What Is Rpr In Real Estate?

What is the realtors property resource (RPR)?

  • The Realtors Property Resource (RPR) is a digital platform and database managed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), as a benefit for its members, Along with millions of property listings, it includes information on zoning, permits, mortgages, liens, neighborhoods and schools, and foreclosures.

What does RPR mean in real estate terms?

Agents – Realtors Property Resource (RPR)

Is RPR better than MLS?

A differentiator. RPR is also faster, it has more data than any other app that works with our MLS, and it even has a location override.

What is RPR value?

RPR’s Refine Value tool allows REALTORS® to determine the value of a home based on property characteristics, home improvements made and market conditions. This tool can also help clients determine whether purchasing a home and then remodeling is worth the investment.

How do I access RPR?

Getting started with RPR is easy!

  1. 1 Create Your Account. Two minutes is all it takes! REALTORS®, simply visit narrpr.com and click on Create a New Account.
  2. 2 Download the app. For REALTORS® on the go! Tap into the nation’s largest, Realtor-only database of residential and commercial properties …

What is property resource?

Common property resources (environmental) are natural resources owned and managed collectively by a community or society rather than by individuals.

How do you do a CMA RPR?

The CMA Result is calculated by multiplying the price per square foot of your lowest and highest comps to the living area of your subject property creating the range. The CMA Result is the average. Lowest price per square foot comp x number of square feet of subject property = low end of range.

How do I use RPR app?

RPR app walkthrough Just tap Call Agent to start your call. Scroll down to see the location/details of the property. For directions from your current location tap Directions to access your device’s mapping function. Select Traffic to view traffic counts in the area.

Realtor Property Resource

A digital platform and database operated by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) as a benefit for its members, the Realtors Property Resource (RPR) provides a source of information for real estate professionals. Additionally, it contains information on zoning and permits, mortgages, liens, communities and schools as well as foreclosures, in addition to millions of property listings.

Key Takeaways

  • A digital platform and database managed by the National Association of Realtors
  • The RPR is only available to association members—commercial and residential real estate brokers, agents, and other real estate industry professionals
  • The RPR includes a listing of more than 147 million residential and commercial properties in the United States
  • The RPR also provides up-to-date data and information on specific properties, neighborhoods, schools, and mortuaries
  • The RPR also includes a listing of more than 147 million residential and commercial properties in the United Kingdom

How the Realtor Property Resource Works

The National Group of Realtors (NAR) is a trade association based in the United States that was established to promote the commercial and residential real estate professions as well as to cultivate professional behavior and standards within the industry. Realtors are those who work in the real estate sector and include agents, appraisers, brokers, counselors, property managers, salesmen, attorneys, and others who are involved in the field. The Realtors Property Resource database was created by the National Association of Realtors to assist real estate professionals in better meeting the needs of their customers.

RPR comprises a nationwide database with information on more than 147 million residential and commercial properties throughout the United States.

RPR is accessible through desktop, iOS, and Android devices.

An RPR report, which has been prepared, branded, and distributed by a realtor, is the only way for a non-realtor to have access to this information.

Special Considerations

The Realtor Property Resource is one of the member perks provided by the National Association of Realtors. Some of the other benefits include personal insurance options, electronic and mobile technology, travel discounts, financial services and risk management programs, office supplies and services, marketing resources, digital and printed books, journals and reports, consumer outreach, and educational tools, among others. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) comprises 50 state associations and a number of associate groups.

This is in addition to the many other services the NAR provides to its members.

National Association of Realtors (NAR) has over one million members and works to foster professional development, research, and information exchange among its members as well as between its members and the public and government.

The organization’s mission is to protect free enterprise and the right to own real estate.

What Is the Realtor Property Resource (RPR) in Real Estate?

Real estate has traditionally been the preferred investment for people seeking to accumulate long-term wealth for their families and future generations. By subscribing to our complete real estate investment guide, you will receive assistance in navigating this asset class. Most real estate agents who are also members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) are familiar with the realtor property resource, which is a resource for real estate agents who are also members of the NAR (RPR). However, there’s a strong probability that you’re not taking advantage of this tool to its maximum potential.

Continue reading to discover more about what this platform is, what features it has to offer that are unique, and how learning to utilize it may help your real estate company.

What is the Realtor Property Resource in real estate?

The Realtor Property Resource (RPR) is a national database of property data and demographic information that is made accessible to members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) as a member benefit. Fundamentally, the RPR platform collaborates with NAR’s constituents across the country, including multiple listing services (MLS) systems and commercial information exchanges (CIE), to deliver comprehensive data and advanced analytics for more than 160 million properties across the country.

  • Information about schools
  • Census statistics
  • Demographics
  • Tax information
  • Foreclosure and distressed property information
  • Mortgage information
  • Mapping and flood zone information
  • Historical information

Although the RPR website provides access to a variety of data sets, it also includes strong reporting features that are useful to real estate professionals in addition to offering access to numerous data types. With this database, realtors can easily generate a branded, client-friendly report that includes important value and evaluation information.

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How does the RPR database work?

As previously stated, the RPR platform functions by gathering property data and analytics from a number of sources and storing them in a centralized location. In contrast, both the RPR website and app have features that appeal to different parts of the real estate market, which are discussed in the following section.


Real estate professionals can easily search for and analyze on- and off-market properties using RPR Residential, a dashboard designed specifically for them. They can also gather data on valuation, tax, and mortgage information, as well as demographic information and market trends, using RPR Residential.


In addition to the capabilities stated above, RPR provides a number of unique features that may be of interest to brokers and property owners. The ability to put your company’s distinctive branding as well as information about linked service providers onto any reports issued by your agents is particularly useful if you’re a broker.

This software also provides you with the option to generate market activity reports for the agents or properties under your brokerage’s control, in addition to the ability to embed a customisable AVM tool on your company’s website.


Commercially, RPR allows you to have access to customer information about specific company locations. It also enables you to produce client-friendly reports that demonstrate how the specific demographic information of a certain location influences business potential in that area.


In order to assist appraisers in their search for comparables and completion of valuation analyses for properties, RPR’s sales comparison analysis tool makes use of recent sales information in the region as well as current market data. The option to download a branded valuation worksheet is also available to registered customers. This workbook gathers the information and trends that were utilized to accomplish the study.

What are the benefits of using the Realtor Property Resource as a NAR member?

In reality, there are several advantages to use RPR as a NAR number. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of them for your consideration below. You should carefully review them to determine whether or not the Realtor Property Resource will be beneficial to you when you deal with clients.

It centralizes relevant property data into one place

While you may be able to discover the information presented on the Realtor Property Resource in other places, RPR saves you time and efforts by compiling all of that information into a single, easily accessible location. As an alternative to looking through your local MLS, public records, and a variety of other websites that contain information on area demographics, you can get everything you need on a single website or through the RPR mobile app.

It’s included in your NAR membership

One of the most significant advantages of RPR is that it is basically costless for Realtors. As a member benefit, the charge to utilize this tool is included in your yearly NAR dues, which you may pay online. All of RPR’s data sets and dynamic reports will remain accessible as long as your membership is valid. All you need is your NRDS number in order to have access to this information. In addition, this platform is exclusively available to NAR members and their guests. Due to the fact that it does not have a public access component, you will have access to information that will distinguish you from other real estate agents.

It creates done-for-you, branded marketing materials

Speaking of dynamic reports, another advantage of utilizing this platform is the ability to generate RPR reports. Consider how much more productive your next listing session will be if you arrive prepared with all of the necessary property information for the seller. This is made possible by the property report function of RPR. Additionally, the application allows you to brand any reports with your company’s logo, increasing the likelihood that the seller will remember your name and contact information in the future.

Should you use the RPR in real estate?

Aside from the ability to generate dynamic reports, another advantage of using this platform is the RPR report functionality. Consider how much more productive your next listing session will be if you arrive prepared with all of the pertinent property information for the seller.

This is made possible by the property report function in RPR. Additionally, the application allows you to brand any reports with your company’s logo, increasing the likelihood that the seller will remember your name and contact information while reviewing them.

Real Property Reports

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Surprise: RPR is way better than you think

  • RPR is a tool that no Realtor should be without
  • It delivers information that keeps you appearing like the real estate expert – all from the convenience of your phone
  • It is a tool that every Realtor should have.

Despite the fact that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) has already invested millions of dollars on it, some real estate brokers are refusing to even give it a go. They’re losing out on something. Those who are members of the National Association of Realtors have access to the RPR database (Realtors Property Resource). It is available to all members and there is no additional charge for doing so. RPR delivered over the internet and mobile applications taps into a wealth of information.

No other real estate applications that give as much information as RPR have come to my attention thus far.

On-the-go memory

When I was traveling through my neighborhood a few of days ago, I observed a house that had been boarded up and decided to investigate. I used the RPR mobile app on my phone and was able to see right away that the property had been taken over by a bank. I know who the owner was, and I know how much money was owing on the vehicle. I snapped a photo of the house and jotted down some notes so that I’d have the information on hand in case anyone inquired about it. The information I enter into the mobile app may be viewed quickly and simply from my workplace PC.

  1. RPR may be used in a variety of ways, and there are many agents who are unfamiliar with RPR or who are unsure of how to apply it.
  2. When I am on a house tour with a client, I frequently look up the properties we are visiting in RPR as we go along.
  3. Who is the legal owner of the property?
  4. What was the total cost of the purchase?
  5. I’ll be able to take notes about the houses we saw using the app.
  6. RPR may be used to generate a variety of reports that provide important facts for customers who are looking to sell their house.
  7. I frequently customize it by selecting my own compositions.

Indispensable reports

There are a few reports that I particularly enjoy using. Detailed property reports for homebuyers that include information on the property and its surrounding community. Neighborhood reports are also available, which include information on demographics, property prices, and other topics. As a result, I’ve visited with homes in communities where I haven’t worked in months and have been able to quickly catch up by using my RPR app just before entering the home to speak with the owners. The market reports that can be prepared promptly and shared with clients are another something that I utilize.

The data from this year is compared to the data from the previous year.

The reports are well-organized and simple to read and skim.

They may be utilized in almost every circumstance when someone has a question regarding real estate, and they are quite versatile.

However, while there are other applications that function with our MLS, they are not as user-friendly when it comes to fundamental services such as searching for houses for sale that are not in your immediate area. They also don’t have as much access to data.

A differentiator

The RPR app is also more responsive, contains more data than any other software that integrates with our MLS, and even has a location override. It is important to note that there are more applications for RPR that are not taught or stated in the glossy brochures. I’ve been able to find out the home addresses of folks who live in distant states with relative ease. Occasionally, I have customers who are relocating to the area from another state. I may obtain a great deal of information on the house they intend to sell, as well as a report on the current state of the local real estate market.

  • Moreover, RPR offers training and even sends individuals to conferences and bar camps.
  • There is phone and live chat help available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The best part is that when I’ve called for tech support, they’ve really answered the phone and resolved the issue – even on weekends!
  • Although the National Aeronautics and Space Administration will not recover the millions of dollars spent on its construction or the millions required to maintain it, why not utilize it, or at the very least give it a try?
  • Paul, Minnesota.
  • Teresa Boardman may be reached through email.

Realtor Property Resource (RPR)

  • Self-Generating Reports
  • No cost
  • A large number of reports and data


VISIT THE WEB PAGE Other Real Estate CMA Software may be found here.


Property reports and comparative market analysis (CMA) tools are provided for free by Realtor Property Resource (RPR), which is a division of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Realtors will have “the analytical capability to assist their customers in making better-informed selections,” according to the RPR. Along with extensive property data and CMA tools, RPR contains the Realtor Valuation Model (RVM), an AVM developed by the National Association of Realtors (NAR). RPR was established in 2009 as a member benefit and has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

Best Features

RPR offers a variety of reports, including a property report, a seller’s report, a property flyer, a valuation workbook, a market activity report, a school report, a neighborhood report, and others. Due to its ability to integrate with several third-party data sources, RPR is ideal if you want to seem as a professional with heatmaps, public property information, and school evaluations aplenty.

Even the CMA itself is meant to be constructed in a short period of time, and the majority of it is created automatically with no input from you other than the selection of comparables and the weighting of those comps.


RPR is a free service available to all Realtors. That’s a significant selling factor in and of itself.

Biggest Pitfalls

RPR is a free service available to all real estate professionals. In terms of selling points, that is a significant one.

“So-So” UI

During the course of writing this evaluation, I realized that my perception of RPR’s user interface has improved from what I remembered from my previous encounter. As a result of the cluttered user interface, it is not always clear what the next step is or how to obtain what you want out of it, which may be frustrating. And while it isn’t strictly connected to the user interface, the final report designs aren’t as “fun” and colorful as you might anticipate from some of RPR’s rivals’ offerings.


RPR Pricing*

RPR is a member benefit that is funded by NAR dues and is available to all Realtor members at no additional cost. As seen in the photographs, the service is offered by your local association-owned multiple listing service (MLS), with the CTXMLS serving as the RPR provider in my case. It is unclear what the future of RPR will look like, given the revelation in 2018 that NAR will be decreasing RPR’s budget and adjusting objectives. This is the most up-to-date information available to me at the time of this writing.

My Recommendation

I’ve heard so many positive things about RPR from other agents and brokers, and I’ve attended the training sessions at the conventions, but each of my attempts to use the tools in my own business has fallen by the wayside. I’m not sure why. To be very honest, it just does not do the functions that I expect a CMA tool to perform. I’d want to make adjustments for swimming pools, environmental factors, and the condition or improvements of a property. The fact that I am unable to do so in RPR annoys me.

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My clients would then be able to understand what I was saying (RPR competitors like CloudCMA are not available for my MLS).

There are certain useful tools available, and it will take only a minimal amount of effort to present a professional CMA.

Use RPR if…

  • I’ve heard so many positive things about RPR from other agents and brokers, and I’ve attended the training sessions at the conferences, but I’ve failed miserably at every attempt to use the tools in my own practice. I’ll be very honest: it just does not do the functions that I want from a CMA tool. A home’s condition or improvements should be taken into consideration, as well as swimming pools and other exterior influences. The fact that I am unable to do so in RPR is frustrating to me. Overall, I preferred to create the majority of my CMAs in CoreLogic’s Matrix and then wrap the information with my own PDFs. I could then go through each with my clients and explain it to them (RPR competitors like CloudCMA are not available for my MLS). In spite of my negative experience, I encourage you to give RPR a try, especially if you are a rookie agent or working with limited resources. A professional CMA may be shown with the use of useful tools, which will need only the bare minimum of work. Because it is free, if you come to appreciate or even love it, that is even better!


Skip RPR if…

  • A more contemporary, interactive CMA with a nicer user interface (considerdashCMA) is something you’re ready to invest a little money on
  • Ideally, you’d like a clean, well-integrated product suite that is more highly adaptable and has a variety of bells and whistles (like Cloud CMA)
  • It is your preference to have the conventional components of RPR, but you want greater control and analysis while keeping the price low (considerToolkitCMA)

RPR Videos

RPR Mobile – RPRC21 Commercial Video Series – On the go with RPR Mobile Neighborhood Reports in the Relocation Packet Packet for Relocation: A Map of the Neighborhood Creating a Customized Relocation Package Fact-finding in the Relocation Packet Creating Information-Dense Reports Video Series for the RPRC21 Commercials How to Perform a Multi-Family Back of the Envelope Analysis in Valuate Tutorial Learn how to compare several analyses with the help of the Valuate tutorial.

Create a New Scenario From an Existing File Using the Valuate Tutorial.

Valuate Tutorial: Cash Flow Loading in Detail Using a New File Flow Model Valuate Tutorial: Cash Flows Loading Demo, Detail Loading Demo RPR Fundamentals In addition: Valuate® Investment Analysis Software How to Master Commercial Search: Tips & Tricks from the RPRC21 Commercial Video Series Buyer and Client Prospecting – Commercial Video Series from RPRC21 on Vimeo.

VISIT THE WEB PAGE Other Real Estate CMA Software may be found here.

Realtors Property Resource — NorthstarMLS

What exactly is RPR? The National Association of REALTORS® has launched a new program called the Realtors Property Resource (NAR). The ultimate objective is to create a national database of comprehensive, property-centric information that will cover every piece of land in the country. This database is intended to serve as a resource for NAR members only, and it is not available to the public (no public or consumer access). In any sort of real estate transaction, it is a single source of data access that will add value to the information accessible for members to utilize with their clients and customers, keeping the agent central to the transaction and of the most value to the consumer.

  • Upon completion of this one-time configuration, you will be able to access RPR through a link in the NorthstarMLS Matrix (External Links area on the Home Page), rather than needing to log into RPR individually.
  • Registration for a one-hour Webinar, offered on a regular basis, is the quickest and most convenient method to get started with RPR.
  • RPR Mobile is a mobile RPR system.
  • If you don’t already have it, download the RPR app to your mobile device so you can access it when you’re on the move!
  • Various Other Resources For your convenience, RPR provides a comprehensive training library of instructional films and learning tools to assist you in learning about and making the most of the system.
  • Obtaining Assistance You can submit a request by filling out the RPR Assistance Form.

RPR: Your Tool for Maximizing Your Commercial Real Estate Business

RPR assists commercial real estate professionals in generating data and reports that are compelling and decision-making in nature for a wide range of clients. RPR Commercial guarantees that you make data-driven decisions across the whole spectrum of commercial property types, from identifying the perfect property to researching a surrounding community’s suitability for a business. As is usually the case, RPR is a benefit of your REALTOR® and IREM membership, and as a NAR member, there is no additional charge.

Attendees will learn how to do the following throughout this course:

  • Access listings from our national partners as well as your local CIE, CMLS, or MLS by utilizing RPR’s countrywide search capabilities. With access to more than 55 million public data, you may look for off-market properties all throughout the country. Site selection may be used to determine where to seek for properties based on the characteristics of the people or the economic/demographic factors required to assist a business in achieving success. With Valuate, you may create an investment analysis. Create bespoke trade area reports using Esri’s mapping technology.

Cancellation procedures for courses

National Property Database

When it comes to purchasing or selling a house, Realtors® are well aware that each client has unique requirements and preferences. Some consumers are interested in the whole history of a house, while others are only interested in the fundamentals of a neighborhood. RPR enables Realtors® to customize each report in accordance with the expectations of their clients.

Learn how to tailor reports to meet the specific requirements of each customer by joining us. Also demonstrated will be the process of branding reports with your portrait, contact information, and broker logo.

RPR’s Top 10 Features for Building Your Business

RPR provides tools and information to assist you in growing your business and improving your understanding of the industry. You will learn how to do the following throughout this session:

  • RPR can help you improve your prospecting and farming tactics. Accurately do comparative market studies, identify distressed homes, and provide neighborhood reports Home upgrades are worth their weight in gold. An overview of RPR MobileTM
  • And other information.

This lesson will present you with an overview of the most popular aspects of RPR that may be used to fulfill your company’s requirements.

RPR® Mobile App

Please join us for a detailed examination of all the strong features of the RPR® Mobile App, which is available solely to Realtors® through the App Store or Google Play. The RPR® Mobile App has been designed to work well on smartphones and tablets. RPR® Mobile allows you to access RPRhuge ®’s reservoir of property information and tools from any iPhone or Android phone, at any time and from any location. Use your phone’s location to quickly view any property in your immediate vicinity, or search for properties to uncover listing, sales, value, assessment, deed, foreclosure, school, photographs, maps, and markettrend information on any property in your immediate vicinity.

Keep an eye out for other class dates.

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