animal goods such as poultry and pigs are also important agricultural products.

As one of Oklahoma’s most important businesses, the aerospace industry is also one of the state’s most important, with Tulsa being home to the world’s biggest airline maintenance facility.

It is the largest maker of tires in North America, employing over 20,000 people.

It is home to four Fortune 500 firms, including one of the largest truck stop and convenience store chains in the country, which has its headquarters in the state.

Oklahoma includes more than 50 schools and universities, including public, private, and independent institutions, as well as four tribal campuses.

The University of Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa, and the two state institutions are all recognized as having some of the top undergraduate business schools in the country.

Oklahoma is one of four states that include more than ten unique biological areas, with 11 of them located inside its boundaries, which is more than any other state per square mile.

It is possible to see some of the Flint Hills in the state’s north central region.

The southwestern area consists primarily of lowlands, with minor island mountain ranges interspersed throughout.

The Ozark and Ouachita Mountains run west to east through the eastern part of the state, dividing it in half.

Oklahoma is home to more than 70 state and national parks, wildlife refuges, and other protected places.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area, with its 9,899 acres, is the biggest of the nationally protected places in the United States.

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