How To Get Real Estate License Indiana? (Perfect answer)

What are the steps to getting a real estate license?

  • The first step in getting a real real estate license is to take a 30 hour class in preperation for the real estate exam and then take the exam. After the exam there are two more courses each is 30 hours long.


How do I get my realtors license in Indiana?

Hold a high school diploma or its equivalent.

  1. Complete 90 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education.
  2. Pass the course final exam.
  3. Pass the Indiana Real Estate Examination.
  4. Select a sponsoring broker.
  5. Complete your real estate broker license application.

How much does a realtor make in Indiana?

The average salary for a real estate agent in Indiana is around $48,562 per year.

How long is the real estate course in Indiana?

90-Hour Online Interactive Course Indiana requires one course to get your real estate license: a 90-Hour Real Estate Broker Pre-Licensing Course.

Is the Indiana real estate exam hard?

The real estate exam is a knowledge test. It does not test applicants on information that they will intuitively know. In other words, you must study to pass this exam. With proper preparation, the real estate exam is not that hard.

Is it worth it to become a real estate agent?

Choosing to become an estate agent is no longer a stop-gap or part-time job, but a real career choice with excellent prospects. It is an option definitely worth considering for graduates and school leavers, especially those with ambition, drive and initiative and who enjoy dealing with people.

What are top paying jobs?

Here is a look at the top 100 highest-paying jobs:

  1. Cardiologist. National average salary: $351,827 per year.
  2. Anesthesiologist. National average salary: $326,296 per year.
  3. Orthodontist. National average salary: $264,850 per year.
  4. Psychiatrist. National average salary: $224,577 per year.
  5. Surgeon.
  6. Periodontist.
  7. Physician.
  8. Dentist.

What is the difference between a real estate agent and broker?

Real estate agents have a professional license to help people buy, sell, and rent real estate. Brokers are real estate agents who have completed additional training and licensing requirements. They can work independently and hire other real estate agents to work for them.

What is a broker vs agent?

What’s the difference between a real estate broker and an agent? In real estate, an agent is an individual who is licensed to sell property in their state. A broker is someone who is licensed to own their own real estate firm.

How many times can you take the Indiana real estate exam?

You are allowed three attempts to pass both the national and state law portions of the exam. If you do not both portions after three attempts, you must take 30 or 60 hours of additional education in order to retake the licensing exam.

How much does it cost to become a real estate agent?

As a real estate agent, you’ll be required to be licensed by the state in which you plan to practice, and you can expect to shell out around $2,000 over the course of becoming licensed.

How much does a real estate agent make?

How Much Do Real Estate Agents Make? The median annual pay for real estate agents was $48,930 in 2019, according to the most recent data available from the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How many math questions are on the real estate exam?

The number of questions in the math section varies by state. You can generally expect to see between 5 to 20 math questions on the state real estate exam. You might think math isn’t that important in real estate. After all, you’re concerned with buying and selling property.

How To Get A Real Estate License in Indiana In 5 Easy Steps

Obtaining your Indiana Real Estate Broker License may appear to be a difficult task, but we’re here to help you through the process step by step. You may continue reading to find more about the five steps you’ll need to do before beginning your real estate profession in Indiana. To find out how much it will cost you to obtain your real estate license in Indiana, please see our Indiana Pre-Licensing Pricing page. Purchase your Indiana Pre-Licensing Certificate »


To begin, you must do the following:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a high school certificate or an equivalent qualification

Complete 90 hours of approved Pre-Licensing education.

  • Complete a 90-hour Pre-Licensing salesperson course that has been approved by the state. Find out more about the many package options available to you here.

Pass the course final exam.

  • After you have completed all of the course materials, met the minimum time requirement, and passed the practice exam, you will be required to take the final course exam. The minimum passing score is 75%
  • The maximum passing score is 100%.

Pass the Indiana Real Estate Examination.

  • You will then sit for the Indiana Real Estate Licensing Exam, which will be conducted by PSI. A total of 125 questions are included in this test, which is divided into two sections that address both state and national standards. More information may be found in the PSI candidate guide. According to the Indiana Real Estate Commission, taking the licensure exam electronically rather than at a physical testing center site is now an option for those who qualify. There will still be on-site testing accessible for students who choose to take the exam in person rather than online, according to the Professional Standards Institute (PSI). In this video, you will learn about PSI remote proctored testing. The Remote Proctoring Option for IN Licensing Candidates will be available starting on December 2, 2020, according to PSI. Here is where a student can reschedule their exam. Please call PSI at (855) 746-8172 if you have any questions or concerns about your schedule. When it comes to preparing for your Indiana real estate test, The CE Shop also offers thorough Exam Prep that is specialized to the state of Indiana.

Select a sponsoring broker.

If you want to be licensed in Indiana, you must be affiliated with a current and active sponsoring broker. Since you begin your new real estate profession, it is critical that you choose the correct broker with whom to collaborate, as this individual will act as your mentor. Here are some questions to think about as you begin your search:

  • What is their standing in the community, both locally and nationally
  • It is unclear what type of real estate agents the company is seeking. Are they technologically sophisticated and up to date with the most recent systems available? The manner in which they assist their agents with education and training. Does the brokerage give their agents with leads and marketing materials? Is there space for advancement within the organization? Are there any advantages available?

Complete your real estate broker license application.

  1. To submit an application for your Indiana Real Estate Broker License with the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, please visit their website by clicking here.


Get Your License Online

The online platform, self-paced courses, and high levels of student satisfaction are just a few of the factors that distinguish The CE Shop as the finest in real estate education. Take the first step toward a successful real estate career right now! GET YOUR LICENSE »

License Application

What qualifications do I need to satisfy in order to apply for a real estate license? At least 18 years of age, a high school graduation or GED, completion of an approved 90-hour real estate prelicensing course, and passing the licensing examination are all prerequisites for becoming a real estate agent. Is a high school diploma required in order to obtain a real estate license? Effective July 1, 2014, all candidates for a new real estate license must have a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification in order to be considered.


Do I have to pass the exam within a certain amount of time after completing the pre-licensing course? Within one year of the date on your course completion certificate, you must pass the examination. What is the procedure for registering for the exam? Registration for the examination may be completed through PSI, our examination provider. You may sign up for the exam at How long do I have to wait after passing the examination before I can apply for my license? After completing both sections of the test, your application for licensure must be presented in our office within one year of the date on which you passed the examination.

Managing Broker

Is it necessary for me to be a managing broker in order to manage a company? You must meet the requirements for managing broker eligibility in order to serve as the responsible broker (manager) of a corporation. When is it necessary for a broker to have managing broker eligibility included on their license? If a broker does not wish to be linked with a business (sole proprietorship) or does not wish to be the designated manager of a firm, they must be in possession of the managing broker qualification.

The status of your license will be changed to “Unassigned” if you do not have an affiliate broker with whom to affiliate.

Who are the states with whom Indiana has reciprocity? You can get the most up-to-date list of states by contacting the Committee. Now is the time to apply for your Indiana Real Estate Broker license.

Steps to Earning an Indiana Real Estate License

Already have a license in the state of Illinois? Begin here or call the Indiana Real Estate Commission at 1-317-234-3009 for further information. Otherwise, please continue reading.

Step1Complete and pass astate-approved 90-hour Broker pre-licensing course

Do you want us to recommend something? The Real Estate Certification Program, or RECP, is owned by the International Association of Realtors and is a state-approved real estate education provider. The Broker pre-licensing course is available both live (in several locations around the state) and online/OnDemand through RECP. Take it on the instructor’s timetable or on your own schedule; the option is yours!

Step2Pass the Indiana licensing exam

Register for the Exam by clicking here.

Step3Affiliate with a Managing Broker

Do you want us to recommend something? Select a Managing Broker who is also a REALTOR® as part of your team. This implies that your Managing Broker has chosen to join forces with other real estate professionals in adhering to a stringent, live Code of Ethics and lobbying for your newly formed industry. In other words, find someone who has gone the additional mile to earn your trust.

Step4Apply for a Broker license

Your application should be downloaded and submitted.

Step5Complete a state-approved 30-hour Broker post-licensing course within 2 years of your license issue date;this course is required and satisfies your initial continuing education (CE) requirement during the first 2 years of licensure

Do you want us to recommend something? The Broker post-licensing course is available online and on demand through RECP. We understand how busy you will be when you start your business, which is why we have designed this course in a structure that allows you to fit it in whenever it is most convenient for you!

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Step6Begin a 3-year license renewal period and complete 12 hours of CE each year

You are not required to submit your CE certificates of completion to the Indiana Real Estate Commission on an annual basis. Here’s a helpful hint: Simply have such credentials on hand in case of an audit.

Step7At this point, Brokers may complete a state-approved 24-hour Managing Broker course to hold their own license

Do you want us to recommend something? The Managing Broker training is available both live and online/on demand through RECP.

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

Steps to become a Real Estate Agent1) The very first step is to enroll in the 90-hour Broker course that is required for each license. (You must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or an equivalent qualification.) The presence of this information on your state application will be requested, but you will not be compelled to provide it. You should contact the Indiana Real Estate Commission to ensure that your license will be processed if you are a legal immigrant but do not have a permanent residency card (green card).

2) Pass three 100 multiple choice question tests with 225 points or a 75%.

3) Pass a State Examination administered by the state testing institution PSI with a score of 75 percent. Click here to get a candidate booklet with information on taking the state examination. The cost of the state exam is now $53.00. To process your license with a corporation, you will pay $60.00 to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, which will take care of all of the necessary paper work and activate your license. You will have one year to complete this task, after which the commission will suspend your license until you have decided where you want to put it.

  • If possible, find organizations that will put you through some form of training and place you in an office where you will have supervisors who will be able to teach you the ropes.
  • The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors is the organization in charge in Indianapolis (MIBOR).
  • The annual dues are $744.00, and the technology costs are $456.00 (which is divided into two payments of $245.50).
  • If you are interviewing with many firms, you should inquire about commission splits and any other costs that may apply.
  • This will assist you in determining whether or not you have selected the appropriate firm.
  • 1)Effective time management– Real estate is a business in which the benefits are directly proportional to the amount of work put forward.
  • 2)Communication Skills– An important component of a sales associate’s success is the ability to identify, comprehend, and satisfy the demands of a client.

2)A sense of accomplishment– Great sales associates are confident in their ability to assist individuals in achieving their real estate objectives.

5)Physical Stamina– Listing and selling real estate takes long hours and a willingness to work irregular hours.

In order for a new associate to focus on real estate rather than commission during the first few months of their profession, they must have saved enough money to live comfortably during those first few months.

A sales associate is self-sufficient, but he or she is also a vital member of the company’s team.

10)Service-Oriented– Great real estate associates understand that providing excellent service to their clients is the key to their success.

Real estate is a market where you get paid what you are worth.” Doug Dickmann, Director of the Tucker School of Real Estate (Indiana law provides that all residents of the state (and some non-residents) have the opportunity to earn an Indiana Real Estate license if they have a high school diploma or a General Education Diploma, and if they have successfully completed other educational and testing requirements.

) There is an exception to this rule when it comes to persons who have been convicted of crimes that may have an impact on that individual’s capacity to be fair, safe, and honest with members of the general public in the future.

Past to enrolling in any pre-licensing classes, the Tucker Schoolof Real Estate strongly advises applicants who have a prior felony conviction, and especially those who are presently on probation for that violation, to get legal advice from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency.)

Indiana Real Estate License Requirements

Indiana has a diverse landscape that includes rivers, plains, woods, lakes, and farming. Additionally, you may enjoy all four seasons throughout the year — bask in the sun in the summer, and construct a snowman in the winter. It’s easy to see why so many individuals are happy to name Indiana their home when you consider the state’s variety. And, once you have your Indiana real estate license, you will be able to assist your customers in making it their home as well. While the qualifications for obtaining a real estate license differ from state to state, the fundamental process is the same.

How to Become A Real Estate Agent in Indiana

Step One: Successfully complete a 90-hour pre-licensing Broker training course. Obtaining a passing score on the Indiana State Licensing Exam is the second step. Send your completed application to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency in the third step. PDH Real Estate’s 90-hour Indiana real estate licensing course helps you create a firm foundation for your real estate profession. With our pass guarantee, become a real estate agent in Indiana today!

Basic Indiana Real Estate License Requirements

The following conditions must be accomplished in order to become a licensed real estate agent in Indiana:

  • It is necessary to be at least 18 years old. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or GED.

How Do I Apply for My Indiana Real Estate License?

It is necessary for you to first finish the 90-hour Indiana pre-licensing course. Upon successful completion of the course, you will have one year to sit for the Indiana real estate examination. Following your passing the exam, you will have one year to submit an application for a real estate license in Indiana. Here is the application for the position of Indiana Real Estate Broker. A $60 application fee is required. A $60 charge, a broker application, a certificate of completion of the 90-hour pre-license course, and a score sheet from PSI are required.

What Can I Expect During the Indiana Licensing Exam?

As confirmation of completion of the 90-hour pre-licensing course, you will be asked to present your certificate to the exam. The national component of the Indiana Real Estate test is broken into two sections: general knowledge and state-specific knowledge. The national component consists of 75 questions, and you must answer them correctly in order to pass. You will have 150 minutes to complete the national section of the test. The state component consists of 50 questions, and you must have a score of at least 75% to pass.

After passing the exam, you will receive a score report, which will include instructions for completing your broker registration application.

How Do I Schedule My Real Estate Exam?

You can register for the Indiana real estate license exam through the state testing institution, PSI, and then take the exam. The price for the Indiana test is $53.

Are You Approved by Indiana to Offer Pre-Licensing Education?

The Indiana Real Estate Commission has recognized PDH Academy to conduct the 90-hour Pre-License Broker Course, which is available through the school.

You may read our approval letter here. You may also see a list of approved providers for the 90-hour Pre-Licensing Course in Indiana by clicking here. For additional information, please see our blog post “How to Get Your Real Estate License in Indiana.”

Indiana State Requirements: Broker

Pre-licensing hours required by the state of Indiana are 90 hours. Real Estate Express Indiana Course Hours Available: 90 hours Total Course Hours Available: 90 hours APPLY RIGHT NOW! In order to get an Indiana real estate license, you must first meet the standards specified on theIndiana Professional Licensing Agency – Real Estate Commissionwebsite:

  • To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old and possess a high school certificate or GED.

Step 2.Complete a 90-hour Indiana real estate pre-license course that has been approved by the state. The third step is to pass the real estate license examination with a score of at least 75 percent. Step 4: Obtain sponsorship from an Indiana broker who is licensed in the state. Step 5: Apply for a real estate license in the state of Indiana. Step 6.Complete the 30-hour post-licensing course that is required by the state.

How long does it take to get an Indiana real estate license?

The time it takes to obtain an Indiana real estate license varies from person to person depending on the pace at which you complete the 90 hours of pre-licensing coursework and pass your licensing examination, the amount of time it takes you to complete the application process and obtain broker sponsorship, and the length of time it takes for the application to be processed. Some applicants are able to meet the prerequisites in a few of months.

What kind of information will I learn to help me get a real estate license in Indiana?

In addition, the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency – Real Estate Commission has authorized all of the Real Estate Express courses. Upon completion, you will be qualified to sit for the Indiana real estate licensing exam, which will be administered in May. All of the disciplines required by the Indiana Real Estate Commission are covered in the 90-hour course on real estate. This includes training in real estate principles and legislation, real estate brokerage operations, and real estate financing.

In accordance with Real Estate Express policy, brokers must complete the 90-hour pre-licensing training within six (6) months of the commencement date of the program.


How do I take the Indiana Broker licensing examination?

Taking the Indiana Broker Licensing Examination is a two-day process. In order to pass the licensure test, which consists of a state component and a national portion, applicants have 365 days from the date mentioned on the course completion certificate to complete the requirements. If you fail to complete the course by the deadline, you will be required to retake it. For the exam to be considered successful, the state needs a score of at least 75%.

How do I submit my Indiana Broker application?

The application for an Indiana Broker’s License, which must include proof of completion of pre-licensing education as well as a passing score on both the state and national portions of the licensing exam, must be submitted within one (1) year of passing both portions of the state license examination. To obtain an active broker’s license in Indiana, you must be sponsored by a licensed broker in the state.

Find out more about how to locate a sponsored broker. The managing broker information portion of the application must be completed by the broker that is sponsoring you. The Indiana Real Estate Commission website has the broker application, which you may access by clicking here.

Does Indiana require post-licensing education?

During the first two (2) years following the issuance of the broker’s license, licensees are required to complete and pass at least 30 hours of post-licensing education. PLEASE NOTE: At this time, Real Estate Express does not provide this post-licensing education.

Regulatory Notes:

Certificate of Course Completion: Upon successful completion of the course, Real Estate Express will present you with an electronic certificate of completion that will be accessible on your account dashboard. Broker candidates must bring a copy of this certificate to the PSI testing facility, and they must also submit a copy of the certificate with their application for a broker license. Because course completion dates are recorded in Central Standard Time, the time shown on your certificate will be the same as the time shown on your certificate.

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Indiana

Before you may represent buyers and sellers in real estate transactions in Indiana, you must complete 90 hours of prelicensing coursework as prescribed by the Indiana Real Estate Commission (IREC). A last point to mention is that in Indiana, certified professionals who do not lead a team are referred to as brokers rather than agents, regardless of their position. Aside from that little variation, the process of becoming a real estate agent in New York is much easier than it is in other states.

Follow this step-by-step procedure to find out additional information:

1. Meet the State’s Legal Requirements

The legal criteria for obtaining a real estate license in the state of Indiana are rather straightforward. You must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, and be a citizen of the United States or a lawfully admitted immigrant in order to apply. It is necessary to reveal any relevant information about your criminal history on your application. The IREC board of directors has the authority to approve or refuse your application; however, before denying your application, the board may request that you appear in front of the board to further explain your application.

  • This information can be received from the court or law enforcement agency that handled the case in which the issue was filed.
  • If you want to work in other states besides Indiana, you must be familiar with the reciprocity and portability rules that apply in each state where you plan to work.
  • Indiana is likewise a cooperative state when it comes to the transferability of licenses.
  • However, in order for out-of-state agents to participate in a real estate transaction, they must first enter into a co-brokerage agreement with a licensee from the state in which the transaction is taking place.

More information about real estate license portability in Indiana may be found in our guide on real estate license reciprocity and portability, which can be accessed here.

2. Complete Required Prelicensing Courses

Obtaining your prelicensing education from a recognized online real estate school in Indiana or an on-campus real estate school in Indiana can get you started on the path to being a licensed real estate agent. Prices vary based on your institution, but online education costs around $484 to $625 and covers a wide range of courses, including:

  • Indiana Real Estate Law, Real Estate Brokerage Operations, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Contracts, Commission Rules, Closing Real Estate Transactions, Earnest Money and Trust Accounts, Property Management, Financing, and Real Estate Loan Underwriting are all topics covered in this course.

What if I told you something you already knew? A current active member of the Indiana Bar who is currently in good standing and qualifies under the state’s real estate licensing statute is exempt from the requirement to complete the real estate prerequisite training course. The school test, which will be delivered by your education provider in person or by online proctoring, will be needed to be passed once you have completed the 90 course hours. It is necessary to gain a minimum of 75% on the final exam in order to receive your official Certificate of Completion, which will be required when you apply for your Indiana real estate license.

  • Finding an online real estate school that best meets your goals and learning style might be tough, but we can assist you in this endeavor.
  • Get some ideas about what’s available by checking out our guide to the finest recognized online real estate schools.
  • As a result, your 90 hours may be tailored to match your specific schedule.
  • Up to 30 percent savings and a $50 gift card for your license or renewal are available now until May 25, 2021.
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3. Take the Exam

If you’ve done your homework and prepared for the Indiana real estate test as part of your prelicensing study, the exam will be considerably less tough. There are two portions to the real estate exam: a state section and a national section, and passing both sections is required. Because the test is administered using a computer, you will receive your results instantly after completing it. If you fail the test, you have the option of retaking both portions or simply the section that you did not pass.

Exam Details

The PSI company, which is a nationwide provider of state licensure tests, administers the Indiana real estate examination. Creating an account on the PSI website will be necessary before you can use the scheduling portal. Once you have created an account, you will be able to begin scheduling. You will be sent with a copy of theCandidate Information Bulletin, which contains more testing details. The price to take the exam is $57, and it may be paid online using a credit or debit card through the exam’s official website.

They provide high-quality test preparation at a reasonable cost. Even better, they also provide a money-back guarantee if you do not pass the exam on your first attempt. Visit Real Estate Exam Scholars for more information.

4. Pick a Company to Work For

It is necessary to work under the sponsorship of a sponsoring brokerage in order to maintain a current real estate license in Indiana. Check out our in-depth advice on how to choose the best real estate business to work for if you want to make your decision a little bit simpler. Despite the fact that there are several exceptional brokerages in Indiana, the following are the top five brokerages reported for 2021*:*Data from Real Trends2021

Indiana Counties With Highest Median Sales Price 2021

Increased sale prices translate into more money in your pocket. If you want to get a feel of which counties in Indiana provide the most prospects for making significant money, check out the following sales statistics from

5. Apply for Your License

Following your exam success and decision on which brokerage firm you choose to affiliate with, it is time to submit your application for license. If you pass the examination, you must submit your application within one year after completing the examination. You can complete your application online using Access Indiana or by mail using the paper application. Any of the options will necessitate you submitting the following papers with your application, regardless of which you choose:

  • 60-dollar application fee: If you apply online, you can pay with a credit or debit card
  • If you apply by mail, you must send a check or money order made payable to Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Certificate of completion of the prelicensing course: The certificate of completion from your education provider stating that you have completed the required 90 hours
  • Report on the results of the licensing examination: It is necessary to have your original score sheet confirming that you passed your licensure exam. Information about the brokerage firm: You must also include the name and license numbers of the brokerage firm for which you will be working (if this part is left blank, your license will be granted with an unassigned status unless you choose inactive)
  • Documentation of a positive result (when applicable): If you responded “yes” to the question about a criminal record, you will be asked to completely explain your situation and submit court documents and facts
  • If you replied “no,” you will be expected to explain your situation entirely and include court evidence and specifics

In order for your application to be received and processed, it will take about two days. Your license will be authorized after it has been confirmed by Access Indiana. You will get an email notification and may confirm the approval by visiting the Access Indiana website. You have the option of having your license card delivered to you or having it downloaded and printed instantly.

6. Start Your Real Estate Career

You’re now prepared to begin your real estate career in Indiana, having studied how to obtain a real estate license in the state of Indiana. Check out ourTop 25 New Real Estate Agent Tips From the Prosor14 Real Estate Agent Tips for 2021for additional information on how to get your career off to a good start in real estate.

How to Get an Indiana Real Estate License

Table of Contents +Table of Contents – Table of Contents Obtaining your Indiana Real Estate License is the first step in achieving your goal of becoming a real estate broker in the state. In today’s world, you may complete this process practically entirely online. However, you will still need to appear in person for your licensure exam, but the rest of the procedure may be performed completely online! This article walks you through the steps necessary to obtain your Indiana Real Estate License in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step way.

How to Become a Real Estate Broker in Indiana

In Indiana, being a real estate broker is as simple as obtaining your license and starting to work selling real estate! As long as you meet the standards listed below, you will be well on your way to achieving your objective.

Indiana Real Estate License Requirements

The following are the qualifications for becoming a real estate agent in Indiana:

  • A citizen of the United States or an immigrant lawfully admitted to the country is required
  • You must be at least 18 years old. The completion of a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED)

How to Get Your Indiana Real Estate License

Completing your pre-licensing course hours is the first step toward obtaining your real estate license in the state of Indiana. Applicants for real estate broker licenses must finish a 90-hour real estate pre-licensing course that has been approved by the state. This course is broken into three portions of 30 hours each. The majority of people opt to complete their pre-license education course online. The majority of online courses are self-paced, and they provide study tools such as real estate sample examinations and flashcards, among other resources.

All of these advantages are contingent on the education provider and package you select, so be sure to enroll in the course that best meets your goals and requirements.

Take note that the goal of these courses is not only to check a box and fulfill a requirement, but rather to prepare you for passing your test and becoming a more effective insurance agent.

Recommended Course

StateRequirement suggests the following courses and study aids for real estate licensing test preparation: The CE ShopIndiana does not need the final pre-license exam to be overseen by a proctor. This is not the same thing as the state test in any way. You will take this exam, which will be issued by your pre-license education firm, to demonstrate that you have finished and retained the content from your pre-license education course. Closed-book and closed-note exams are administered, similar to the state examination.

Step 2. Indiana Real Estate License Exam

The moment has come for you to sit for the Indiana Real Estate Exam after you’ve finished your pre-licensing education. The Indiana Real Estate Commission has announced that applicants will be able to take the license exam online rather than at a physical testing center site this year. On-site testing will still be accessible for students who want to take the exam in person rather than online, according to the Professional Standards Institute (PSI). The exam is $53 per try, with a maximum of three attempts allowed.

Eighty of these will be allocated to the National section and fifty to the State section You will have a total of 240 minutes (4 hours) to finish the test in its entirety.

The National component of the Indiana Real Estate Broker Exam has a passing score of 60/80, while the State section has a passing score of 38/50.

If it is marked “Fail,” you will be shown a breakdown of your performance on the exam in each of the distinct sections.

How Hard is the Indiana Real Estate Exam?

It is estimated that 75% of those who take the Indiana Real Estate Broker Exam pass. This test has been designed to be challenging, but not impossible to pass. Make sure to pay close attention during your pre-license training and to treat your learning as a serious endeavor. We are confident that you will pass your exam on your first try if you put out the necessary effort. The PSI Indiana Real Estate website has information on how to register to take your exam. The Candidate Handbook and the Content Outline are both available on this page, as well as some other materials that may be of use.

This comprehensive book serves as an excellent companion to your pre-license training, ensuring that you pass on your first try.

Step 3. Real Estate License Application

The moment has come for you to apply for your Indiana Real Estate Broker license now that you have completed your state licensing exams. This application has a $60 charge associated with it. When you pass the examinations, you must submit the appropriate application paperwork to the Indiana Real Estate Commission, which you will get from the testing agency once you have passed the exams.

You’ll need to send them to the address shown below, which is: The Indiana Real Estate Commission and the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency are located at 402 W. Washington St., Room W072 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Step 4. Application Review

The Indiana sponsoring broker must be affiliated with a current and active sponsoring broker in order for your license to be issued once you have completed your test. This procedure should take around 10 business days in the majority of situations. Following this, you should get an email from the Indiana Real Estate Commission with a copy of your license paperwork. If you have any questions at this time, you should call the Indiana Research and Education Center at (317) 234-3009.


Don’t forget to take some time to recognize and appreciate your achievements. Your hard work and dedication have earned you a well-deserved celebration!!

Step 5. Real Estate License Sponsorship

The status of your license will be changed to “Unassigned” if you do not have an affiliate broker with whom to affiliate. Once you have identified a broker with whom you wish to connect, you may submit a reassignment form or transfer your license to a firm or managing broker using our online transfer system. If you do not currently have a broker with which to collaborate, you might look into StateRequirement Jobs to see if there are any real estate salesperson positions available in your region.

Indiana Real Estate License FAQ

All Indiana fees are as follows: $365 Pre-licensing education in real estate (estimated cost): $469-$684. In Indiana, the total projected cost to obtain a real estate license ranges from $835 to $1,050.

How Long Does it Take to Get an Indiana Insurance License?

Pre-licensing education and test preparation are the two phases that require the most time while obtaining your license, and they are also the most time-consuming. The average length of time it takes for people to complete a project is between 3 and 6 months from start to end. If you devote a full-time schedule to this procedure and work diligently, you may be able to accomplish it in as little as two months. We don’t advocate going much faster than this since it is unsafe. Take your time to study and prepare for the exam.

How to Get an Indiana Commercial Real Estate License

A basic Broker license in Indiana is all that is required to sell commercial real estate in the state. There is no “business real estate license” in the traditional sense. If you want to pursue a career in real estate sales, especially commercial real estate, choose a broker that specializes in the sorts of transactions that you want to be a part of.

Are There any Real Estate Jobs Open Around Me?

To see available real estate opportunities in your region, visit StateRequirement Jobs.

IPLA – Indiana Professional Licensing Agency

Indiana Real Estate Commission 402 W. Washington Street, Room W072, Indianapolis, IN 46204 Postal Address: Call (317) 234-3009 Fax (317) 233-4236 Email ([email protected]) Website: The information on this page has been compiled from a variety of sources, with the most recent update being made in December of this year. Neither the accuracy nor the timeliness of the information included on this site can be guaranteed nor assured. StateRequirement, its members, and affiliates are not liable for any damages, whether monetary or non-monetary in character.

For further information, please contact the insurance regulatory body in your state. When readers purchase services that have been discussed on our site, we frequently receive affiliate commissions that allow us to continue our work. Read on to find out more

Top 4 Indiana Real Estate License Courses Online

Just a quick note! RealEstateLicenseTraining has worked with the greatest online real estate schools to provide you with the best possible training. If you sign up for something through one of our links, we may receive a small affiliate commission. You can find out more about how we perform our reviewshere. Obtaining your Indiana real estate license provides you with tremendous potential for advancement. Agents working full-time in the industry may expect to earn a salary of at least $45,000 per year on average, but with experience and determination, this figure can increase to more than $150,000.

Instead of combining a full-time job with the lessons required to further their careers, people may finish their homework and studies from home and during their spare time.

Do you want an IMMEDIATE response?

Indiana Real Estate License Requirements

Before diving into the top three Indiana real estate licensing courses available online, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the prerequisites for obtaining a real estate license in the state of Indiana. In the United States, each state has its unique standards for real estate licenses, and Indiana is no exception.

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The Indiana real estate license requirements include:

In Indiana, the minimum age for taking real estate licensing courses is 18 years old, and this is a very unique option for young individuals interested in pursuing a profession that does not include a standard four-year college degree path. The minimum age requirement for real estate is 21 years of age in certain areas, however citizens of Indiana who have just graduated from high school or obtained their GED may choose to enroll in real estate training classes to prepare them for a job in which they may thrive.

  • All candidates must first get their high school diploma or GED before pursuing further education and applying for their license.
  • When applying for licensure and taking the test in Indiana, one must complete 90 course credit hours, all of which can be accomplished totally online through distance learning courses.
  • Obtaining a passing score of 75 or above on this exam is required, and the exam must be taken within 12 months after completion of your school hours.
  • Make an application for your license– If you pass your test, you will have another 12 months to submit an application for licensure.

Once you have passed your test, you will be supplied with an application; however, before you can submit the application, you must first get broker sponsorship from an active broker in the state of Indiana who is currently employed.

Why Go Online?

In Indiana, students qualifying for real estate license may complete all of their credit courses fully online, making it one of the more advantageous states for individuals seeking a different career route. Some states allow for some online self-learning as well as some in-classroom courses, while Indiana allows for complete flexibility throughout the whole process. When it comes to those who are currently employed in jobs that they believe don’t offer them the growth opportunities they desire, or those who are caring for their families and considering returning to work, there has never been a more straightforward way to balance both work and learning a new profession.

The Top 4 Indiana Real Estate License Courses Online

Inevitably, if you intend to seek your Indiana real estate license online, you’ll want to make sure that you only enroll in the top courses available. These courses will provide you with the entire knowledge you need to succeed in the field of real estate, will prepare you for the test, and will leave you feeling secure about the direction your career can take as time progresses in the future. The top four Indiana real estate licensing programs available online are as follows:

1.Real Estate Express

Indiana real estate license training from Real Estate Express is a dependable resource for getting you through the pre-licensure procedure, passing the exam, and enrolling in the continuing education courses you’ll need to keep your license in good standing in the state. With Real Estate Express, you may pick and choose whatever course package best meets your budget and requirements, as well as enroll in test preparation courses to guarantee that you are fully prepared for your final exam. The criteria and stages involved in acquiring your Indiana real estate license are laid out clearly and simply by Real Estate Express, who meticulously and simply outlines what you will need to accomplish in order to receive licensing in the manner that is most convenient for you.


Mbition, like Real Estate Express, looks out for you at every step of the process, from your initial registration to your renewal courses and all in between. Mbition also provides test preparation classes that you may enroll in to ensure that you are well prepared for your exam, as well as clear summaries of the standards you must meet in order to earn your license and maintain it. Mbition definitely shines when it comes to continuing education and making the process of renewing your license as straightforward and convenient as possible.

3.Tucker School of Real Estate

Similarly to Career Web School and Real Estate Express, Tucker School of Real Estate provides pre-licensure, post-licensure, and test preparation for Indiana real estate professionals through online programs. Tucker School, on the other hand, lags behind in terms of simplicity of use and simplification of criteria, which are both important factors.

With Real Estate Express or Career Web School, navigation and utilizing the application to identify what courses and prerequisites you must complete is a little more user-friendly than with other programs. Visit the Tucker School of Real Estate for more information.


McColly is an excellent choice since they provide their education in a variety of formats to accommodate the needs of each unique student that enrolls. Do you like to do your real estate studies in a traditional classroom setting? McColly makes the offer. Want to participate in live classes but want to do so from the comfort of your own home? McColly offers lessons via live streaming video on the internet. Do you want to move at your own pace rather than being forced to adhere to a strict schedule?

No matter how you prefer to study, McCColly has a method that will work for you.

When you locate the right Indiana real estate licensing course for you, you can begin your journey toward a successful profession in which you may thrive.

How to Become a Licensed Real Estate Broker in Indiana

Every day, more and more real estate agents make the decision that they desire the financial benefits of operating their own agency. Obtaining a broker’s license is a significant step in the advancement of any real estate agent’s profession. Any Indiana-based realtor who wants to earn their broker’s license and start their own business will find the entire list of prerequisites for doing so at the bottom of this page.

Step One: Meet Indiana Real Estate Broker’s License Requirements

You must be at least 18 years old to participate. There have been no criminal convictions. Have at least two years of experience as a real estate salesperson You must be a resident of Indiana.

Step Two: Complete Qualifying Education

Complete and pass a 90-hour Broker pre-licensing course that has been authorized by the state. Obtain a 30-hour Broker post licensing course certified by the state within two years of the date on which your license was issued; this course is mandatory and fulfills your first continuing education obligation for the first two years of your license’s validity.

Step Three: IPLA Requirements – CE

A check or money order in the amount of $60.00 made payable to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, sometimes known as the “IPLA,” is required. Application for a broker that has been completed. It is essential that you give an email address since it is via this channel that your licensure status will be communicated. Completed Original Broker pre-licensing course completion certificate obtained from a recognized training provider The original score sheet that you received from Pearson VUE after completing the license examination is shown below.

A sworn declaration, as well as any necessary court evidence, will be required for every affirmative response to the screening questionnaire.


Start a 3-year license renewal term and complete 12 hours of continuing education credits each year. You are not required to submit your CE certificates of completion to the Indiana Real Estate Commission on an annual basis.

Here’s a helpful hint: Simply have such credentials on hand in case of an audit. Brokers can also obtain their own license by completing a 24-hour Managing Broker course that has been approved by the state. Source

How to Run a Successful Brokerage

One thing all successful real estate brokerages have in common is that they are well-organized. Organizing and maintaining consistency in their workflow is a top priority. This allows business owners to keep track of their transactions, conclude agreements more quickly, and keep everyone pleased, including their employees and customers. The Real Estate commission software from Empasys Software is an excellent tool for accomplishing this; it will give mission-specific capabilities that will entirely automate your brokerage operation.

  • Sort through paperwork in a timely manner
  • Provide a regular and manageable flow of information. Lead creation
  • Closing and accounting
  • Beneficial integrations
  • And more. Direct connection to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

In order to assist brokers in saving time managing day-to-day operations, gaining thorough insight into production data, and remaining in compliance with all real estate rules, our primary aims are as follows: There will be no more pondering how to set up commission schemes, manage sliding scales, or create realestate checklists in your business. Emphasys Software’s time-tested solution is ideal for meeting all of your company’s requirements, as well as additional requirements.

How do I get my Indiana real estate broker’s license?

Requirements for the General Public 1) To be eligible to apply, you must be at least 18 years old. 2) Obtain a high school diploma or a GED certificate. If you are convicted of any crime that has an impact on your ability to practice competently, poses a risk to the public, or would be grounds for disciplinary action under Chapter 11 Professional Licensing Standards of Practice, sectionIC25-1-11-5 of the Indiana Code, you will not be eligible to practice medicine in Indiana. To begin, you must first complete the 90-hour Indiana Pre-License Broker Training Course.

  1. You have the option of taking the pre-licensing course online or in person.
  2. A passing grade of at least 75% is required in order to successfully complete the broker pre-licensing course requirements.
  3. Step 2: Submit an application for the State Exam You must schedule your Indiana state licensure exam within one year of finishing your 90-hour pre-license training course.
  4. To book your test, please visit or call 1-800-733-9267.
  5. Note that you must pass the test within one year after completing your course.

Step 3: Pass the State Exam The exam is divided into two sections: the National portion and the State portion. You must pass both sections within (1) year of the date on the course completion certificate. The Indiana Broker Pre-licensure Exam includes:

  1. A total of 75 multiple-choice questions totaling 80 points were included in the national portion. A passing score is equal to 60 points on the SAT. It is possible to complete the test in 150 minutes
  2. The state portion consists of 50 multiple-choice questions for 50 points. For a passing grade, you need 38 points. 90 minutes are allotted for this task.

Once the exam is completed, a score report will be shown on the computer screen instantly. You will also receive an email with the results. You are allowed to retake the state licensure exam as many times as necessary until you pass. If you fail only one section, you will be able to retake the portion that you failed. You should keep in mind that you must pass both portions within one year of finishing the 90-hour Indiana pre-license training course. Step 4: Make a list of all of the things you want to do.

If you pass the exam and want to become a broker, you must apply with the Indiana Real Estate Commission within one year after passing.

The following are requirements for the application:

  • The following items are required: a $60.00 check or money order made payable to the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency, or “IPLA”
  • The Certificate of Completion from the 90-hour Indiana Pre-License Broker Course provides confirmation that you have completed the educational requirements
  • The score record from the PSI state licensing test, which serves as verification that you passed the pre-licensing examination
  • In the event of a positive answer on the screening form, extra documentation, including as court records and sworn declarations, may be required. Obtaining confirmation of any license held in any regulated profession in any other state
  • And Information about the broker who is sponsoring you

Please refer to the complete instructions on how to complete your broker application form. Indiana licenses are available in a variety of forms, including active, inactive, referral, and unassigned. To obtain an active broker’s license, you’ll need to be sponsored by an existing broker. In Indiana, you are not permitted to practice as a real estate broker unless you have a valid broker’s license. If you do not have a sponsored broker when you submit your application, your license will be issued the status of “Unassigned.” To make the switch from “Inactive” to “Active,” you may either utilize the online transfer system or submit the reassignment form.

By login into the state’s website, you may obtain a free copy.

Congratulations, you have earned your license to practice real estate in Indiana!

Related Questions

Complete your broker application according to the detailed guidelines. There are several types of licenses available in Indiana: active, inactive, referral, and unassigned. An active broker’s license may only be obtained through the sponsorship of another broker. You are not permitted to practice as a real estate broker in Indiana unless you hold a current broker’s license. Your license will be granted the status of “Unassigned” if you do not have a sponsored broker when you apply. The online transfer system or the reassignment form can be used to make the transition from inactive to active.

By going onto the state’s website, you may obtain a free copy of the report.

Congratulations, you have earned your license to practice real estate in Indiana.

What tests do I need to take to get my IN real estate license?

It is mandatory for all applicants to sit for the Indiana Pre-license Broker test, which is conducted by PSI.

If you are not applying through reciprocity, you will also be needed to complete three examinations as part of your mandatory 90-hour Pre-license Broker training, which will be completed online.

How long does it take to get my IN real estate license?

You may expect to receive your Indiana broker license in approximately 4 weeks. 1) Complete the 90-hour pre-license course online, which should take between 2 and 6 weeks. 2) Schedule and pass the IN state pre-license exam within 1-3 weeks after completing Step 2. 3) Submit an application for your license. The real estate commission does not provide an estimate of how long it will take to approve a transaction. You can keep track of the status of your application online.

Can I complete the application for an IN broker’s license online?

At present moment, there is no online application for a broker’s license in Indiana, according to the state’s website. You will be required to submit a hardcopy application along with any supporting documentation.

How do I get my Indiana real estate broker’s license?

To obtain your Indiana broker’s license, you must fulfill the stages outlined below: 1) Successfully complete a 90-hour Indiana Pre-license Broker Training Course. 2) Make an appointment to take the Indiana Broker Pre-license test. 3) Pass the Indiana pre-licensing examination 4) Submit an application for a license, together with a $60 fee and any necessary verification papers. Are you unable to locate your answer? Get in contact with us

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