What Are The Top 10 Real Estate Websites? (Solved)

10 Best Real Estate Websites For Buyers

  1. Zillow.com. One of the largest websites for real estate is Zillow.com.
  2. Realtor.com. Realtor.com is linked to the National Association of Realtors.
  3. Homes.com. This site fills its pages with homes from the MLS and other real estate sites.
  4. Redfin.
  5. RealtyTrac.
  6. Auction.com.
  7. MLS.com.
  8. Trulia.

What are the best commercial real estate websites?

  • RealMassive.
  • Spacelist.
  • Brevitas.
  • Quantum Listing.
  • Commercial Cafe.
  • Biproxi.
  • LoopNet.
  • Crexi.
  • Ten-X.
  • Imbrex.


What is the most popular real estate website?

Zillow is the leading real estate and rental website in the United States according to monthly website visits. It received 36 million visits a month as of October 2021. Trulia is the second most popular real estate website with around 23 million monthly visits, Yahoo!

What are the top real estate search sites?

The 7 Best Real Estate Websites of 2022

  • Best Overall: Zillow.
  • Most Accurate: Realtor.com.
  • Best Mobile App: Trulia.
  • Best for Foreclosures: Foreclosure.com.
  • Best for Renting: Apartments.com.
  • Best for “For Sale By Owner”: FSBO.com.
  • Best for Heroes: Homes for Heroes.

Is realtor better than Zillow?

That means they’re at least slightly motivated to follow-through with a sale or purchase. Overall, Zillow leads work better than those on Realtor.com, which could be for several reasons — Zillow has more traffic, there’s more transparency in the actual process, and the company has been more innovative.

What is IDX?

An IDX, or Internet Data Exchange, is software that lets buyers search for their area’s MLS properties. With IDX, the general public can perform their property searches on a website featuring information uploaded to an MLS. IDX is not a website itself.

Which real estate site has the most accurate estimates?

The “ Redfin Estimate ” is the site’s calculation of a home’s market value. Redfin, which updates its numbers daily for on-market homes, claims that it has “the most accurate online home-value estimate.”

What is Zillow?

Zillow is the leading real estate and rental marketplace dedicated to empowering consumers with data, inspiration and knowledge around the place they call home, and connecting them with the best local professionals who can help. Zillow launched in 2006 and is headquartered in Seattle.

Does Zillow own Trulia?

” Zillow Announces Acquisition of Trulia for $3.5 Billion in Stock.” Accessed Aug. 11, 2021.

Who is the biggest competitor of Zillow?

Zillow’s top competitors include Redfin, Realtor.com, RealScout and OpenDoor. Zillow is a company providing an online real estate marketplace for finding and sharing information about homes, real estate, and mortgages.

How is MLS better than Zillow?

Zillow sells advertising to real estate agents and brokers based off of the traffic they receive (which is a lot). The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is the local database of ALL homes for sale by all real estate brokers. Zillow is the devil to most real estate brokers.

Is Redfin or Zillow better?

Nationally, Zillow is slightly more accurate than Redfin. However, their accuracy varies from city to city and state to state, and Redfin is more accurate in some areas. Both estimates are reasonably precise for homes currently on the market but are much less accurate for homes not currently listed for sale.

What is MLS in real estate?

Multiple Listing Service (MLS): What Is It An MLS is a private offer of cooperation and compensation by listing brokers to other real estate brokers. In the late 1800s, real estate brokers regularly gathered at the offices of their local associations to share information about properties they were trying to sell.

What is CRM in real estate?

If you are considering becoming a real estate agent or broker, you’ll likely benefit from using a good real estate CRM, or customer relationship management software, to help you manage, attract, and retain clients; streamline transactions; and close deals on time.

Does Zillow use IDX?

As you may know, last week we transitioned to IDX feeds as we work to streamline listing data on Zillow. This is part of our mission to provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive listing information possible to our more than 200M unique monthly visitors.

The Top 10 Real Estate Websites…what they know that you don’t

What information does the top ten real estate websites have that you do not? In this piece, we’ll take a look at the statistics, figures, and numbers that drive traffic to the most popular real estate websites. What information does the top ten real estate websites have that you do not? In this blog article, I’m going to break down the most popular real estate websites into bite-sized marketing takeaways for agents to use in their everyday marketing. We’ll begin by examining the amount of traffic that each of these top ten real estate websites receives.

Get a leadsite if you want a real estate website that works just as hard as you do.

At the conclusion of each part, I’ll summarize the main points and provide you with a takeaway that will help you enhance your real estate website.

Steel Sharpens Steel

To create more leads from your own website, as we discussed in our essay on ‘The Best Presidential Candidate Websites,’ you need to analyze the websites of other successful candidates. We’ll be taking a look at the top ten real estate websites today, so stay tuned. They are as follows:

  1. Zillow
  2. sTrulia
  3. sKW
  4. sRealtor
  5. sRedfin
  6. sColdwell
  7. sHomes.com
  8. sREMAX
  9. sMovot
  10. sCraigslist

Let’s get this party started…

Traffic Secrets

What kind of traffic do these websites receive? They really receive radically different levels of traffic when it comes to the top ten real estate websites in the United States. So I went ahead and created a chart using the information from these websites, which was given by Similar Web. The following is a breakdown of the visits to these websites: As you can see, Zillow has a significant advantage over almost everyone else. Zillow has almost 164 million visitors every month, which is a significant amount.

For the time being, however, consider the traffic variations between these top ten real estate websites in terms of number of visitors.

The information is as follows:

  • Can you tell me how many people frequent these websites? They really receive significantly different levels of traffic when it comes to the top ten real estate websites. So I went ahead and plotted the data from these websites, which was made available to me by Similar Web. These are the demographics of those who frequent these sites: The graph above shows how far ahead of the competition Zillow is. A total of 164 million visits are made to Zillow each month. The specifics of how they are attracting this volume of traffic will be covered in greater detail later on. To get a sense of how different these top ten real estate websites are in terms of traffic, consider the following comparison: It will assist you in understanding how certain actions you take on your website either increase or decrease the quantity of traffic you receive. Statistical information:

The Most Important Takeaway Every month, millions of people from your market visit the best real estate websites on the internet. There is a lot of traffic out there. All you have to do now is figure out how to get to it.

Sources Of Traffic

What is the origin of these individuals? And, more importantly, how can we reverse engineer the results? What we can learn from these large real estate websites is where they obtain their traffic, which is the first lesson. Look at two possible possibilities based on our 120,000 unique visits each month on our website. Easy Agent Pro (also known as Easy Agent) is a software application that allows you to create a website in minutes. For a newer post, traffic from social media is important. Google traffic for a previously published post Do you notice how the amount of Google traffic grows over time?

  1. This is a significant distinction in the benefits offered for different sorts of marketing.
  2. If you spend all of your time on social media, the value of the time you have spent diminishes with time.
  3. They receive traffic as a result of their appearance in search results.
  4. Take a look at these outcomes: Real Estate in Dallas San Diego Residential Real Estate Real Estate in Orlando In this case, as you can see, Google rankings are critical to the profitability of the majority of these large websites.
  5. But how exactly do they accomplish this?
  6. However, it is sufficient to state that you must concentrate on Google and SEO in order to build a website that will generate leads in the future.

Key What to Take Away The use of social media provides an initial traffic spike. Google traffic, on the other hand, ensures that your website remains operational for the foreseeable future.

Do Blogs Matter?

What is the frequency with which these websites write blogs? The first thing we discovered about these websites was that they tended to place a strong emphasis on Google as a source of traffic. Google, on the other hand, prefers websites with new material. Every one of these websites publishes at least two blog articles every week on their own websites, which is extremely telling. The larger blogs even publish more than ten updates every week on a weekly basis. In the following chart, we show a study of the number of blogs that are published each week: There is a very high link between these websites creating material and receiving traffic, as you can see in the chart above.

  • As well as receiving a little amount of traffic from social media.
  • Take, for example, the term “first time home buyers guide,” which is as follows: Real estate websites that rank highly on Google are aware that the blogs that they publish are responsible for the first inertia that propels their ranks higher on Google.
  • They’ll say to themselves, “I don’t have time to blog that much!” If you are unable to do so, that is quite OK.
  • With Leadsites, on the other hand, you will get access to two blogs every week that you can utilize to generate traffic to your site.

Google’s Still King

The following are the reasons… Google is responsible for the vast majority of traffic to real estate websites, as we found in our previous analysis. And you might wonder, “How am I going to compete with them in Google?” There is actually a very simple technique to compete with these large websites in the Google search results. It’s referred to as Keyword Stacking. The way it works is as follows: When it comes to keyword stacking, the first step is to construct a large number of pages for really short-tail keywords.

Typically, you may target things like condominiums or other phrases that haven’t quite taken it into the mainstream but are still relevant.

After that, you’ll want to work your way up the corporate ladder.

Take a look at our Instagram Farm pages…

They may then be stacked on top of one another in order to compete with these top ten real estate websites If everything is done right, you can begin to outrank some of the major search engines within 6-12 months.

Ignore Facebook?

Look at the Facebook pages of these large websites for a moment… The problem with Facebook pages these days is that there is a dearth of participation on the platform. Yes, you must require a Facebook page. However, it is mostly for the purpose of increasing your advertising expenditure. These websites largely make use of Facebook as an advertising platform. You can see the 16 advertisements that Zillow is now running right here. To be successful, they don’t rely on their audience to interact with them in order for their business to be successful.

Concentrate on attracting Google traffic first, followed by social media traffic second, and you should begin to see an exponential line of traffic increase develop on your real estate website.

And you’ve taken something away from it that you can use on your own site.

Starting with a LeadSite, you can put your ideas into action and watch your business grow from there.

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The house selling market now has a plethora of options thanks to technological advancements. Websites are springing up left and right, providing house purchasers with access to fantastic deals, the option to negotiate rates, and a more comprehensive image of what is available in the marketplace. But which real estate websites are the most effective for buyers? When it comes to purchasing a property, the vast majority of purchasers will work with a real estate agent. A large number of people, however, may conduct further research online, either before teaming with an agent or as a supplement to the material provided by the agent.

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Sites that do well are easy to find, offer high-quality photographs, and provide regular updates on the housing market.

In a nutshell, they want the most user-friendly real estate websites for prospective buyers.

With UpNest, you may save thousands of dollars on agency commission costs!

Use Technology To Find The Best Real Estate Websites for Buyers

For house buyers, being able to narrow down their search results is critical to their success. No one wants to spend their time scrolling through hundreds of postings that do not match their search parameters. The ability to filter down your selections makes it simpler to identify and bookmark houses that you wish to discuss with your agent in more detail later on. Some websites may even assist you in saving money by locating the most competitive mortgage rates or by assisting you in selecting a real estate agent.

The websites covered in this roundup contain features that are simple to use, as well as data analytics and tools.

Even if there are a few newer websites on our list, it will provide you with valuable insight into how the site performs and how to utilize it to your advantage when searching for the right property.

10Best Real Estate Websites For Buyers

Zillow.com is one of the most popular real estate websites in the world. It was founded in 2006 and is currently the most comprehensive real estate website available to buyers, sellers, renters, landlords, brokers, and other real estate professionals. The tools are simple and straightforward to use. When buyers select their results by price, location, features, and property type, they may get the most out of their home search while spending the least amount of time. Also available are unique characteristics that are directly tied to the home’s area, and Zillow will provide you with information such as a walk score, commuting times, neighborhood statistics, and even information about nearby schools.

If the property is subject to a homeowners’ association, Zillow will include the name of the association as well as the last reported monthly fee.

2. Realtor.com

Realtor.com has a connection to the National Association of Realtors (NAR). As a result of its 800 regional Multiple Listing Services, it is by far the most accurate house website on the internet. In addition to its excellent accuracy, Realtor.com makes a wealth of statistics and data available to prospective property buyers. Information about house prices, market projections, complete facts about schools and companies in the region, and commuting times may all be found on this website. The site even goes so far as to provide information on crime statistics.

3. Homes.com

This site’s pages are filled with listings from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other real estate websites. If you are looking to compare properties in your search region, there is an excellent search engine available. One distinguishing aspect is that you can observe how the value of the property has varied over time. An understanding of the community’s property values can help you determine if the neighborhood is increasing in value, is stagnating, or is deteriorating. SnapSearch is the company’s distinguishing feature.

It will compare this snapshot to comparable residences in the region in order to provide you with more possibilities.

4. Redfin

Brokerage services in the real estate industry Redfin’s headquarters are in Seattle. As a buyer, Redfin provides a high-level summary of the property that is interactive. The use of this tool eliminates the need to see the property in person. The organization makes use of cutting-edge technology to make the transaction more efficient for both the buyer and the vendor. They work hard to make the entire process more user-friendly, from the first listing to the final sale.

The Redfin calculator will help you figure out how much you can afford to spend on a property. You will be assigned a number depending on your area, your income, your down payment, and your total debt.

5. RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac provides you with the option to search over 120 million foreclosed homes worldwide. If you subscribe, you will also have access to the address of the property, loan information, as well as the locations and dates of forthcoming auctions, among other things. Real estate website RealtyTrac is an excellent location to browse for budget houses if you are searching for a good deal and do not mind doing some minor to extensive remodeling. All of the properties have clear titles, so you will not have to worry about any liens or past taxes.

6. Auction.com

Auction.com provides purchasers with access to repossessed and bank-owned homes, with a total inventory of over 30,000 properties. In a similar vein to RealtyTrac, you must win the auction in order to obtain the property. When there is a bidding war for a popular house, the price of the home might rise significantly. If you are the winner of this auction, you will be required to put down a 10% deposit.

7. MLS.com

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) provides accurate listings as well as a wealth of essential information. While it is mostly used by real estate professionals, it is also a free listing service that allows you to view a variety of different house kinds. The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) offers houses for sale, new construction, lots, land, commercial property, and other types of property. Also included are commonly asked questions, mortgage information, and even a mortgage calculator.

8. Trulia

Trulia, like Zillow, provides you with the opportunity to identify houses in your neighborhood very fast, as well as the option to readily compare the various listings. Trulia is a division of the real estate company Zillow. With sophisticated filters, you may narrow down your search by factors such as price range, house style, number of bedrooms, and other factors, among others. Trulia provides you with a map that is interactive. With the help of this map, you may see your area through the eyes of a variety of different filters.

The map will also show you where the schools are located, the age ranges of the community, commuting times, and the locations of restaurants and retailers in the area, among other things.

9. Neighborhood Scout

Neighborhood Scout is a data-driven service that focuses on identifying the best communities based on a buyer’s characteristics. In order to accommodate over 600 features, they devised a method of populating options for you depending on your preferences. When it comes to exploring neighborhoods, this edition allows you to take a closer look at the level of going block by block, guaranteeing that you locate the appropriate area for your needs and preferences.

10. Home Finder

While HomeFinder performs duties that are comparable to those of Zillow and Trulia, it also includes a large selection of houses available for rent in addition to a large selection of homes for sale. By using the search function, you may reduce your selections based on factors such as price, size, and house type.

The HomeFinder website also provides you with the option of seeing properties that are no longer on the market, allowing you to gain an understanding of current market trends in your chosen location.

UpNest Can Help You Find The Best Agent

If you are seeking for assistance with your real estate transaction, UpNesti is a free service that connects house sellers and buyers with the top real estate agents in their area. The UpNest platform enables you to compare several agents in your region, allowing you to compare ratings, commission rates, historical sales, and other factors like as location and price range. Our agents have been thoroughly verified and frequently provide reasonable commission rates that are lower than the industry average to UpNest clients.

  • You may get started right now by entering your zipcode in the box below!
  • According to Yahoo!, Zillow is the most popular real estate website in the United States.
  • This is based on the number of visits to the website each month.
  • Trulia is the second most popular real estate website, receiving over 23 million views each month.
  • The answer to this topic is debatable and there is no definitive solution, although many experts say Zillow provides the best accurate house valuation estimate.
  • There are a plethora of different tools available.

Top Real Estate Websites Ranking in November 2021

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:06:21 15.39 43.69%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:05:53 7.07 46.23%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:09:03 18.63 28.67%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:04:44 5.38 52.56%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:06:00 6.13 36.16%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:08:16 19.02 32.98%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -2 00:00:57 1.22 82.77%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:04:47 12.07 45.35%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:05:26 6.98 48.26%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:06:15 6.80 44.12%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +1 00:06:27 8.43 29.65%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -2 00:04:51 5.72 48.11%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:07:58 15.64 34.58%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:04:18 4.44 53.16%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:06:02 34.07 33.45%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +2 00:06:18 5.16 39.16%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -1 00:09:21 14.68 32.35%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:06:10 13.29 37.57%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -1 00:03:51 7.40 56.10%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:01:33 1.40 77.83%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:05:00 12.32 43.48%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -2 00:02:09 1.87 71.39%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:07:10 14.33 25.50%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -3 00:06:36 5.77 39.09%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:04:57 9.25 35.35%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:06:02 5.76 26.37%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -8 00:01:33 1.64 75.83%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +1 00:04:35 3.17 43.21%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +4 00:04:54 5.42 39.60%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +3 00:01:30 2.56 55.95%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +5 00:01:34 1.94 69.29%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:08:48 7.91 30.59%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -2 00:06:00 6.70 39.89%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -7 00:03:25 3.25 51.83%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -11 00:04:51 3.66 46.19%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +1 00:07:31 6.92 34.19%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -7 00:04:01 3.68 46.15%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -1 00:06:04 4.92 39.32%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate = 00:03:11 3.12 20.09%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +3 00:10:41 13.70 25.39%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -5 00:08:10 14.64 25.92%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -12 00:05:01 4.22 43.25%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +4 00:06:15 4.57 38.37%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +3 00:05:31 5.34 40.15%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +1 00:07:42 36.07 26.71%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +3 00:06:02 5.51 30.67%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +4 00:05:39 5.72 25.29%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -1 00:07:47 9.43 27.43%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate +5 00:05:04 5.90 50.88%
Business and Consumer ServicesReal Estate -2 00:02:55 2.34 72.36%

Top 10 Real Estate Websites by Traffic – 2021

When it comes to real estate trends, a top real estate agent will be aware of which real estate websites have the greatest number of home buyers on them, as well as how to best market their clients’ homes on those same websites so that their homes receive more attention, sell faster, and for more money. So, every year, I publish a study that examines the winners and losers in the real estate market, as well as which real estate websites are growing and which are losing visitors. Since I am one of the top 1 percent of sellers agents in the United States, serving Oregon and Washington, I pay extra to the top sites on my clients’ behalf in order for their homes to sell faster and for more money (I’ve already stated this, but honestly most people don’t realize the huge impact it has), and I want to know whether the money I’m spending on these sites is effective, I decided to conduct a study.

The ability to do anything extra to advertise their customers’ houses on a top real estate website is not available on all top real estate websites (although the majority do!).

A real estate agent that idly waves their hand and says, “Your home will be listed on all the websites,” is a real estate agent you shouldn’t hire.

SimilarWeb contributed the information for this page. Monthly Real Estate Website Traffic Averages from November through January 2021 – Top 5 Websites

Real EstateWebsites Monthly Visitors Average Duration
1. Zillow.com 264.5 Million 6:44 minutes
2. Realtor.com 139.8 Million 6:11 minutes
3. Redfin.com 74.5 Million 5:09 minutes
4. Trulia.com 55.9 Million 4:59 minutes
5. Movoto.com 19.26 Million 4:05 minutes

Top 10 Real Estate Websites

Real Estate Websites Monthly Visitors Average Duration
6. Coldwellbanker 9.52 Million 2:38 minutes
7. Homes.com 7.09 Million 3:39 minutes
8. Remax.com 5.41 Million 2:50 minutes
9. Century21.com 5.11 Million 4:25 minutes
10. Compass.com 4.32 Million 4:07 minutes

We’re getting close to the peak.

Real Estate Websites Monthly Visitors Average Duration
11. Homesnap.com 4.22 Million 3:01 minutes
12. Estatley.com 3.96 Million 1:52 minutes
13. KW.com 3.29 Million 9:46 minutes

Real Estate Website Selection Method

What exactly isn’t included? The websites listed above are the most popular residential and houses for sale websites in the United States. Those websites that are only dedicated to apartment rentals would be listed in a separate directory. Websites that specialize in commercial real estate, land real estate, or investment possibilities would fall into this category as well (like foreclosure sites).

Biggest Website Losers in 2021

The popularity of KW.com, Keller Williams’ premier website, continues to wane. This is really unexpected given that they are the ones that spend the most on technology out of all of the big real estate businesses (far as we know). They are also far larger than any of the other real estate corporations on the list. When KW.com was ninth in 2018, they moved up to eighth in 2019, and then plummeted to tenth the following year. Now they have gone out of the top ten entirely. KW.com’s high time on site is also likely due to the fact that recording agents spend more time in the KW.com backend than they do searching for homes on their front-facing site, which is just not very good.

Biggest Website Winners in 2021

I’m pleased to announce that two of the websites on our “websites to watch list in 2020” had significant growth in 2021, just as we projected. Compass.com, which more than tripled its traffic, became the first website to break into the top ten for the first time. The other, Homesnap.com, climbed to the eleventh position after doubling its traffic as well. Our final website to keep an eye on in 2020, ExpRealty.com, was able to more than quadruple its visitors. Homes.com has also rebounded following a disastrous 2020 year in which they slid from 5 to 8, according to the 2021 report, they have moved back up to 7th place.

Real Estate Websites to Watch in 2021

Two of the websites on our “websites to watch list in 2020” achieved significant growth in 2021, just as we expected. I’m delighted to share that With a more than threefold increase in traffic, Compass.com became the first website to get into the top 10. HomeSnap.com, on the other hand, soared to the eleventh position after doubling its traffic. Experiment with ExpRealty.com, our final website to keep an eye on in 2020, as it managed to quadruple its visitors. Also rebounding from a disastrous 2020 year in which they went from 5 to 8, Homes.com has gone back up to 7 in the most recent report for 2021.

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We (really do) Pay Extra on the Top Real Estate Websites so our Clients’ Homes Sell Faster and For More.

Consider our top-ranked house selling program if you live in Oregon or Washington. We charge a maximum of 4.5 percent commission to sell our homes, but we pay more to assist our properties sell more quickly than our competitors. It is continuously altering what we do to give our properties a boost on the top sites, just as the top sites themselves never cease to change. But, for the purpose of illustration, we already pay for Zillow 3D software for every property we sell, which increases our clients’ exposure on the Zillow.com map search by allowing them to see their homes in 3D.

If a house is on the market for more than a few days, we have a hidden adjustment in place that raises the home’s ranking on Trulia.com and other real estate websites.

We make certain that our homes have professional photography (a certain number of shots will help the home rank on various sites), professional 3D modeling (which gives the home more screen space on many sites and highlights in many search results), a long enough description (which affects rankings on some sites), and other features as appropriate.

If we have a luxury house for sale that we believe will appeal to a worldwide audience, we have strategies in place to market that home on a global scale.

Give our main line a call today at 503-714-1111 and inquire how we can help you sell your Oregon or Washington property to the highest possible price. The date is February 12, 2021.

Top 10 Real Estate Websites

Every successful beginning is preceded by a successful source of inspiration. So, if you have been seeking for MLS web development, here are some examples of real estate websites that are both inspiring and functional. Design, performance, mobile-friendliness, and accessibility are some of the characteristics used in the selection process.

Real Estate Website No 1: Zillow

Code for the website was written in the Java programming language, which made use of the YUI JavaScript framework. comScore and Google Analytics are among the online analytics technologies that are used on the site, which is hosted on an Apache Tomcat 4.1+ web server. The loading time of the webpage is 1.12 seconds (one second). Zillow is the most popular real estate and rental marketplace on the internet. There are more than 110 million properties in the United States listed on the website, including those for sale, those available for rent, and those not presently on the market, as well as Zestimate home prices, Rent Zestimates, and other home-related information.

Real Estate Website No 2: Briggs Freeman

Briggs Freeman provided the photograph. Users may interact with real estate agents or brokers in their area using the website, which was developed by Root Info Solutions, a real estate website development business, utilizing the Drupal content management system (CMS). Do you have any doubts about the high-resolution image of luxury houses and ranches’ performance after looking at it? It takes 2.26 seconds to load. The realtor is situated in Dallas, Texas, and specializes in the selling and acquisition of high-end residential homes.

Real Estate Website No 3: Trulia

The PHP programming language was used to create the website. Web analytics solutions such as comScoreGoogle Analytics and UASiteCatalyst provide for the tracking of traffic and the evaluation of the user experience on the website. The website is hosted on an Apache web server running at version 2.4.18. It takes an average of 3.04 seconds for the webpage to fully load. Trulia’s real estate website connects users with agents, property managers, and mortgage lenders, allowing individuals to seek answers or expert help at every stage of the home-buying, ownership, and maintenance process.

Real Estate Website No 4: Realtor.com

The website is written in the Ruby programming language and is built on the Ruby on Rails web development framework. It is hosted on a Nginx 1.11.2Phusion Passenger 5.0.22 web server and is coded in the Ruby programming language. It uses Google Analytics for analytics, as well as UANew RelicSegment from comScore for performance optimization. The page loads in 2.13 seconds on average, according to our tests.

Realtor.com has been in business for about 20 years and is recognized as the most dependable platform for property buyers, sellers, and dreamers. The site is maintained by News Corporation subsidiary Move, Inc. under a perpetual license from the National Association of REALTORS to run realtor.com.

Real Estate Website No 5: Yahoo

Apache Traffic Server is used to host the website, which makes use of a JavaScript Framework named ReactModernizrYUI. Despite the fact that it is not a distinct real estate website, it provides news, trends, and insights on properties from across the world. 1.87 seconds are required for the webpage to fully load.

Real Estate Website No 6: Homes.com

The website makes extensive use of JavaScript frameworks, such as Modernizr, JQuery, Angular JS, and D3 JS, to achieve its goals. Google Analytics provides the web analytics capabilities that we use today. Homes.com has a page load time of 1.60 seconds on average. The realtor provides real estate services in and around Manhattan, Huntsville, Colorado Springs, Detroit, San Francisco, and Texas, as well as other cities.

Real Estate Website No 7: MSN

The website makes use of a variety of technologies such as the ASP.NET framework, Chartbeat and comScore analytics, as well as JavaScript libraries such as JQuery. The website provides news, trends, and insights pertaining to the real estate industry from across the world, including the United States. The website has a loading time of 1.09 seconds, which is quite fast. Although it is not a specialist real estate site, it does receive a significant amount of traffic from search queries linked to the selling and buying of homes and other real estate.

Real Estate Website No 8: AOL

The real estate website developers that created this website employed a variety of technologies, including Apache Usage Statistics and JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, to create it with precision. On a typical computer, it takes 2.40 seconds for the page to fully load. Despite the fact that it is not a true real estate website, it is visited by property purchasers from all over the world looking for information on houses for sale, property market trends, and to seek advice.

Real Estate Website No 9: Apartment Guide

The website was built utilizing a variety of web technologies, including nginx, Varnish, and Microsoft Personal Web Server, as well as email services like as Google Apps for Business, Zendesk, and SPF, and it is hosted on Internap’s servers. Applause should be extended to the real estate web developers who created the website. They have invested a significant amount of time and attention in optimizing the site. When it comes to loading time, it takes no more than 1.85 seconds on any device. Atlanta, Georgia-based RentPath LLC operates as the parent company for Apartment Guide and has its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

The real estate website is built with an unrivaled search capacity, which is further enhanced by continually updated tools and market insights.

Real Estate Website No 10: Rent.com

Web technologies such as Apache Usage Statistics and nginx Usage Statistics were used in conjunction with email services such as Google Apps for Business, SPF, and ExactTarget Email to complete the development of the real estate website project.

The website is hosted by Level 3 Communications and Internap, which are both reputable companies. It takes no more than 2.53 seconds for the webpage to fully load.

The 15 Best Real Estate Websites for Selling a Home in 2020

Buyers found their houses on the internet, according to a 2017 poll by the National Association of Realtors®; agents found properties through referrals; and a shrinking 7 percent discovered their final home through a yard sign or open house. The point here is that if you’re selling a property in 2018, you need to be on the internet, and you need to be on the correct real estate websites, among other things. So, what precisely are those websites, exactly? I’m so pleased you inquired because I’ve compiled a list of my personal favorites for you below.

Best Real Estate Agent Websites

  • Buyers, renters, and sellers, as well as those looking for real estate brokers and mortgage lenders, can benefit from this service. About:Whether you’re looking to purchase, sell, or just browse, Zillow offers something for everyone. Those who list their homes on Zillow will have access to a sales proceeds calculator, your home’s “zestimated” value, a local news feed, and tools to help them price their homes accurately. Those who do not list their homes on Zillow will have access to a sales proceeds calculator, their home’s “zestimated” value, and tools to help them price their homes accurately. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Buyers, renters, and sellers, as well as those looking for real estate brokers and mortgage lenders, can benefit from this site. About:Whether you’re looking to purchase, sell, or just browse, Zillow offers something for every need and every budget. As a seller, you will have access to a sales proceeds calculator, your home’s “zestimated” value, a local news feed, and tools to help you price your home accurately
  • As a buyer, you will have access to a home search engine and a local news feed
  • And as a renter, you will be able to search for and rent out a home on Zillow
  • Apple iOS and Google Android mobile apps are available.


  • Buyers, sellers, and finding agents will benefit the most from this service. About Redfin: Redfin can help you sell your house for as little as a one percent listing fee, depending on your situation. The assistance of a Redfin Agent in your area, professional images and a 3D walkthrough, premium placement on Redfin.com, a yard sign, and open houses will all be included in this entry package. Are you willing to spend a bit extra money? In addition to everything included in their 1 percent listing fee service, they also give a personalized home renovation plan, approved service providers, and cost coverage for project management, deep cleaning, expert staging, and decluttering. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Buyers, sellers, and those looking for an agent will benefit the most from this service. Trulia is a search engine that goes beyond static listings. They gather information from the individuals who live in your neighborhood in order to give purchasers with neighborhood map overlays that help them have a better picture of the community in which they are purchasing a home. View the prices of recently sold homes in your neighborhood, as well as the valuations of properties in your neighborhood. Get assistance from real estate agents, brokers, and other professionals in your area on Trulia Voices, the company’s eponymous real estate community. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Buyers, sellers, and real estate agents benefit the most from this service. About:MLS.com is a free Multiple Listing Service search engine that allows you to find real estate MLS listings from licensed Realtors® and other real estate professionals who are members of their local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Include listings for houses for sale, including new and resale homes, new construction, acres, lots, and land, as well as commercial and investment property. App for mobile devices: n/a

6.CENTURY 21 Real Estate

  • Buyers, sellers, and those looking for an agent will benefit the most from this service. Did you know that, once the original contract is approved, the typical house sale nowadays requires more than 20 steps after the initial contract is accepted? CENTURY 21® professionals will guide you through each stage of the process, resulting in a speedy and simple closing. Together, you’ll develop a marketing strategy, add value to your property before selling it, determine the appropriate selling price, and stage your home to its greatest advantage. You can anticipate a traditional, full-service approach to real estate when you work with CENTURY 21. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Buyers, sellers, and those looking for an agent will benefit the most from this service. If you want to sell your property locally, or if you want to extend your real estate business worldwide, commercially, or into the luxury market, RE/MAX will assist you. You’ll also be able to discover a franchise or agent in your area because there are franchisees and agents available in all 50 states. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)

8.Coldwell Banker Realtors

  • Buyers, sellers, and those looking for an agent will benefit the most from this service. Described as follows:CBx is a new Coldwell Banker technology that gives its agents an advantage. In addition to providing more accurate pricing, it makes use of big data to discover the most qualified purchasers for your house and strategically promotes your home by focusing on just the most qualified prospective buyers. To get started, go to the Coldwell Banker website and get an estimate. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Buyers, sellers, and renters will benefit the most from this service. About:HomeFinder is a listing service that does not perform any other functions. For $39 each month, you’ll be able to submit as many images of your house as you’d like, post your listing on social media with ease, and benefit from priority sorting, which means your listing will show above other basic properties in search results. HomeFinder also provides you with the option of allowing home buyers or renters to contact you directly through email or phone. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Buyers, sellers, and renters who are daring are the best candidates. About:Yes, it is feasible to sell or at the very least market your house on Craigslist if you know where to look. As a result, with over 50 billion visitors every month, it’s simple to see why so many people use Craigslist as a real estate marketplace. Simply make a new post and select “housing available.” Then enhance your ad with a compelling title, eye-catching photographs, and detailed language to stand out from the crowd. Scammers and unsolicited investors should be avoided, of course, but if you want an experimental approach to life, putting your home on Craigslist may be a fun experience for you. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Sellers will benefit the most from this. About:Are you looking to sell your house quickly? Find a real estate agent who is comfortable using Facebook and start running advertising for him or her. Make sure your agent is up to date on the most recent modifications to this social media giant’s algorithm, because you’ll need to know whether to make videos, static photos, or text forward posts in order to get the most bang for your money on this platform’s platform. You and your agent may use Facebook’s targeting capabilities to bring your home’s ad in front of the individuals who will find it the most interesting
  • In addition, a link back to your realtor’s website or the MLS listing can funnel leads right to your door. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)


  • Buyers, sellers, and those looking for an agent will benefit the most from this service. Describe your ideal house and Homes.com will match you with properties that fulfill your requirements – moreover, they’ll offer you a unique match rating so you can see how close each property is to your ideal home. Do you see a house you like? You can take a photo and Homes.com can assist you in finding a few similar options. Homes.com offers to locate you the ideal buyer or property, much like a dating service for your house. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)
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  • Sellers will benefit the most from this. This information aggregator will provide you with information on current property values, land values, the number of bathrooms, and government property records, to name a few of the specifics you’ll discover. This tool, while not very flashy, combines an innovative algorithm and genuine user evaluations to provide you with a high-quality report on any house you’re considering selling. App for mobile devices: n/a


  • Buyers, sellers, and real estate brokers will benefit the most from this product. About:Movato uses the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to give up-to-date listings that you can browse with confidence. Have you found your ideal home? They’ll put you in touch with one of their local representatives within minutes. You’ll also get access to their cutting-edge communication technologies, artificial intelligence, and data scientists, allowing you to have a fully contemporary real estate experience. App for mobile devices (iOS and Android)

15.Open Listing

  • Best for:Buyers
  • About:Do you want to be a little brave? Purchase a house on the internet. Open Listing makes it easy to look for properties on the market, schedule tours with agents who will not urge you to buy, submit your offer online with the assistance of a locally based agent, and receive a 50 percent commission return when the transaction is completed. iOS is the operating system for the mobile application.

Your house is likely to be one of the most significant financial choices you will ever make. Make sure you don’t pick the wrong website or agency. Start with this list and narrow down your options until you discover the best match for your requirements. Are you a real estate agent looking to expand your client base? Check out these ideas for establishing a real estate business, a list of the best real estate websites, and some encouraging, relevant, and just amusing real estate quotes to get you started.

The Top 19 Real Estate Listing and Agency Sites

30th of March, 2017 Finding the perfect website for your real estate requirements may be a time-consuming and frustrating process. For those seeking for their next house or those trying to sell their property, there are plenty of real estate websites that can help them out. So you don’t have to waste time sorting through the results, we’ve done the hard work for you. We’ve prepared a list of the most popular real estate websites based on the total amount of page listings on Google, with each website having more than 1 million indexed pages.

Agency-specific websites maintain a database of real estate listings and link consumers with the company’s in-house realtors or partner real estate agents, among other things.

In terms of the number of pages that Google has indexed on each website, the search engines we’ve included below are some of the most popular on the internet.

Top 12 Real Estate Search Engine Sites:

Listed on Realtor, the official website of the National Association of Realtors, are houses, land, and rental properties for sale and for rent. The information on Realtor.com comes from multiple listing services (MLSs), which are databases of listings collected by real estate experts. Like Zillow and Trulia, Realtor.com obtains its information from multiple listing services (MLSs). When it originally went up in 1994, the website was considered to be one of the first real estate organizations to operate in the internet realm.

Detailed overviews of the local housing market are provided by Realtor.com, which is divided into sections based on market trends, school ratings, currently available houses and rentals, and top-rated local brokers.


Among the information available on Trulia’s real estate and rental search website is how to calculate mortgage rates and locate local brokers. The website is notable in that it adds lifestyle variables as filters into the search process, such as school ratings, crime data, accessibility to restaurants and stores, and other considerations. Why you should utilize Trulia.com is as follows: By selecting through a mix of precise demographic data and affordable price-points on a visible map, potential buyers may narrow their search for the appropriate property to a single location with pinpoint accuracy.


Zillow is one of the most popular real estate marketplace search engines on the internet. In addition to providing users with the necessary knowledge and resources to get started, the website maintains a living database of millions of houses that are available for sale and renting. When Zillow created the word “Zestimate,” it meant the firm’s evaluation of a home’s worth, which was derived using a proprietary formula developed by the company. Why you should utilize Zillow.com is as follows: The Zestimate is not an official assessment, but it is a common starting point for real estate professionals to understand the market worth of a house – Zillow suggests adding further research, such as a comparative market analysis, to fully grasp the market value of a home (CMA).


LoopNet, one of the leading commercial real estate search engines, links buyers with commercial properties that are for sale or lease in their local area. The search option allows you to narrow down your results by property type, such as office, industrial, or retail space. According to the company’s website, the online database has more than 25 million records of real estate transactions. The following are the reasons why you should utilize LoopNet: The site includes more than 800,000 commercial postings, and sellers may advertise their posts through a variety of listing exposure choices, including Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Premium exposure levels.

Buyers who want to be more geographically particular can create a radius around their preferred location on the map, or they can freehand sketch their desired area on the map.


In addition to offering access to foreclosure listings and bank-owned properties, RealtyTrac also provides access to neighborhood statistics, real estate trend reports, and house auctions, among other services. The following are the reasons why you should utilize RealtyTrac: When it comes to customers wanting to make a buy for an investment or a good deal, RealtyTrac appeals to them because the site has over 120 million listings and provides full summary reports for each result.

The website has a variety of visually appealing graphs and charts that break down facts on lifestyle issues such as crime, schools, and unemployment.


Apartments.com showcases rental properties such as houses, apartments, condominiums, and townhouses in a variety of major markets. The internet database is dedicated to linking people looking for rental properties with those who own rental properties. The following are the reasons why you should choose Apartments.com: Among the site’s essential features is the “Polygon” tool, which allows users to design their own search parameters on a map, making it easier for prospective purchasers to identify their specific and ideal location.

These useful filters provide potential tenants with a peek of what it might be like to live in a given neighborhood or neighborhood neighborhood.


Rent.com provides customers with useful information about property listings, including HD photographs, certified user ratings, and virtual tours, ranging from townhouses to condominiums and everything in between. It includes evaluations for location, maintenance, office personnel, landscaping, and parking. The site also includes reviews for amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centers. Rent.com is a good choice for several reasons. While the website has a search engine with particular property type and amenity filters, the “Moving Center” section links prospective tenants with certified movers who may provide a free moving quotation based on the size of the move and its destination.


Movoto is a real estate website that offers an online marketplace of listings from all over the country. Consumers can use a variety of tools, including searching for homes for sale, connecting with a Movoto or partner agent, and viewing summaries of real estate statistics for a specific area. The following are the reasons why you should utilize Movoto.com: Using the side-by-side comparison feature of each listing, users can compare details such as prices, square footage, and construction date between similar properties.


HotPads is a database of residential homes for sale and for rent in the United States and Canada. Users may search for homes using a variety of parameters, including house attributes, listing freshness, and the number of photos. The following are the reasons why you should utilize HotPads.com: HotPads displays search results that include not just property data, but also the number of times the property has been seen and contacted in the previous week, according to the company.

Potential buyers will be able to see how much more or less the listing is priced in comparison to comparable ones. Registered users may access a “Dashboard” component of the website, which consolidates all of their favorite listings onto a single page.

10.Apartment Guide

Apartment Guide publishes listings for apartments that are available for rent based on data and resources gathered from the industry. Users may search for apartments by kind, such as college, military, corporate, senior, and luxury, on the site, which includes a map. The following are the reasons why you should utilize ApartmentGuide.com: Certified tenants have posted evaluations of their apartment complex’s management, which are organized by reviews of the present management and reviews of prior management.

The mobile app manages a reputation guide for both tenants and property owners, which helps to preserve the integrity of the listings and reviews on the site.


Houses.com, which has over 3 million listings, allows users to look for residential properties for sale and for rent, which are organized into categories such as foreclosed homes, resales, and new construction. The website provides information on a variety of factors, including home specifications, predicted mortgage rates from multiple sources, and home-buying tools. The following are reasons why you should utilize Homes.com: The website provides potential purchasers with a variety of tools to help them make the best purchasing choice possible, including an extensive collection of Q A guides and referrals to experts such as local house builders and insurance agents.


ForRent is a rental property listings website that allows users to search for rental properties based on basic house characteristics and community attractions. User ratings, property features, and pricing specials are displayed in the search results. The following are the reasons why you should utilize ForRent: In addition to ordinary rental homes, the site has sections for off-campus housing for students, elderly living, and corporate housing, among others. Each category’s search engine operates according to the interests of its target audience – students can filter for short-term rentals based on safety and privacy factors at ForRentUniversity.com, seniors can search for independent and assisted living homes on AFTER55.com, and professionals can search for short-term rentals based on arrival and departure dates at CorporateHousing.

7 Most Popular Real Estate Agency Specific Listing Sites:

Agency-specific real estate websites place a strong emphasis on assisting visitors in identifying and contacting the most appropriate real estate agent within their business to meet their needs. Listed below are the seven real estate firm websites that operate inside a network of competent agents that strive to exceed their customers’ expectations, with each site ranking in the top 1 million or more Google indexed pages.


Residential brokerage business Redfin assists consumers in their quest for a new home by categorizing searches according to property kinds and connecting them with top-rated brokers. Affordability calculators, house purchasing guides, and recommendations to handymen and stagers are all available on the website, as well. The following are the reasons why you should utilize Redfin: In addition to searching for fundamental property characteristics, prospective buyers might look for properties that are classified as fixer-uppers or beachfront properties.

Redfin also encourages consumer transparency by surveying each and every client about their experience with Redfin and partner agents, with the results of the surveys being shown on agent profiles.

2.Coldwell Banker

In addition to having operations in more than 40 countries across the world, Coldwell Banker is one of the oldest real estate franchises in North America. Prospective buyers may use the company’s website to look for homes, brokers, and offices based on their geographic region. The following are reasons why you should utilize Coldwell Banker: Users may search for agents based on their specializations and the languages they speak; the results include information about the professional’s qualifications, credentials, and social media accounts, among other things.

3.Sotheby’s Realty

Sotheby’s International Realty specializes in the sale of luxury properties across the world, as well as the introduction of potential purchasers to agents in their respective markets. The organization, which was founded in 1976, offers a global network of agents that can assist people in finding their perfect property. The following are the reasons why you should utilize Sotheby’s: Sotheby’s lets consumers to narrow down their search results by selecting from hundreds of different styles of architecture and facilities.


A real estate corporation with more than 6,000 independently-owned brokerage offices in over 100 countries, Century21 is a global player in the real estate industry. The Century21 website displays property results that include buy or lease options, demographic data, commuting statistics, and other relevant information, among other things. The website offers consumers a variety of tools and services to help them purchase and sell a property, locate a Century21 agent, and manage their home mortgage.

The abundance of information provided by the firm on neighborhood characteristics and demographics assists prospective purchasers in making an informed selection.


RE/MAX is one of the largest international real estate organizations, employing more than 100,000 agents in over 100 countries. Prospective buyers can explore the RE/MAX residential real estate website by property and listing type, ranging from low-priced properties to luxurious estates. The following are the reasons why you should utilize RE/MAX: The property results contain information on earthquake likelihood, economic statistics, and unemployment rates, in addition to the standard house information listed on the website.

Customers may look for RE/MAX agents and locate their appropriate match by picking from a variety of languages and 24 specializations, which include historic properties and farmland, among other options.


With ZipRealty, users may explore multiple listing service (MLS) listings, obtain a home value estimate, examine school ratings, and learn about other useful home-buying recommendations. The website’s property search results include a list of local agents and their ratings, making it simple to connect with the best realtors in the area. The following are the reasons why you should utilize ZipRealty: Similarly to Zillow and Trulia’s mobile apps, ZipRealty’s mobile app is well praised by customers – the app is well-organized and syncs across many devices, similar to those of Zillow and Trulia.


Compass, which was founded in 2013, is a relative newcomer to the real estate sector, but it has swiftly established itself as a technology-driven real estate platform. The following are the reasons why you should utilize Compass: The company’s website is attractive and informative, and it provides both homebuyers and real estate agents with the technology they need to obtain the most up-to-date information on available properties and the local real estate market. The company’s primary focus has been on its popular and user-friendly smartphone applications, Compass Homes and Compass Markets, which are designed to make the home-buying process as simple and straightforward as possible.

Start your search engines.

Neither search engines nor firm-specific websites are without their own distinct advantages to offer prospective buyers, but both sorts of websites are committed to assisting customers in achieving their real estate-related objectives. The fact that these websites have over one million page listings online demonstrates that they have established themselves as industry leaders in the real estate business.

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